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Fri 15th Feb 2013

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raguic2 commented on Review: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (...:

Now come on u guys, I bought the game last week cause I was a huge fan of the anime when I was a kid. Then it was considered too violent (?) and banned from tv in France. Honnestly it's not a beautiful game but for me the characters are very well modelled, the frame-rate is better than what I would ever get on my 5-year-old PC for a 3D beat'em all and even though the game is an ultra-repetitive button-mashing "adventure" it reminds me of the time when killing women and children was allowed on tv (especially on programms for kids lol) and I'm maybe I'm just nostalgic. I love that game, everyone who needs to kill people after a hard day of work should try it, it's a shame there's no demo for it ^^. Plus the game integrates the 2 seasons of the manga AND an awful lot of content. To me it deserves at least a 7/10.