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Thu 2nd Jan 2014

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raymccrae commented on Nintendo Has "Great Games" But Is Facing A "St...:

As a fan of SEGA in the 90's and earlier 00's, I can attest that SEGA was never the same after they exited the hardware market. The company today is little more than a publisher for smaller dev studios. You'd think that with an ip portfolio the size of SEGA they'd be making some amazing games, but instead all we got was endless Sonic games. All the other franchises have gotten very little love. I enjoyed the sonic all star racing game, but I couldn't help feeling sad seeing all the franchises that I loved and have not seen in years, exist now only as backgrounds for a race.

On a separate note, the current advice from these analysts reminds me of the same kind of "advice" Apple got in the 90's. Everything from exit the hardware and sell your OS, to give up on Mac OS and ship Windows instead. Thankfully Apple ignored this advice and they are were they are as a result.