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rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May (North America):

I'll go ahead and grab Swords & Soldiers. I'm gonna get it eventually anyway. I don't mind supporting Wii-U exclusives or sure.

Nice, another SNES game! What was that article a couple weeks ago about Nintendo moving away from SNES VC? We've had like a game every week since then!



rdrunner1178 commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

I agree. The SuperFx chip can't be the sole reason. I can't imagine Nintendo not having some kind of exclusive rights to their games even if Argonaut owned the patent on the chip or whatever. If they can get Donkey Kong 64 released with the Jetpack game owned by Rare/Microsoft then surely they can get this. You never I know, I guess.



rdrunner1178 commented on Unofficial Metroid Prequel Uses The Original N...:

Publishers should check out projects like these. If they prove to be impressive and good quality, they could partner up and release the game and give a kickback to the developer. Probably never happen, of course. But man, think of all the translations that could be released and I'm sure that there would be those willing to help convert over VC games that the original publishers do not want to bother with.



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

This will not remedy anything. No matter how many they make, most people will still not be able to get their hands on them. As soon as they pop-up they will be snatched by anyone looking for them (especially scalpers) even if that person already has that Amiibo and wasn't even looking for it. They need to move ahead with the card forms they have mentioned and sell them on their site and in stores. Then collectors can still have a chance to pick up the toy version if they are able to find one, and those that what to take advantage of the utilization in-game can still do so. I would love to be able to get a Toad Amiibo so that I can get some more replayability out of my Captain Toad game. But I WILL NOT pay $25+ for one.



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

They have got to get the ball rolling on the card form of amiibo, at least. I would love a Toad amiibo so I can get more out of my Captain Toad game. But I should not have to pay $20+ for it second-hand! They should get card forms of them on Nintendo online store as soon as possible. People could then keep collecting the toys and those of us who miss the one we want for a game can still enjoy the functionality of it.



rdrunner1178 commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Ember" Tease Sets...:

Actually both the Call of Duty games on Wii-U did fair. More like 250,000 instead of 50,000. So that could make it worth it for them to put it on Wii-U. I bought Black Ops II when it came out, it was pretty good on Wii-U. Hopefully Black Ops III will make it, the Wii-U could definitely use any support.



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd April (North America):

Good grief! Why would they make Mario Kart DS as the lone VC game?! Especially the same day as the Mario Kart 8 DLC? It's getting ridiculous. They've have to start giving us more than 1 game at a time. Especially if it is going to be Super Mario Advance, Super Mario Advance 2, Metroid Zero Mission.... games that are just upgrades of games most of us already have on VC. Oh well. I know it's futile to gripe about it.



rdrunner1178 commented on Splatoon Creation Was Inspired by Rare's Perfe...:

Yeah. How Nintendo ever let Rare get away from them is the biggest head-scratcher of all time. They helped Nintendo make the N64 a success when there was VERY LITTLE help, or hope, at the time. Imagine if Nintendo had managed to buy them. We could have had new Banjo-Kazooie games on Gamecube & Wii/Wii-U and they could have developed the new Donkey Kong Country games while Retro was busy with Metroid and whatever else. Not to mention all the VC games we are missing out on: Wizards&Warriors, Battletoads, RC Pro-Am, Cobra Triangle, Killer Instinct, Banjo-Kazooie, Jet Force Gemini, Blast Corp, Perfect Dark.... It's sad.



rdrunner1178 commented on NES-Style Adventure Alwa’s Awakening Could B...:

"For modern systems"? Why wouldn't they put this on Wii-U? The tired argument of "the install base isn't big enough" doesn't hold water for a game like this. Especially if it comes to Xbox One. The Wii-U is the perfect platform for this, it even already has games similar to this on VC? SMH



rdrunner1178 commented on ​Unreleased SNES Music Game From The Creator...:

I agree. They would definitely make their money back, for what it would take to get it on the VC. That's why they should release games like Star Fox 2 on there. I realize that they used some of the assets for it for Command, but how many of us would buy it if it appeared? Even if they charged $10 instead of $8. The eshop/VC is the perfect place for them to release all their old games even if they have to tweak them or complete them.



rdrunner1178 commented on Reaction: DeNA and Its Games With Disney:

@Rhansley64 at
That's what I was thinking. Surely Nintendo will have say and quality-control over games featuring their properties. That seems to be the case when third-party developers make games using Nintendo IP's. They won't want anything like the CD-I Zelda games fiasco to happen!



rdrunner1178 commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Mega CD:

Loved the Sega CD! I remember games like Hook having standard 16-bit graphics but then having awesome background music, and Silpheed having spoken dialogue. Many of the FMV games were cool too, for what they were, in the mid-1990's (Sewer Shark, Tomcat Alley, Prize Fighter). It wasn't a huge leap graphically, but the extra space on a CD definitely added to many games (if the developer bothered to make the effort).



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th March (Europe):

I agree. There have definitely been worse weeks than this. The 2 VC games is a nice surprise, especially since they were not originally released in Europe. Must be a lot of young gamers on here who do not connect with NES games? I hope these come to the US. Kung-Fu Heroes is a pretty decent game. I wasn't particularly fond of Flying Dragon, but I would jump on it if I had never had a chance to play it before.



rdrunner1178 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Shows De...:

I agree. They HAVE to do a hybrid console/handheld unit next time. That'll be the thing to keep them going strong. Like a smaller version of the gamepad that is completely portable and having some kind of device to stream it onto TV. Plus making a way for everyone to transfer over their VC games again.



rdrunner1178 commented on Video: Check Out Kirby's Adventure Wii on the ...:

Yeah I don't understand what the delay I for the DKC games? That's a pile of money they are dragging their feet on. They could release all three at one time and many gamers, like me, would instantly buy all 3! They've more than made their money on Returns, Returns 3D, and Tropical Freeze. So it's not like it would hurt those games.



rdrunner1178 commented on Yes, People Are Still Making NES Games In 2015:

Cool! I love these games that get released on cartridge. I've missed out on them. I wonder what they could do to get them on the Virtual Console or at least on the eshop? Not sure exactly how homebrew for an older system is viewed by a company like Nintendo. Surely it wouldn't be a problem since it does not infringe on any of their properties?



rdrunner1178 commented on GameStop Source Suggests That Super Mario amii...:

Yeah I laughed when they announced that the Fire Emblem characters' amiibo will be used with S.T.E.A.M. Nobody will be able to experience this! I have checked every week at the local Gamestop/Walmart/Kmart and never see any amiibo show up other the usual ones (Mario, Peach, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Zelda, Luigi...) that are always there. So either Nintendo is not producing more, or associates at these stores are grabbing them up before they hit the sales floor? Like others on here, Toad was the main one I wanted from this series due to him being playable in Captain Toad. Now Nintendo has tipped-off scalpers to the fact that he will have the "lightest allocation"?!



rdrunner1178 commented on Week Three of the eShop Throwback Sale Goes Li...:

They are the main company that gets me to repeat buy their stuff, but I'd happily buy tons of VC games from other companies besides them (or Capcom, Konami, Natsume) if they would put them on there. I have 150 VC games on my Wii VC that I would immediately pay the upgrade fee for as soon as they are released for Wii-U. I stopped buying games on Wii VC thinking that the games would show up on Wii-U. I may have to go ahead and get the others I want before the Wii eshop is eventually shut down.



rdrunner1178 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th January (North America):

Drop Zone on 3DS? Awesome! I loved what I played on the Wiiware version. I'll definitely get this with the 3-D added. I'll have to get the Prime Trilogy too. Come on Nintendo, give us Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn now, it is another one that is too high on the resell market so a lot of gamers are missing out on it.!