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Fri 20th Dec 2013

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retsnom commented on Puzzle & Dragons Z Shifts Almost 80% Of Its In...:


Have you actually played this game or are you making bold assumptions based on the fact that the game was originally a mobile game? I'm going to say it's the latter due to the ignorant comparison you made between Puzzle & Dragons and Angry Birds. Puzzle & Dragons, unlike Angry Birds, actually have depth. The game revolves around mastering your puzzle skills with its own unique puzzle system(not a Bejeweled clone like most puzzle games out there) and team building and management. It takes in account of team composition and their synergy with one another to successfully beat harder dungeons. The beauty of this system is that you don't have to spend a single dime to play the game unlike the blatantly and shameless games like Candy Crush. The only weak aspect of the game is when you run out of stamina to continue, which you have to wait until it fills up(or use valuable stones) which the 3DS will elevate.