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New Zealand

Thu 2nd Dec 2010

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rcarter90 commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

I can confirm that this game is one of the WORST things I have ever purchased (I live in New Zealand (PAL also), it was released today), I am going to return it to EB games tomorrow for a full refund. The game does not even fill a 16:9 display with black bars at the sides AND above and below, it is similar to the way games played on a PSP look when displayed on a TV using a TV cable, albeit bigger vertically. I know I could change settings on my TV but I should not have to do this in 2010, a game should at least have an option to stretch to 16:9. Even the original SNES will stretch the image to fill the screen. The 50hz issue would not have bothered me as much if there was an option to at least fill the screen. Hell, there are NO other options whatsoever, when you start the game it starts exactly the same as the SNES copy. I can confirm it will run using component cables but trust me, you shouldn't bother. Sega got this concept right years ago with sonic mega collection, I am disappointed Nintendo could not get this right as I was looking forward to this. Epic fail.