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Male, Italy

Mon 9th January, 2012

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Randomname19 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

I'm really happy about Lucas,Attack On Titan,Octodad,the Splatoon amiibos,the new Virtual Console titles,Mario Kart 8's 200cc and second DLC pack.The things I didn't like where Mewtwo, the yarn amiibos,amiibo tap and the microtransations in Pokèmon Rumble.



Randomname19 commented on Fans Demonstrate Changes From Sonic Boom: Rise...:

Why putting effort to save this horrible game(or even make it in the first place) when they can do something easier and more profitable(a.k.a. the fans actually want it).Port on Wii U the games that the other consoles already have:Sonic the hedgehog 4-episode 2 and the downlodable Dreamcast games.