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Wed 24th Nov 2010

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Retrogamer88 commented on Video: This Pier Solar HD Teaser Trailer Will ...:

well its about time someone stood up and did something like this! i love the 16 bit era (probably my fave besides 8 and 32 bit) and it just looks like a blast, and FYI Action 52 not only has the best name on this site but probably the best picture to boot lol



Retrogamer88 commented on Japanese Virtual Console List: June 2012:

i wanna play pulstar and Tsukikomori,though you really wouldnt have to translate pulstar being a shooter but a visual novel sounds like fun also since it would be a breath of fresh air since i havent really played a visual novel before



Retrogamer88 commented on Feature: The Life and Times of SEGA's Game Gear:

me and my bro had one of these and it was awsome for having a back lit screen for one thing and some awsome games such as a golden ax action RPG spin off game i remember having and i remember it being hard at the time because i was a kid and a much less experienced gamer at the time,



Retrogamer88 commented on Feature: Obscure Series That Should Return on ...:

yeah some earthbound games on the wii or wii U VC would be nice,and a new ice climbers would be awsome and a new star tropics is what i would love to see happen so i agree with this article 100% and yes a new actraiser would be excellent because there were only two of those, and seeing how capcom is these days i dought there will be any new viewtiful joe games as much as i would love to see it happen, ogre battle would be so awsome on the wii U so what if mainstream gamers have an attention span of a child, and what about advance wars anybody? or wario ware? or even a new mach rider perhaps,



Retrogamer88 commented on Talking Point: The Future of No-Frills Emulati...:

Betagam7 has a point by the way, and what about us people who dont have the ambassador because we didnt by a 3DS at launch? how are we supposed to play NES games on a 3DS if i felt like buying on tommorow? thanks nintendo for more deeply ailenating your fans some more, and as far as emulators go i guess people are always going to use them if you like it or not because awsome games eather dont come to the US or dont make it onto the VC so its really the game compaines fault that we have to use emulators, i personaly prefer to play the games on there original console because its more comfortable, i will only use emulators if i have no other choice, and i hope on the wii U they make the VC more gamer friendly and give us the gamers a choice or let us vote or somthing for games we want to play or have imported, and not have to play games were told to play like crappy shovel ware



Retrogamer88 commented on Demon's Crest:

i love this game,lucky for me my cousin has a cart of this game so when ever i see him i have to ask to barrow it,and yeah if it were on VC alot more people could play a great game they never knew about it in the first place,i hope on the wii U VC they make it so we the gamers get to vote on games we want to play and not them telling us what to play because its a shame games like this and some others dont get to see the light of day on the VC which i thought was so people could experience games there childhood or for people playing them for the first time



Retrogamer88 commented on Fresh Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Trailer I...:

i think SE must have been waiting to do a DQ game as a MMORPG for such along time because its so obvious,on the other hand it being a online game isnt really necessary but its an interesting idea to explore none the less,i am excited to see how it turns out,and i think i will wait to play it on the wii U



Retrogamer88 commented on Resident Evil Revelations:

watch capcom cancell this game just before release because crapcom doesnt want to put games out now unless there mainstream gar-bitch,ohh i could go for another 50 versions of street fighter 4 over other games that need sequels (breath of fire,onimusha,uhumm megaman legends 3!,power stone,rival schools,ect, dont get me wrong this new RE game looks awsome but i am already board with the run and gun gameplay it uses now,i hope the game goes back to being a servival horror insted of trying to be a "me too!" third person action shooter



Retrogamer88 commented on Mega Man Legends 3:

ummmm......why is this game still on the list if it was cancelled?......looking at this game on the 3DS games list is like salt to the wound so why is it still on here??



Retrogamer88 commented on Beyond the Labyrinth:

this game looks freaking gorgeus,this better come to the US and UK because i am sick of games only coming out in japan and then the UK and and maybe the US get the game a year or two after the game came out,



Retrogamer88 commented on Dragon Quest X Requires Online Connection:

i am going to wait and see until it comes out before i start complaining (this generation of gamers pass time, and not mine thank god) about a game thats not even out yet,i hope this game gets some sweet expansions and some extra races to play as, and looks worthy of keeping an eye on,i hope SE doesnt screw this up like the final fantasy games being made today,though FF zero for PSP looks good so far



Retrogamer88 commented on Rumour: Next Smash Bros. Could Be Called 'Univ...:

i am glad Masahiro Sakurai is focusing on kid icarus so it turns out as good as it looks and it looks amazing so far,and title "universe" gives the impression that there may be more third party characters added or even more less well known nintendo characters but never the less universe is a great name i think



Retrogamer88 commented on Talking Point: The NES Games You Want on 3DS V...:

i always thought that the NES on the wii was lacking multiplayer but now they make it right,and i hope we get famicom imports like on the wii VC
castlevania 1-3
super mario 3
final fantasy
zelda 2
ninja gaiden 1-3
donky kong 1-3
dragon warrior 1-4
duck tales 1-2
mighty final fight
gargoyles quest 2
megaman 1-6
destiny of an emperor
super dodge ball
river city ransom
crash and the boys street challenge
Tecmo bowl
teenage mutant ninja turtles 1-3
teenage mutant ninja turtle tournament fighters
kabuki quantum fighter
little samsom
little nemo the dream master
bucky o'hare
zen intergalactic ninja
metal gear
snakes revenge
super C
contra force
the goonies 2
RC pro am
shadow gate
friday the 13th (why not? haha)
Dr mario
life force
double dragon 1-3
punch out
blaster master
GI joes 1-2
vice project doom
kung fu
3D world runner
clash at demonhead
bionic commando
star tropics 1-2
battle toads
maniac manison
joy mech fight
the guardian legend
devil world
sweet home
journey to silius
zombie nation



Retrogamer88 commented on Miyamoto Talks the New Generation Behind the W...:

speak for yourself Gery,i thought Wii U was for everybody and who do you think you are to say there shouldnt be any JRPG's in NA? if you dont like them then dont play them,i am not trying to be a jerk Gery and i am sorry if i come off sounding like one but some gamers these days tick me off when they act all self important with there opinions,and yes you are right with us JRPG people being few but i would like to play them on the Wii U to see what new things they can do with them on the new nintendo console,



Retrogamer88 commented on Miyamoto: "Wii U is an Attractive Environment ...:

i also agree with Gamer83 because it seems like nintendo (and capcom) just dont care about there fans,all i have to look forward to now is the
Wii U and i hope it works out and has games come out when there supposed to and not cancell or say there not going to release a game,and like Gamer83 i am not here to talk bad about nintendo but i am also not going to say that they are perfect eather because there not and i am not going to stick up for them eather when they dont care about there fans,i just hope that nintendo gets back on track soon and by soon i mean before the Wii U comes out, and i am also one of those gamers who dont care about graphics because as long as the game is good and has alot of content to it then i am happy so please nintedo wake up and smell the coffee!!



Retrogamer88 commented on SEGA Finally Makes Aliens: Infestation Official:

i love 2D on the DS because it looks great!,and i am excited for this games so i cant wait to play it,

hell yeah NassaDane! haha jurassic park on the Genesis was the bomb,good times,i liked the second JP game on the Genesis more because you could use the raptor as a playable character!