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Sun 3rd Feb 2013

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redrx8gt2005 commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U):

the only thing i dont see you mention on your review is that players can now use YOSHI .... witch to me is a welcome addition , being a big yoshi fan ... anyways great game , very challenging at time , highly recommended to anyone who has a wii u and hasnt picked it up



redrx8gt2005 commented on Nintendo Is Strengthening Development Teams, D...:

this might sound crazy and fanboyish but i think they will announce Donkey Kong Country REturns 2 (an epic hd remake of the 2nd on snes) , F Zero witch will look awesome in HD , Luigi Mansion , Mario Party , just so many games it can be but the main game can possibly be Donkey Kong 2 im sure of it ... a nice RPG like Chrono 3 would be awesome too ... and whatever happened to Killer Instinct ...