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Mon 24th Dec 2012

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rc_bdo commented on 3DS System Update Locks Out a Lot of Flashcard...:

My job is to make a security system in for financial institution. Compared to a device as small as a handheld portable device. Our system requires a more sophisticated and impenetrable security to prevent any fraud. But unfortunately if you ever learned about system life cycle its a slap in the face that There is no perfect system, which always lead to a gap in the system for someone to breach. That is why routine evaluation and improvement is required. So No Matter what NINTENDO do, their system will always be hackable. Piracy will live on. Its a costly futile effort if you would say. Its a war against principality not about money. Unless they are making a device like a bomb without a diffuser. One attempt to insert a card different will explode the device in unpredictable period. So when those pirates think they have managed the system they ended up selling activated time bomb.