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Just letting everyone know that this game does feature a 2 player mode. It is similar to Sin & Punishment as one player controls Commander Video and the other controls the shooting.

Re: Review: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint (WiiWare)


I still think the wrong person reviewed this game. The game def deserves higher than a 3. Maybe they should get someone that likes to review more complex puzzlers or hope that people dont just see a 3 here and run away. Im not attacking the reviewer I am just saying some people do not like popular or great games. Me for instance, I do not like halo and if I was the only person around that reviewed it, the xbox would not have sold. Just need to take more than one person's opinion into account. Not just for this game, but for all. I'm done now.

Re: Review: Potpourrii (WiiWare)


What is wrong with someone still wanting Plattchen? Just because ONE person said it was poor no one should be interested? Reviews are overrated for the most part. They should be their for a "guide line" but if you really are interested in a game or really like a game then you should buy it regardless of the review.

Re: Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint Wants To Be Your Fantasy


I am really interested in this game, more so than the other WiiWare games. I have one main problem for it, it is not released yet. Bplus, any idea of when it may come out?

For some reason this game reminds me of Boom Blox. Which is a very good thing.

Re: Sky Kid


Horrible review, I usually agree but this is horrible. Game should have 4/5 stars.

Re: The King of Fighters '94


There is a way to get the blood and the Mai bounce. I've done it and it works. Just wait for the high scores and enter the code. I haven't done it in a while but I think it is 1+B on controller 1 and 2+A on controller 2 only hit it once, there will be no signal. It sounds tough but I can do it holding both remotes and yes you have to hit 4 buttons at once.