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Sun 11th Mar 2012

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Ralizah commented on Rumour: New Splatoon Mini-Game Arriving Soon w...:

@abe_hikura Thanks for the link. U.S. citizen here. Unfortunately, according to the website: "Sorry, we can't deliver this item to the United States."

I'm holding out hope that NoA will reprint these someday. I could get a Japanese amiibo, but I'd rather not pay an arm and a leg for these things.

EDIT: Actually, looking at import prices, I might be able to get a Japanese one for under $20. I might go that route.



Ralizah commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

Still extremely unhappy about this, but... whatever. Nintendo's not going to change it back now, and at least the Live2D art wasn't entirely wasted. I'll weigh my anticipation for the game (which is considerable) against my annoyance with Nintendo (which is also considerable) and see which one wins out when I get my SE later in the month.



Ralizah commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

@NoirUsernameHere I can't think of a single time I've given a troll the time of day that I haven't ended up regretting my decision. Live and learn. Some people aren't worth reasoning with.

If you ever redo the genocide route, I recommend saving the pie, at least two snowballs, and the instant noodles for that last fight. It's tempting to spam the best items during the Undyne fight, but doing so will only ensure that the bad time you have later on is infinitely worse. Undyne is tough, but you-know-who is much, much worse. It's one of the most harrowing boss fights I've ever seen in an RPG, and while it took days and days of constant practice to beat it, the sense of accomplishment I felt once I finally realized I'd cleared it was palpable.



Ralizah commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

Remember, folks, the best way to shut up obnoxious edgelords is to just ignore them. They get bored eventually.

The game is superb, and I'd totally support a console release, but I'm not sure how certain... aspects of the game would even work on a console.



Ralizah commented on Nintendo Download: 4th February (North America):

Nothing for the moment, although I do plan on picking up FreezeMe at some point. Haven't paid for Smash DLC yet, and don't plan on starting now. If nothing else, it'd make that version of Smash coming to the NX that likely has all the DLC more attractive when I eventually got an NX.



Ralizah commented on Nintendo Outlines Future Plans for 3DS and Pro...:

Censorship controversies aside, 2016 is looking to be one of the 3DS' stronger years in terms of software. The problem is that pretty much everyone who wants a 3DS has one by now, and Nintendo isn't giving people enough of a reason to upgrade to the newer model.



Ralizah commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

@IceClimbers Doubtful. It's not like her character model will be different between regions, and people understand that Bayonetta and Smash Bros. have different target demographics.

Based on the footage, I also think they did a good job of getting her into Smash without "sanitizing" her image too extensively.



Ralizah commented on Video: Nintendo's Latest Story Trailer for The...:

Wolf Link amiibo/Proper controls/Updated textures/GamePad enhanced UI and gyroscopic aiming make this worth the plunge. Glad I held off on playing this now.

After I play this and Skyward Sword, I'll have completed every 3D Zelda. All for the first time this gen.



Ralizah commented on The Zero Time Dilemma Watch Goes For a Metalli...:

I got watch preorders in for the game on both platforms, but it'd be nice if they shipped it separately as well. I just barely managed to snag a copy of the VLR watch years back, as Amazon thought they wouldn't be able to ship my limited edition preorder to me.



Ralizah commented on Dementium Remastered Targets a February Releas...:

@ACK It's unthinkable that people would ignore the second remaster when they largely ignored the first? Especially taking into account that the original second game was ignored in comparison to the first? Seems like a reasonable expectation to me.

If something sells poorly enough that you take to the internet to complain about it, you don't then funnel more money into a similar project that is even less likely to be successful. For instance, we never got the second or third Retro Game Challenge in the U.S. because the first one bombed when it was localized. Of course, not getting the subsequent games doesn't make me happy, but Xseed was right to not funnel more money into localization projects that were only going to lose them money.



Ralizah commented on Nintendo Further Explains Fire Emblem Fates Lo...:

1) There is no such thing as a "gay militia." Being a homosexual doesn't induct you into some secretive organization. Stop being paranoid.
2) Fire Emblem isn't a "children's game."
3) Even if it was, what's wrong with children learning about alternate sexual orientations?



Ralizah commented on Nintendo Further Explains Fire Emblem Fates Lo...:

@EmmatheBest Nintendo's on thin ice with the whole gay thing right now, between the Western perception of the "drugging" scene in this game and fixing the gay marriage bug in Tomodachi Life. Deliberately removing gay marriage as an intentional feature from the international release of the games? That would have been the worst PR move they could possibly make.



Ralizah commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

@Santa doing the hard work of "localizing" the comments that don't fit with the community rules.

I get why Nintendo censored this scene, but I hope it doesn't get too gung-ho about removing anything that could even be construed as offensive.