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United States

Sun 19th Oct 2008

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retroranger commented on Neo Turf Masters:

Save your points for those other rareities. This is available on the Neo Geo SNK collection. If not for that, this is a highly replayable and enjoyable game. It can certainly get frustrating and having you shouting expletives. If you like golf sims, you'll love this one.



retroranger commented on Ninja Combat:

Ah, the memories... This was a coin eater when I was a teen. It is so great to have the opportunity to purchase this and all the other Neo Geo titles and have them in full. I remember years ago, other SNK titles were translated to other platforms and were a mess. This is certainly not one of the best titles to exemplify the power of the Neo Geo, but 900 points is a mere drop in the bucket when compared to the retail price in its hayday of around $150.00 US. If you enjoy mindless game play without having to empty your piggy bank, this is a fun game, but I would put my money on Metal Slug first.