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Sun 2nd Aug 2009

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reploidx commented on Sakamoto Wants to Know Your Metroid: Other M T...:

@Rift : I meant that to me M:OM acts as though the Prime games didn't happen (but they're still canon and all happen before Metroid II).
I know she has fought Ridley many, many times before M:OM. But if you were to ignore the Primes, then only in Metroid and Super. The fewer times the more dramatic it might be (but still maybe not that dramatic).

I only played through once so I didn't skip any scenes. Everyone said you couldn't skip, so I just assumed that. If I play on hard mode I'll try skipping.

@Ian Daemon : I know what those segments are, I just mean I was never stuck for a long time looking for something. I would look around in first person anyway though to figure out things or just to look at the area.



reploidx commented on Sakamoto Wants to Know Your Metroid: Other M T...:

  • More open or outdoor areas. Other M had too many corridors.
  • Some setting not on a ship like Other M and Fusion.
  • I didn't have trouble with the first-person parts. I don't know where someone could have been stuck for an hour like some reviewers said.
  • I think the story was a little silly, but I feel like it ignores the Prime games. If you think she only fought Ridley twice for example.
  • The item unlocking wasn't terrible but I don't think it would work again this way with a story. The one time it seemed really stupid was the suit being locked in the lava area.
  • Gameplay of Other M is fun. It's more "fun" than Prime, but Prime is more fun for exploring.
  • I like Metal Gear, so the cutscenes didn't bother me. Since MGS4 let you pause and skip though, and I assume other games do now, it should have been included.
  • A new story should be after Fusion.
  • I interpreted the narration to be recalling the events. This would explain why her mood seems to change so quickly. I was disappointed that Samus didn't figure out that Melissa was Mother Brain right away though. Samus didn't seem to be very smart or tough for someone who works alone most of the time.
  • More of short (and less bright yellow) hair Samus.
  • I think the US hasn't had as much exposure to the manga and other non-game material, so there was a lot more complaining about her characterization and behavior.
  • My impression was this was made for Japanese audiences and not Western. Maybe because Metroid is generally not as popular in Japan, so the story and gameplay may have been meant more for Japan.


reploidx commented on Classic Controller Pro Westward Bound!:

I ordered one from Play Asia thinking they wouldn't come here. It was on sale at least.

Like the Nintendo Life review said, shoulder buttons are better than CC, but not as easy to reach as a DualShock. I prefer the Z buttons to the L/R, but nothing uses them.

The grips and wider layout make it much better than the regular CC. Cord on the top is also obviously better. But it's also a little lighter than I'd like.

If you play VC games or games like Muramasa, it's worth getting compared to a CC (and definitely a GCN controller).



reploidx commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

I'm glad they've re-hacked it so soon. I have Brawl so hopefully I'll be able to use it. Or just install the pieces of the update needed through BootMii if that's possible.

I'd be willing to buy another Wii if mine does break, but given the VC/WiiWare loss, I'm not going to do so until the old one completely breaks.

I still buy stuff from the shop, which is probably foolish at best. I guess I could have one Wii for VC, and another for disc games. And another, and maybe another...

GameCube games seem to be particularly rough on the drive, but it was like that on the GCN too.



reploidx commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

I use homebrew to run my games off of a hard drive and smaller ones off of a flash drive. I have one Japanese game I didn't buy on there (TvC) which I don't even play anyway.

My disc drive started making noise and I tried to fix it (long past warranty). It works, but I still am worried that it will wear out, and still use it for GameCube games.

Since Nintendo made the wise, money-making decision to lock all shop purchases and some game saves to one system, I'm doing whatever I can to keep my Wii running.

Maybe if they'd keep purchases with your account and not your system (same with the DSi), I'd be less inclined to use hacks on it.

So far my DSi remains unhacked, as does my PSP, but at least with PSP/PS3 you're not screwed out of all your downloaded games.



reploidx commented on What Neo Geo games do you want to see on the V...:

I already have the Hori stick, and the Neo Geo one is a little too specialized - 4 buttons doesn't work for Guilty Gear, or for any older Capcom fighters they ever released the arcade versions.

Since the VC is emulating other systems using Wii controllers, it should at least allow you to remap buttons on non-native controllers.

I would also like to be able to play the arcade versions of Neo Geo games, not just console.

If Nintendo thinks button mapping and different versions are too complicated for people, they should allow a basic and advanced mode of running these emulated games.