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rdrunner1178 commented on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Has Modest Im...:

Yeah maybe this will show them that they need to put a little more effort into games. Even the crazy success of amiibo is only gonna take them so far with games like Amiibo Festival and Chibi-robo ZipLash. It seems like they assumed that the games would sell out just because they had new, exclusive amiibo with them. Like you said, a board game made to use any amiibo available and priced at like $10 would have been more like it. Simply finding a way to port New Leaf to Wii U and making it cross-compatible with 3DS version would have surely blown out, if we weren't going to get a new game Animal Crossing game for Wii U.



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (North America):

Awesome! The lone VC release is a port of a game already available! If they are going to release ports of VC games and the original is already on the service, they could at least have another game to offer at the same time.



rdrunner1178 commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

Oh well. No loss at all. It's silly for people to complain about something like this. It does not make Nintendo "kiddie" because of it. Actually the changes seem, to me anyway, to make the game a little less juvenile. Bust size and skimpy outfits on a 13-year-old girl are not going to make the game anymore more/less fun to play at all.



rdrunner1178 commented on Analysis: There Are Reasons to be Optimistic A...:

Happy Home Designer may be doing well, but it has elements of what makes the Animal Crossing games fun. Big difference between designing homes and visiting them, and a board game that simply has Animal Crossing characters and maybe themed events. But like many have said, Amiibo Festival will sell well regardless since it is bundled with amiibo.

What do we have for Wii-U for the holiday season besides Xenoblade? I have Rodea the Sky Soldier preordered from it finally comes out and I will probably grab Devil's Third, but what else is there to look forward too? I have little interest in Mario Tennis?



rdrunner1178 commented on Vital Wii U and 3DS Releases Join the Million-...:

Yeah that is crazy. There are tons of 3DS owners who have not picked up a Wii-U yet. A Pokémon game would have pulled in a bunch of them. I think they should have just done a remake of Pokémon Yellow for Wii-U, since it is the one where Pikachu is following you around like in the anime. Of course no one will ever understand, while looking at the capabilities of the Wii-U gamepad, why Nintendo and GameFreak did not make a new Pokémon Snap for Wii-U! That seems like the biggest "no-brainer" of all time.



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Download: 8th October (North America):

Yeah you would think they would get in gear and offer some of the older games in series when a new one comes out. Like Chibi-Robo: Plug Into Adventure and Park Patrol to get people excited about the new one that maybe haven't played a game in the series before. Plus, like you said, Yoshi's Story and then Star Fox and Star Fox 64 when the new one comes out. Their huge catalog gives them the opportunity to fill gaps between the major releases.



rdrunner1178 commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

Yeah I agree. The novelty wore off of these real quick. These levels have gotten annoying and there are far too many of them, especially when you are stuck with several of them in 100 Mario. I have no idea why people keep giving them so many stars. Then they well-made levels that are more traditional but with cool surprises and a little extra challenge get hardly any.



rdrunner1178 commented on Rumour: Retailer-Exclusive amiibo Look Set for...:

Hopefully! But it is terribly frustrating for us to walk in any store that sells them and always see only the same 10-15 that everyone has. I had to pay more than I should for a Toad amiibo so I could use it in Captain Toad. Three weeks later it is available lots of places online! Oh well.



rdrunner1178 commented on Analysts Wonder If Super Mario Can Save Ninten...:

The NES Remix games would be a good choice for mobile. They would be good for short sessions, could catch the eye and nostalgia of older consumers that may have drifted away from Nintendo, and give just a taste of the classic Nintendo games that could lead people to search out Nintendo's platform to play the full versions. They have already made tons of money on the NES Remix games that they could charge like 99¢ or make it free with some kind of reasonable microtransactions.



rdrunner1178 commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

While I agree that the Wii U has not reached a level anywhere close to being called a success, there is no way that the 3DS cannot be considered one. Sales of 50,000,000+ and counting? It is not reasonable to expect any system to sell anywhere near what the DS and even the Wii did. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are still selling decently after 10 years and they both have a LONG way to go before surpassing the Wii, much less the DS.



rdrunner1178 commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

Exactly. Ubisoft is full of crap. This game is currently sitting at 850,000+ units sold on Wii U, and the majority of those were sold during the first 2 years. Even at an average of $25, that is still over $20,000,000. There is no way they lost as much money on this as they claim.



rdrunner1178 commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

Yeah when it came out, IGN let their Playstation super-fanboy review it and unsurprisingly he gave it a score of "okay". Luckily, I had already intended to get the game when the Wii U launched so I picked it up. I would have missed out on a fun game if I had listened to that review. It is certainly not the best game ever, but it was definitely worth the purchase.



rdrunner1178 commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

I'll definitely give it a shot. Both sides could be partially right. I'm willing to take a chance on a new exclusive, unless it just gets overwhelming negative reviews from everyone before I pick it up. I never would have got, and enjoyed, Zombi U if I had listened to just the IGN review that I read first.



rdrunner1178 commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

Man, I hope so in the case of Animal Crossing! I don't remember ever being so deflatingly disappointed by a game reveal than I was for Amiibo Festival. I am reserving judgement on Federation Force until I see more. I trust Next Level Games to make a fun game.