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Tue 30th Dec 2008

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rat commented on Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro:

It looks like an improvement over the classic Classic Controller. I have no issues with the cord on the bottom (shortest path to the wiimote on your lap) or with the small size. Hell, I don't care much for the ZR ZL buttons anyway. This CC Pro fixes all three, that can't be bad, and I'd get it if buying a second CC.

But it still sucks for N64. We need a CC with a stick in the main left thumb (switch with the D-pad, like the GC) and 6 buttons on the right. That could be the best controller ever, and whoever thought having your main stick in the most awkward place of the controller should be kicked in the most awkward place of his body.



rat commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

I'd love to see GoldenEye, and I'd gladly be paying up to 1500 points for it, maybe even 2000. I also enjoyed a lot ISSS64/98, I feel that's when ISSS games' gameplay peaked. Extreme G would be nice too, never finished it because I didn't have a memory pak, and passwords are sooo 80s. Star wars games, even Turok and Doom 64 would be nice too. Perfect Dark. Diddy Kong Racing was good, but I've played it too much already. Majora's Mask will come out eventually. My girlfriend would like to play Lego Racers.

I think N64's lame/great ratio was even worse than NES', which is aggravated by a small library. Add a few IP/license issues, no rumble pak nor memory pak support, perhaps no expansion pak support either, and that's why there are only 15 released games, one of which is Mario Golf.

Just, for goodness' sake, DON'T THEY DARE TO RELEASE SUPERMAN 64!!!!!



rat commented on ESRB Update: Super Punch-Out!! and Ogre Battle...:

I've been waiting for Super Punch Out!! ever since I downloaded the original Punch Out!! Usually I can't decide which one should I download, but SPO is a winner. Ogre Battle is not bad, I rented it once and played it for hours straight. It's sort of a strategy/rpg hybrid, you need to do many things on the map and fights are not original-final-fantasy boring — then again, all RPG fights are fun no matter what the graphics are, and having animation is like playing battlechess, but I digress.



rat commented on EA's Moore Perplexed by World of Goo Success:

"World of Goo? I'm sure it's fun, and the reviewers certainly loved it, but surprised to see up so high."

But the killer quote from the actual article: "one of the best sports games of recent times not even in the Top 50?". Moore obviously was talking about Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, the Wii version.

We can all rant about our favourite game not being on the list, but what can we do anyway? It's not like we work at EA or something... someone should quit ranting and start working...



rat commented on Mart Racer:

As a matter of fact, I once though of this exact idea for a game! It's the local multiplayer mode which sounds attractive, but mostly because kicking your mates around never gets old. Screenshots look a bit disappointing though.