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Sat 12th Jul 2014

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rbygscrsedppbw commented on Nintendo Announces Special Video Presentation ...:

"An update on June 14 brings new content to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, including Lucas from Mother 3 as a playable character, a new Wii U Miiverse stage and Mii Fighter costumes inspired by Splatoon."
Isn't this an update to the actual game bringing this content? The way the article reads it sounds like it's a news update on these things.



rbygscrsedppbw commented on Fan Site Randomly Generates a "Leaked" List of...:

Very excited for:
Criminal Finger
New Bagpipe Substance DX
Mouth Hemp
New Super Super Mario Bros. Plus HD
Super Mario 3DS for the NX
My Wound Taurus 2
Wii Liver U
Stepmother Ukrainian
New Digestion Cucumber
3D Mario Bros. 3DS for Wii U
Metroid: Wine 3D
Wii Whiskey U
Sign Bite U
Metroid Dead

Nintendo won E3 XD



rbygscrsedppbw commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

I definitely agree that something has to be done about this, I've recently started helping out with cub-scouts (8-10 year olds) and it's disgusting and just plain wrong to hear an 8 year old kid talking about going to strip clubs, having sex, killing hookers and shooting at the police as if they were doing it themselves. I think parents need to be told exactly what's in the game before they can buy it for their children, especially when there are so many great games out there which are aimed at children.



rbygscrsedppbw commented on Awesome Games Done Quick Raises Over $1.5 Mill...:

The blind oot run was great. For those who don't know, the guy who did it (runnerguy2489) is attemping a blindfolded 100% run over a long time, he streams it on Wednesdays and does a review of it on thursdays, definitely worth a watch on twitch.
I also loved TASbot plays pokemon, that was crazy! The whole week of agdq was awesome.



rbygscrsedppbw commented on Review: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...:

I hope, if they do have battle frontier, it goes back to the original way where your pokemon aren't automatically put to lv. 50, I loved the feeling of achievement in gen 3 at getting a lv. 100 to use in battle tower but now it feels kind of pointless when they're just set to 50 anyway.



rbygscrsedppbw commented on Giana Sisters Developer Under Fire Over Diesel...:

Awwwh nooo! I just went out and accidentally bought some fuel when I meant to buy jeans, then when I took it back to exchange it for the jeans, I bought a video game instead by accident they really need to change the name of the fuel and game, that's the third time that's happened this week



rbygscrsedppbw commented on Check Out the Evolution of Visuals in Pokémon...:

@SleepyCrossing I love doing wierd playthroughs on rse, the best one I've done is a Mudkip only run, no evolving, no HM slaves (Mudkip can learn all the useful ones) and no catching anyone else. You have to get castform and use it for the 7th gym double battle, but I just kept him in the PC and fainted him with Mudkip in the 7th gym. The hardest thing was beating the E4 with strength, surf, waterfall and rock smash which all have to be used to get there, and you can't fly back to get them deleted -.-