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Wed 25th Jun 2008

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Ricardo91 commented on Interview: MonkeyPaw Games - Burgertime World ...:

I'm still going in with low expectations. There's always a chance it will wind up like Frogger Returns, Rainbow Islands Towering Adventure, and countless other failed attempts to revive classic arcade games this generation. As a fan of Burger Time, I hope they can do the series justice.



Ricardo91 commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii):

2 10/10s!? As if the wait for this game couldn't get any more excruciating! I'm definitely heading down to Gamestop this Sunday as soon as my graduation party is over!



Ricardo91 commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

Amazingly enough, the fake versions were actually a lot better looking than the real thing. The bastard child of Cyndaquil and Treeko, a fire pig, and some kind of otter/beaver/snowman thing? No thanks. The fire pig causes the least pain to my eyes, so I'll probably pick that one.

Unless they create a Shuckle evolution, I'm probably gonna skip this gen altogether...



Ricardo91 commented on Review: Calling (Wii):

Heh, I knew it would be Ju-On all over again as soon as it was announced.

@Egg Meister. You're calling an RE game "kiddy"? Are you $h!tting me!?



Ricardo91 commented on Review: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Wii):

Oh my god, Sega made something decent for once! And it's not even developed by Platinum Games, Dimps, or Creative Assembly! Still not entirely sure whether or not it's worth buying though. Will give the 360 version a rent.



Ricardo91 commented on Bass Coming to Mega Man 10:

Alright! Sounds like we're finally getting a character that's useful. Protoman hurt a lot more than he helped IMO. I never felt the need to use his slide and charge beam much, and his increased knockback distance and lower defense made the game much harder than it should've been.



Ricardo91 commented on Review: Zaxxon (Virtual Console / Virtual Cons...:

I used to have Super Zaxxon on the Genesis Collection for PSP, and I DETESTED it! Your ship moves way too slowly, and the isometric viewpoint made slipping under force fields impossible! Worst shmup I've ever played in my life, by far.



Ricardo91 commented on Review: Data East Arcade Classics (Wii):

I think I'll pass on this one after all. I was really excited for it cuz of Burger Time, but the other games seem like a waste. I guess I'll just play Burger Time and Magical Drop on MAME...



Ricardo91 commented on Review: ChuChu Rocket! (Game Boy Advance):

Finally! The GBA reviews have started!

I really wanted the play this game back when it was on Dreamcast, but since I never had one of those I decided to wait for this version. Sadly, despite looking EVERYWHERE for it back when it first came out, I could never find it. In fact I STILL can't find it!
Looks like another game I'm gonna have to resort to Ebay or Amazon for.



Ricardo91 commented on Review: Pipe Mania (DS):

I always assumed this game was just another piece of shovelware, but I'm definitely will consider it now if I can find it cheap. I loved Pipe Dream and the computer I played it on kicked the bucket ages ago.



Ricardo91 commented on First Impressions: Super Mario Galaxy 2:

@Kelvin. Totally agree with you about the Spring Suit. Without a doubt the worst suit in Mario history. I lost count of how many times I would randomly bounce against a wall and plummet to my death. I pray they also get rid of the Ray of certain doom as well.

This game just keeps looking better and better! Thankfully there's a few 360 games I still need to buy that'll tide me over for 4 months.