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I suck!

Sat 29th October, 2011

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rayquaza_master commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

For 3ds retail, I chose Pokemon ORAS, with SSB4 coming in close behind. After all, Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald are my all time favourite games (I completed Emerald 6 times), but I love me some Smash (I have over 130 hours clocked onto it, even though it released close to an exam period for me ;) )



rayquaza_master commented on Find All Pokémon With a Handy Omega Ruby & Al...:

@SteveButler2210 Yeah, I have at least one game from every region(Omega Ruby,Y,White,Platinum,Emerald,Fire Red,Soul silver as well as a few of the GBC ones). I may try for the national dex if I have the time, it is now much easier than in previous versions thanks to the GTS and online trading, especially in the GBA games where you needed to be near others with the games and have 2 working wireless adapters or one of dem link cables I never had.



rayquaza_master commented on Exclusive New Nintendo 3DS Features Teased For...:

I have almost got a feeling that it may run in 60fps, they mentioned in an Iwata asks interview on ALBW that they wanted to implement a drag and drop inventory screen in OoT3D, but they couldn't run it smoothly due to the lower frame rate (30fps it think?). We all have our hopes.