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Rafie commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

Wow some of you are gonna be a while wiping that egg off of your face!
Anyway, I think this is the same studio that developed that Batman game for the Vita/3DS. If so, then this is good. I'm getting the PS4 version, but I'm happy for the Wii U owners as well.



Rafie commented on Don't Hold Your Breath On Those Marth amiibo R...:

@JaxonH I keep forgetting the U.S. isn't the "entire world". Hehehe I always forget that Nintendo has to supply other countries with amiibos. Still, Nintendo should do a survey of sorts. Just to see what amiibos are needed most. I'm sure the Fire Emblem and Xenoblade series would get the most votes. Also the Kid Icarus series(although Palutena isn't out yet).



Rafie commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

Well I have all 3 just so I don't miss games from anyone. Period. I don't do console loyalty. Just loyalty to the games. This is why you either get a Wii U/PS4 or Wii U/Xbox one...or maybe Wii U/PC. I keep adding Wii U because Nintendo games don't go to PC.

I understand that some of you are upset. I mean yeah, Castlevania started on Nintendo. At the same time, times were a lot different then. As far as Nintendo monopolizing whilst establishing a hardcore fanbase. Nintendo today (speaking generally about the Wii U) isn't the same as the Nintendo back then. As far as the relationships with 3rd parties that is. 3rd parties don't do well on Nintendo platforms anymore. It MAY have been a business decision seeing as they're a small studio that needed a kickstarter to get the game up to begin with. Just speculating though.



Rafie commented on Updated Documents Point to Multiple amiibo Res...:

@No-longer-postin Thank you! Who gives a hoot about restocking stock that's already THERE!!! The only amiibo that's rare out of those is Shulk. PIt, Wii Fit Trainer, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, etc needs to be restocked. Not those other ones. Nintendo knows this. Starting to think they're trolling here.



Rafie commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

@JaxonH I've been on my friend. I may comment here and there. Just not on every article. Anyway, thank you for the invite. I may take you up on that. I really want amiibos like King Deedede, Lil Mac, Fire Emblem char, Xenoblade char, etc. I NEED THEM!!!! LOL

@Spartacus3765 I want Jigglypuff so freaking bad when it drops. I know I won't be able to get it. I only was able to preorder the Splatoon 3pack.



Rafie commented on Nintendo of America Apologises for amiibo Shor...:

@JaxonH Eh I agree and disagree friend. Sure, I have ONE amiibo that is rare at the moment. (Shulk) Outside of that, every amiibo that I currently have, which is only 17, can be purchased. I think the only semi-rare ones are Mega Man and Toad in my area.



Rafie commented on Konami Removes Its Listing from the New York S...:

SOMEBODY QUICK!! Input the Konami code for infinite lives! Konami is going to need it after this last stupid decision to cancel "SILENT HILLS"....not the Silent Hill franchise altogether. Silent Hills (with an S) was the project with Kojima, Del Toro, and Norman Reedus. From the demo, was shaping up to be a great game. Now Konami has been making decisions that doesn't seem favorable at all.



Rafie commented on Nintendo Marketing Boss Says amiibo Expectatio...:

Funny thing is....I feel like I have only one rare amiibo. I have Shulk. The rest can be found. Well except for Mega Man. Sonic stopped becoming so rare as well. Maybe Toad....MAYBE! Everything else I have can be found in the store. I hate that I see Disney Infinity characters any and everywhere, but not Nintendo characters I'm interested in. If Nintendo satisfies everyone by meeting demand here, then my faith will be restored. However, I'm afraid that Nintendo is "marketing" in a way to keep demand hungry. Not a good look.



Rafie commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

Nintendo needs to stop screwing around and send more amiibos. Stop with the whole "hold back supply to increase demand" thing. It takes the fun out of collecting them. Disney doesn't do it. You see their characters everywhere. Why is Nintendo doing this?!



Rafie commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

@DESS-M-8 I understand that. Still, Nintendo's monetary print is all over B2 (Bayonetta 2). So they did fund it. Probably more than half. I thought the reason GTA 3 only came out on PS2, because Xbox was...well unproven (An assumption of mine, not that it was right one). Also I thought Nintendo didn't want terribly violent games on their console.



Rafie commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

@DESS-M-8 Nintendo did fund it. Otherwise, the game wouldn't have existed. Kamiya has stated this several times.

Also your claim everything 3rd party goes multiplat is flat out wrong! I won't even go into the many games that this falls under. Also Sony did not fund Red dude. Sony bought the old dev that worked on those games in the 90's. Big difference! GTA never had exclusive rights to Sony. The franchise wasn't exclusive. If a platform pays for the development of a game, you can be certain that it's going no where but on their console. IF they paid for the development!

Mark my words, Street Fighter V will appear no where else, but PS4 and PC. Street Fighter V would have to be under a different moniker for others to have it. Timed exclusive or not. You know...Street Fighter: The Return or something like that.



Rafie commented on Weirdness: Street Fighter's Ryu is Now Being R...:

@Hy8ogen Nope...not for Wii U. Exclusive to only PS4 & PC. If Sony helped fund this game, you can be sure there are stipulations in the contracts to prevent others from getting it. Although they (Capcom) claim there won't be other versions, just add still wouldn't change the fact that the platforms will only be PS4 and PC. Microsoft funded Dead Rising 3. You don't see that going anywhere. Titanfall either. Look at Bayonetta 2. Nintendo funded that. It's the same thing here.



Rafie commented on Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem Wii U Cross...:

I know I'm about to get flamed for this, but the graphics was kind scratch WAS underwhelming compared to what the Wii U can do. I know, I know graphics isn't everything. I just didn't expect it to look like a Wii game. However I'll still be picking this up. They still have plenty of time to polish up the game. I don't want to criticize too heavy. My apologies if I offended anyone.



Rafie commented on Feature: Say Hello To The CPS Changer, Capcom'...:

I want this! I don't care if I have the emulators to all the games Capcom has in the past. I want this dangit! This is my first time hearing of an actual console from Capcom. I would have BEGGED my parents to get me this. Hahaha Thanks @Damo for the read man. Great news!



Rafie commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

I just wish we had some Nintendo themed packs. However, that's a dream now. Zen wants their tables available everywhere. Of course a Mario or Zelda themed table will be Wii U/3DS exclusive.

Btw, I'll have to ask Barbie what's going on with the 3DS this time around.



Rafie commented on Dead Or Alive Producer Feels That A Cultural D...:

I can't stand folks like that. It's a dang on game! What's wrong with half dressed characters IN A GAME?! Most of us gamers play to escape the harsh realities of life and enjoy full immersion of video games and what they offer fictionally. Japan has always had taste in games that best suited what I'm looking for. That's why I continue to support games made by them.



Rafie commented on Rumour: Nintendo Plotting amiibo Super Mario C...:

Gosh WHY!! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME!!! I have a hard enough time trying to convince my wife that we mustn't pay the energy bill yet, but buy these amiibos. Now they come out with these! Good bye cell phone bills (which in turn...good bye cell phone service :p).



Rafie commented on Gallery: Art Academy Masters Produce Award-Win...:

How did that 2nd piece (by Marina ironically my wife's name) get a silver where there are plenty of pictures that, in a technical sense, look leaps and bounds over it? I appreciate the creativity in it. I just think some of the others were better. Nonetheless, everybody did their thing and the pics look great.

Funny thing is, I can draw in real life...but I can't draw on the game pad. :(



Rafie commented on Feature: Batman Vs. Superman In The Battle Of ...:

@Chubblings Absolutely! Tim Daly did a great job with his voice on the animated series and Justice League. To be honest, no one has a better Batman voice than Kevin Conroy! He IS the voice of Batman. Mark Hamill as Joke as well. Now he just does Skips voice for Regular Show. I would assume that it's more straining to do that voice than Jokers. At least it seems like it.

Anyway, I desperately want a GOOD Supes game. I'm tired of Superman being the butt end of jokes with his games and movies as of late. People can't see jack ish about that the last one. Even if you didn't like it, it was still well written and packed with action.



Rafie commented on Feature: Batman Vs. Superman In The Battle Of ...:

Ya'll need to stop hating on my boy Supes. Sure he's had some bad games, but so has Batman! If Rocksteady could do for Supes what they did for Bats, then Superman would be in there. Just have Paul Dini write the script for the game and we could possibly have us a stellar Superman game.



Rafie commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Emphasizes the Nintendo Diffe...:

LOL I notice in every interview he does when someone mentions Sony and Microsoft, Reggie does NOT say their name at all. He'll just say, "other platforms", "gaming outlets", or "the competition". Reggie said screw that! You ain't getting no shine off me! Hahahaha I really don't like the guy, but I liked this interview. He was to the point and focused on what Nintendo is doing and what they are going to bring to the table. Not what others are up to. Good interview.



Rafie commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

How did I miss this?! Obviously this a "Imma get you back for what you said" type of deal here. I'm going to give my honest opinion on what was said here.

As a handheld by itself, there's no question that the Vita is better. Just the hardware by itself. Overall experience is certainly going to the 3DS. The brainer, 3DS all day. Why would Sony even mention their worst selling product to Nintendo's best selling. The 3DS is annihilating the Vita by a country mile. Heck by a 2 states or 2 countries, depending on where you live. If Sony supported the Vita, then the things might be different. Still, since they don' was rather stupid of them to mention it in the first place!

As for the Wii. LOL I think we all know that the Wii is a former shell of itself. Damn shame that Sony completely skipped on mentioning the Wii U as if it doesn't exists. I won't go on about the Wii though. We knew that. Sony should have tried harder there instead of a immediate response. Mention the Wii U, not the Wii. That's like Nintendo mentioning PSP or something right now.



Rafie commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

@rjejr I agree 100%. I was about to get on Reggie...again, but realize he has a point. HOWEVER, if you're going to boast about HD graphics and so on, then the Wii U is NOT the system to go for. Advertise what make the Wii U different than the XBox One and PS4. So far both of their holiday bundles trump the Wii U's. Which is a shame because I always expect Nintendo to come up during the holidays. Smash is going to do some earth shattering records for Wii U. More than likely it will be the best selling game on the Wii U. Can't wait.

I'm surprised at Reggie. If you're going to throw some shade at the competition, make sure your stuff is impeccable or at least as good as the competition's. With no 3rd party and and the old games bundled with the system now (except for MK8), there would be no reason for me to buy a Wii U at that moment. The Wii U is a great console and Nintendo's quality is the reason I bought one on launch day. I just want them to step it up!