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Wed 1st Apr 2009

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Reala commented on Flowerworks HD to Burst Into Life on the Wii U...:

A big fan of the wiiware version so would definitely get an updated version, the only complaint I had against the one on wiiware was the difficulty was a bit all over the place, but very rewarding if you stick with it.



Reala commented on Hardware Review: Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio & ...:

Looks neat but I'll be going with retron 5 personally, the HDMI and the resolution filters make it sound much more HD TV friendly, plus that one is compatible with the power base converter and I have a ton of master system games.



Reala commented on Nintendo Has "Great Games" But Is Facing A "St...:

I don't think nintendo IP on phones would hurt nintendo at all if done right, warioware would be a good fit, wario land on the other hand I'd say not, mostly about picking the right kinds of games, doubt a version of picross on phones would hurt picross on 3DS.



Reala commented on Monster Savings To Be Had On Nintendo UK's Onl...:

Having had the misfortune of dealing with the nintendo store UK myself; I'm all too familiar with how clueless and incompetent they are, so this price mistake is hardly a surprise, happens a few times on steam too actually.



Reala commented on Monolith Soft Lists "Urgent" Job Postings, Inc...:

I seriously hope X isn't going MMO, a successor to xenoblade and an original zelda where all the interest I had left in the wii u, if this series is going the MMO route all I have left is an eventual zelda by the looks of it.



Reala commented on Sega's Japanese Christmas Present For 3DS Owne...:

I thought the difficulty of puyo puyo 2 for the megadrive VC was way too high, couldn't even get past the 2nd puzzle :/ mean bean machines is much more forgiveable if they can tone down the difficulty to that level I might give it a look.



Reala commented on UK Retailer Blockbuster to Close All Remaining...:

Pretty sure there aren't any left in my area and haven't been for years now, so no discount games and movies for me I'm afraid, the fact it actually lasted up until now in some capacity though is pretty good going really.



Reala commented on Nintendo UK Online Store Offers Musical Chest ...:

Cancelled my amazon order after all and got it from nintendo's own site, to be honest I forgot they launched that here, got an email conformation back with a nice little table showing the info, in the availability section it states for the game "pre order now" and the zelda treasure chest "sold out" :/ I really hope its not the case they are out already



Reala commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:

Well the wii had some good in game warnings to protect consumers, such as the one making sure your aware of your surroundings so you don't hit anyone or anything, maybe they could do the same for miiverse, like showing a responsible parent slapping their kid upside the head to install some good old family values to protect the kiddies.



Reala commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

Playing those other games on other consoles and PC is fines if you own them already, if not it means buying more hardware, if wii u can't attract enough of those titles then they could potentially be limiting their audience quite a bit, personally I'm holding off getting a wii u until I see whether the 3rd party situation improves, I'm only buying one console next gen not personally going multi platform.



Reala commented on Updated: Shigeru Miyamoto will NOT be Guest Ed...:

haven't read ONM in years, mostly remember it as that magazine with the overly generous reviews, well I say reviews it was really more a picture book than anything, the actual reviews themselves barely covered a sentence, you get more reading in the sun newspaper.



Reala commented on Talking Point: Wii U and Third-Party Inconsist...:

A huge Zelda fan also a huge Wario fan but as for most of nintendo's other franchises, I can generally take them or leave them, 1st party and indie only isn't enough for me to buy a console, so might skip wii u entirely or more likely pick it up much later than I did wii, not blown away by what the other 2 are offering next gen wise either maybe steam box will offer something more interesting.