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Retrowire commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

Motley Fool's contributors are trolls. It's really becoming apparent with quotes like "Apple is already more important than Nintendo"

They're two separate companies that do two separate things! Can I say bread is more important than golf clubs?

No, I can't. Apple sure plays a big role in the smartphone/computing sphere but Nintendo plays a big role in the gaming sphere. Just because Apple's bread can smack a golf ball around like Nintendo's golf clubs doesn't mean that Nintendo doesn't have a chance. Because Apple is still smacking golf balls with bread.



Retrowire commented on Wii Sports Club Goes Live Right Away in North ...:

Downloaded and going to play ri-- And downloading an update. Next gen gaming for the win! YAEH! /sarcasm. EDIT: Also, just so everyone knows, that while the eShop page for the game says that it supports regular wii motes, a Nintendo representative that I emailed about it earlier finally replied with "Yes it requires motion plus controllers".



Retrowire commented on Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Fr...:

This article has depressed me. I totally forgot that the Wii U lacks the analogue triggers necessary to emulate most of the Gamecube library.

Either way, I forgot where I read it, but the Wii U will be great as soon as Nintendo understands that they need to make the Wii U the ultimate Nintendo Box. It needs all the old classics in VC, it needs all the greatest Nintendo franchises. I really hope Nintendo is doing something. They've got the money to organize a department of people dedicated ENTIRELY to VC. Just do it!



Retrowire commented on Feature: A Supersonic History of Sonic Cartoons:

Sonic's favorite food is Chili Dogs. After seeing that in the cartoon, it became my favorite kind of hot dog.

Now I'm a vegetarian.

I still eat Veggie Chili Dogs. Mmmmm...

OH, and the movie was absolutely AWESOME. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, it.



Retrowire commented on PETA Clamours for Attention with Spoof Pokémo...:

@mantez The majority of the Taurine is synthetic? Says who? The energy drink companies that want you to buy the product right?

Companies can and do get away with that. And even so, if some are synthetic, that means only some are synthetic. That means, there's still people drinking bile. Also, notice that those ingredient labels never dare to specify between synthetic Taurine or real Taurine. No they wouldn't dare be specific.

Companies can call some things "Organic" and it would be far from it, so just because a company says something, never makes it true.

I'm safer just drinking beverages that don't have synthetic/real animal product at all.



Retrowire commented on PETA Clamours for Attention with Spoof Pokémo...:

@Rensch Regarding your question about vegans and feeding meat to their dogs, it's up to the Vegan. Not all Vegans are the same.

And seriously, anyone that believes the majority of their meat is handled with quick, painless, "humane" killing is not completely informed. Do you know how many psychopaths work in the meat industry? Do some research about what happens to the people that work these jobs, seriously, you'll be surprised. They lose empathy for life in general, they gain horrendous amounts of depression from the things they have to do to animals everyday, and many of them begin to twist into a monster because it makes the job easier. They become sadists and begin to enjoy the work. I've seen horrible things. To those of you who would retort with, "OH YOU SAW IT ON THE INTERNETZ THAT PROVES NOTHING." is another ignorant defense. Are you saying that you've actually attended a workday at a factory farm? Because otherwise, I'm not taking your word for anything.

I'm sure there are a few farms that handle things in the best way as possible. But the majority of your meat is mass produced, PLEASE look up what a factory farm is, and learn about it. It's no big secret, it's common knowledge that anyone can learn about. It's not some heartbreaking documentary film, it's fact. Look up a factory farm.

Also, pigs being housed in a pen no bigger than an airline seat for their entire lives, to me is considered inhumane, and torturous. I'd probably be banned for mentioning everything else that unnecessarily happens in the meat industry.

btw, if you drink energy drinks.... Taurine? That's cow stomach bile. BILE. That's all I have to say about that.



Retrowire commented on PETA Clamours for Attention with Spoof Pokémo...:

As a vegetarian, let me speak for my people. PETA is nuts. They really do detract from their message by pulling stupid stuff like this off. Pokemon can be compared to dogfighting in a way, sure. But these are fictional creatures, and if real life is any indication, I've only seen Pokemon fans learn to appreciate and love animals a lot more. These games don't encourage people to get into animal fighting competitions, believe me.

And also, as an active vegetarian, I've gotta address some peoples comments on here regarding veganism and vegetarianism.

@Einherjar: You said that humans by nature are carnivores and that we have sharp teeth and INCREDIBLE jaw strength for this very purpose. Tell me, have you ever looked at a living animal and gotten hungry? Did your mouth water because of a cow? Or because of a well prepared burger? The human jaw is impressive in strength with 120 pounds of biting pressure, but our jaws and teeth CANNOT tear through animal hide. The meat is one thing, but the skin is another. Other evidence is that we cannot eat most meat raw, our digestive tracts aren't like a carnivores.

I'll agree that humans are omnivores, but I can't stand anyone truly thinking humans are purely carnivores, through and through.



Retrowire commented on Microsoft Wants You To Know That Its Surface T...:

Nintendo didn't sue over the Ouya, they won't sue over this. I even emailed Nintendo about the Ouya openly promoting emulation on it's platform via Nintendo's piracy report email address and they said nothing about it. I don't know why Nintendo didn't do anything.

Yes, I'm a rat for Nintendo. So sue me.



Retrowire commented on Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii:

I remember getting my Wii. My girlfriend (now wife) and I decided that we needed games, and we needed multiplayer games fast! So we decided to trade in a butt load of my collection to purchase a Wii. I traded in a faulty PS3, all of my PS3 library (which was like 5 games) some crappy xbox 360 games, etc... And we were able to get a refurbished black Wii with 2 Wiimotes, Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii Sports. We've enjoyed it immensely over the years and are really thankful that Nintendo created such a great console. We're now enjoying our Wii U and we know that the best is yet to arrive!



Retrowire commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines His Evolving Role in...:

I was just talking about this the other day with my niece. About how I think Nintendo needs to publicly show that they don't rely on Miyamoto so much so that when he does retire or join Yamauchi in the skies that Nintendo's reputation will not plummet.



Retrowire commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:

@Peach64 I agree that Nintendo is devoting a bit too much to chasing the customers of the Wii market. But with the Wii U they're trying to catch both fish you know? Problem is, that's really hard, perhaps impossible.

I believe the future is portable/home console hybrids. I also believe that this micro console stuff is going to be something ALL the big names are going to try in this coming year. Microsoft is going to allow you to use your Windows 8 to play ANY game on the Xbox One for an additional fee. (Hey, they're kind of already doing it.) Sony is doing this Vita TV thing, and Nintendo is doing something somewhat similar with the 2DS, by offering a lower cost alternative to an already existing system.

I think the micro console thing will fade though, as people realize that purchasing a cheaper package that doesn't give you the complete experience is kind of lame. That is, unless... Casuals.

Still though, I think the Wii U will be fine, it will be another Gamecube. All this noise surrounding it doesn't matter. When the games come, people will play it, people will buy it. That's it.



Retrowire commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

Let's hope Nintendo takes this direction next time then. Though I agree with the user that mentioned that Nintendo DID communicate with other developers early on, Bethesda's probably just jealous they were left out.

It's a hard truth that they probably should have involved the developers with the design of the system but they didn't, and now it's up to Nintendo to convince developers the hard way.

Then again, if developers were given the opportunity to give their input, would we even have a unique console like the Wii U? "WHATS THIS TABLET CONTROLLER? NOO, GIVE US BETTER GRAPHICS TO PLAY WITH, WE'LL MAKE GOOD GAMES DAT WAY."



Retrowire commented on New Study Suggests That Violent Games Are "The...:

I call BS. Violent video games don't make one violent, but they encourage/condition an already violent and corrupt mind. I believe in the ratings system, though I don't think it's clear or detailed enough. And I kind of wish some people had to be psychologically assessed before playing the more realistic first person simulations. This shooting of a college student by 3 punk teenagers that did it "because they were bored" is a recurring theme lately. I know tons of people will say, "Well, we didn't have violent video games in the past and yet crime existed then, what did THEY blame it on huh?"

Well, ask yourself this... How many adolescents/teens in history did we have killing people out of boredom or curiosity and is the rate of these younger killers higher today or not? That's my opinion.



Retrowire commented on Out Now: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Awakens in ...:

The demo is awesome. I just played the full thing and the music is wonderful, the art direction is beautiful. It's definitely another major hit for the 3DS. Come on Nintendo, direct all this talent towards the Wii U a little bit!



Retrowire commented on Pikmin 3 Makes Japanese Chart Debut at Number ...:

This is great news. Lets hope that Pikmin is as popular a franchise in NA. I remember being skeptical about the popularity of Animal Crossing in NA, but I got surprised. New Leaf sold like hotcakes here, so I'm expect I'll probably be surprised with this as well. I'll get it when I have the money!



Retrowire commented on Talking Point: The Long Suffering Luigi:

Sorry, but I still favor Mario over Luigi. Luigi is cool, I favored him in the old Super Mario Bros 2 but Mario has always been my favorite, and shame on those who claim Mario has no personality. You don't need dialogue to have personality. Mario is pure, heroic, kind, funny and virtuous. Luigi's got plenty to offer as well but still, I vote Mario.