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Rafie commented on Miyamoto States That Nintendo Is Sticking With...:

I just want everyone to start taking Nintendo seriously again. With hardware on par or better than the competition with compelling software (which is never a problem with Nintendo) with lastly Nintendo talking to 3RD PARTY DEVELOPERS TO DEVELOP FOR NINTENDO...then Nintendo will see even more success.



Rafie commented on Wii U Shooter Splatoon Almost Starred Mario As...:

So glad they made a new IP, and NOT involve Mario. That was a great move. Mario burnout is approaching and I don't want to be. Give some spotlight to others. With an extensive and the most first party franchises, I would gather more characters should have it. Can't wait for this game. First day purchase. A shooter that's FUN and non-violent!



Rafie commented on Mario Kart 8 Update, Mercedes Karts and DLC Pr...:

I still can't believe it's just 11 dollars where it's easily 20 dollars worth of content in each pack. No this isn't me complaining. This is me extending my hand to Nintendo to say, "Thank you!" They listened to the fans and is giving us more for this game.



Rafie commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

They better release this for Wii U. Unfortunately, Nintendo has zero involvement in it. Which I find strange due to their most popular franchise becoming a hit. This fighting game could be another fighting gem under Nintendo's belt. Wii need this! See what I did there?



Rafie commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

@SCAR392 I basically said the same thing, regarding your last statement about the Wii U doing more with technically less. Again, I can't discuss or argue specs on because I have no clue as to what is more powerful or less. All I do know is that many developers, who are coders and programmers, have made their case about the PS4 and Xbox 1 definitely being more powerful with what they have and how they use it. The Wii U is a beauty in itself. I still fail to see why devs still try to make the Wii U look like an old PS3/360 game. It's more capable than that. I guess we will just have to depend on devs like Nintendo EAD, Monolith, and Retro, etc to better utilize the Wii U's power.



Rafie commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

@SCAR392 The Wii U is no weak console. I know that myself because I have one and it was the first 8th console I've played extensively before the others. However, PowerPC vs x86 is another argument in itself. I can't and won't debate about that because I have no idea about how computers work. However I did a lil quick research on Google and came across an article that wasn't in a completely different language (meaning that I was able to understand a bit).

Article was written last year in September, but it explains what PowerPC and X86 does specifically in a nutshell that's relevant to the consoles. So again, we already knew the Wii U is powerful, but it still isn't up there with the other 2 from a technical aspect. I say again...a technical aspect!

Scar, normally ignorant fanboys will come on to say something is weak because it's not their console of choice. I still argue with Sony fanboys here and there with their constant, "framerate this..and resolution that" grasping arguments. Then Microsoft when they say s#$t like, "Uh....what's a Wii U?" Sometimes I ignore them, then sometimes I feel like I need to enlighten them. You should have seen Gaf, VGChartz, Game Informer, etc over the weekend when PSN went down due to DDOS. It was a crap storm indeed. Anyway, nevermind the comments from others who think Wii U isn't powerful. The games speak for themselves. Especially on how beautifully crafted they are. You need power to run games like Zelda and such.



Rafie commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

Having all 3 consoles is the best. I'm sorry, but the Wii U just isn't cutting it as a standalone console. Oh and yes, 3rd party support is still an issue. That's why it's constantly being brought up. In today's gaming market, 3rd party games is where most of the money is at. Nintendo's 1st party titles are still great, but it's just not enough to sustain the console. It needs more. Still though, my Wii U is phenomenal and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. I continue to purchase Nintendo consoles because they are great quality consoles. It's just unfortunate that 3rd party is barely there and so many devs are jumping ship.

Anyway, the Wii U is powerful. Yes more powerful than the PS3 and 360. However, as the article states, it's not more powerful than the PS4 and XB1. Common knowledge I'd say. Why are we still discussing this fact? No matter how you spin's just not. Doesn't mean the Wii U can't create beautiful games on par with it's rivals. Just that from a technical/graphical prowess, it's just not on par with the competition.

With games like Splatoon, Smash U, Zelda U, etc, I become more impressed with what the Wii U can do with lesser power. That speaks volumes of Nintendo's quality of gaming. I guess at the end of the day, I'm saying if all you want is Nintendo games, then a Wii U and 3DS purchase (yes both) is right up your alley. If you want an extensive variety of games...then PC, PS4, and/or Xbox 1 may need to be a future purchase for you.



Rafie commented on Interview: Zen Studios Outlines Its Ongoing Su...:

Trust me @Spoony_Tech and I constantly ask for Nintendo themed tables and such on the Zen forums. Heck I just mentioned it again yesterday to Barbie.

MAYBE if a journalist of Tom's caliber asked in their next interview, that may be the push to get Nintendo and Zen together for a collaboration of a 4 pack of Nintendo themed tables, or at least just one table.



Rafie commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

@Punished_Boss I thought Ghost did wonderful for the Wii U, in terms of attach rates to the game. I see people playing online all the time with that game. I guess times are changing. The Wii U is in a bad place with 3rd party support. The bad part about this is that it was Activision's decision not to put it on the system. Seeing as sales for the game are stagnant, then it's no wonder they don't wanna release a port.

This with other news that Ubisoft won't put anymore "mature" games after Watch Dog on the Wi U anymore is unsettling.



Rafie commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

Very good Nintendo. I'm proud!

However, I want to know the REAL reason why the new COD isn't coming to Wii U. Wii U sales are very good and 3DS sales are right on par with PS4 and even better at times. What's going on?!



Rafie commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

@Spoony_Tech I can feel your frustration from here in South Florida man. Again, I know you all are tired of being the butt end of everyone's jokes and how these devs won't either do anything for the Wii U, or delay the game. Still you have to respect the ones that still want to work with Nintendo. To be honest, when it comes to 3rd parties...Nintendo have to take what they can get. We all know the Wii U is a viable console that has promising capabilities. It's just difficult for devs to get behind it because they feel as though they will be taking a loss for developing a game on a system that isn't doing too hot sales wise. Part of the fault is the devs and part of the fault is Nintendo.

The situation with the Crew was something that I thought was bs when they said they weren't developing for the Wii U. Yet there's a 360 version coming along side the PS4 and Xbox One version. No PS3 version either. They claim that there the 360 is more closer to next gen (which is current gen) to develop for. We know the Wii U is more powerful than the past gen, and yet they are not making the game for the Wii U, but instead makes one for the 360?! THAT'S a load of crock. So the Crew (because I was going to get the Wii U version if they released it) is a game I will not be purchasing. Between Project C.A.R.S., Drive Club, and FH 2...I'll have my driving fix. I just wanted a good one for the Wii U.



Rafie commented on New Project CARS Screenshots Race Into View:

@Spoony_Tech Sure no problem

Maybe not a trailer for the Wii U , but there are a plethora of articles saying a Wii U version is coming. Chill man. It's coming. I know Nintendo fans are frustrated with the way they are being treated as of lately by 3rd part devs, but this one is legit. Not to mention that most trailers we've seen are on the PC, including those screenshots on this page.



Rafie commented on Zen Studios States That Wii U Pinball News is ...:

I can understand why people were upset at the lack of content from Zen. However, at least Zen is still supporting the Wii U while others seemingly have dropped the console. I can't wait til they drop that Dr. Strange and a few other gems for Wii U owners. They (Zen) are better than the rival in terms of support.



Rafie commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@Daruncic What do you mean nothing? The PS4 has plenty of games to play. Don't tell me you're one of those folks that think it has " no gaemz" ,are ya?! THe PS4 has more games than the Xbox One and has almost as many as the Wii U. Yes indies in all. So there's plenty of stuff to play on the system. Whether it's your cup of tea is another story.



Rafie commented on Tekken 7 Revealed At Evo 2014, Platforms Uncon...:

I hope it comes to Wii U for Nintendo fans to play it. I wasn't sure the Wii U could run Unreal Engine 4, let alone the PS3/360. Then again I heard it was up-scalable.

Anyway, every Tekken game I've played was on a PlayStation. So that's what I'm getting Tekken 7 on. However, I do have TTT2 for the Wii U as well. Love the exclusive modes on it.



Rafie commented on 3DS On Top As Wii U Remains Highest Selling Ho...:

To be honest the other 2 don't have strong holiday line ups like the Wii U has. They will have to depend on 3rd party to do the heavy lifting again.

Still, as in world wide numbers, the Wii U is not doing to good. Dropped back down to the 50,000 range. 3DS took the crown for WW numbers, with the PS4 coming in at a close 2nd. Japan is one tricky market though.



Rafie commented on Learn How To Be a Fighting Game Master With Th...:

This is pretty good. Although I'm far from a scrub (haven't been at that level since the 90's), there are some things that I'm still learning.

I take that back. I'm a scrub at any "new" fighting game I play til I get familiar with the mechanics. This year's EVO will be stellar. Now that Nintendo has put it's actual backing to it as well....nothing but win from here. I'm looking forward to UMVC3 play and some...SMASH BROS!! WOOO!!!! A little bit of USF4 as well. :)



Rafie commented on Video: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jeremy Ellis and The Roo...:

I don't care what anyone says. This was a FUN take on an original, loved and respected OST that was done tastefully. Both did their thing. I like them both for different reasons. I never even heard of Jeremy Ellis before, but I know now and I'm a fan. Jazzy Jeff is legendary amongst dj's and has been for over 28 years. Props to both and thanks Tom for the vid!



Rafie commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:

Nintendo is going in the right direction with their 1st party games, in my opinion. The new games that are set for release in the later part of the year and next are extremely promising. Splatoon looks like so much fun....and it didn't even have to have real guns and/or blood to do so. Got to hand it to Ninty for finding more ways to make games fun with this shooter infested gaming world today.



Rafie commented on Capcom Could Be Up For Sale After Shareholders...:

Sorry to be a debbie downer here, but I don't agree with Nintendo buying Capcom outright. Some of the key franchises Capcom has just belongs on other consoles. Just like I believe Phoenix Wright should NEVER leave Nintendo. I can't see any of the Capcom fighters on a Nintendo console. Monster Hunter can be on either Nintendo or Sony. Then again the 260 even got Monster Hunter. Just my opinion. Someone said the Dead Rising series should be Microsoft in an earlier post....I agree. I just don't know about Nintendo getting Capcom if it was a possibility.

I would hope that all 3 would step in and grab a few franchises and agree to keep some multiplat. Of course that's all a pipe dream.

@SanderEvers You most CERTAINLY got that right. In that instance I would gladly have Nintendo take Capcom before EA does.



Rafie commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

Wow. Can't believe that Wii U hardware numbers are still down. 61K isn't a good number. Glad to see at least MK8 is doing phenomenal though. I have to say though...I'm surprised to see the 3DS pull in 2nd for hardware sales. Dang Kirby really pulled through. I was thinking that it was going to be a tight race between XB1 and Wii U for 2nd. 3DS said, "SCREW THAT...!" LOL Junes NPD should REALLY be interesting.



Rafie commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

@JaxonH It really is nice. That's why I have all consoles. Yeah I'm looking forward to a lot of titles. Most of those titles are surprisingly Wii U titles. They have a tremendous amount of games coming out. Sony aren't really coming out until next year, so it's hard to get too excited about anything THIS year. Just LBP3 like you said. Next year they bringing the heat though.

Still Wii U will be top dog for the holidays and I'm extremely thankful that my family and I will be playing fun games this holiday from Nintendo. I'm not sure if Yoshi Wooly World is coming this year. Nintendo already has a full schedule...especially with Smash U coming. I was excited about Yarn Yoshi..I mean Yoshi Wooly World since I heard of it. I like the Yarn Kirby game. Yes it was easy, but it was beautiful and fun to play. :) Yeah we gamers are in for a treat.



Rafie commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

@JaxonH My friend. One of the most sound folks here. I'll give you my stance on my consoles.

1. PlayStation 4
2. Wii U
3. Xbox One
4. Vita
5. 3DS XL

Like you, the last 2 may switch over after titles I'm interested start coming in. Sometimes my Wii U climbs to the 1st spot. Like right now. My PS4 is literally on standby as my Wii U has been getting SO much play. I haven't touched my Xbox in about 3 weeks. That's just because nothing has come out yet that I want for it. However, they got some heat coming. Between PS4 and Wii U, those 2 alone has some great games coming. Especially the Wii U.



Rafie commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

@Ralizah LOL So you're saying that Microsoft's offerings are good, although some of them are sequels or ports like the PlayStation's, were better than Sony's? Wow! Uncharted 4 (although in game cutscene) was one of the most beautifulest character models I've ever witnessed for a console. That's real. Nothing lazy about what Naughty Dog does. Let's keep in perspective here. Bloodborne looks absolutely stunning. The Order looks fabulous and some of the gameplay I did see is shaping up. Amongst a few other things.

The thing about Uncharted and LBP is that they don't have as many games as Mario, Zelda and they don't come out with games that feature those characters often like Nintendo does with them. I don't wanna rag on MS offerings because it's good, but outside of Sunset Overdrive and was all multiplat stuff. Halo Anniversay Collection (I'm looking forward to it) is just a HD collection like Sony had in the past with extra stuff added though. Much better than Sony's actually.

To be honest, the Playstation 4 TECHNICALLY has more games than the Wii U. Quality is subjective to the consumers taste. Just like the reason a person would buy a PS4 right now, or even a Wii U. Nintendo does have the upper hand with their first party games though. Gosh I can't wait for them.



Rafie commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

You ask Nintendo fans on a Nintendo site who won E3? LOL Of course they are going to say Nintendo won! Hehehe

However, I do agree with those sentiments. The others weren't bad, but they weren't great either. Nintendo just BROUGHT IT!! Too many games that I felt I will actually purchase to have in my home versus renting it. Nintendo games as a whole impressed me more. I'm looking forward to those said titles. Heck there were games that we know are coming that wasn't mentioned from Nintendo. We're getting spoiled here now. :)



Rafie commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

@Ralizah Now THAT'S a lie. It has no exclusives and/or none on the horizon. Don't know what you're smoking, but I don't want any of it. Did you mean to say that there's no games that you yourself aren't interested in?

@DESS-M-8 How exactly are they failing? They are ahead at the moment. I do have to admit that I'm more excited for the games coming to Nintendo than I am theirs, but they are in a great position right now. I think that dude that made that claim is basing what happened to PS2 install base and went to the Wii and 360. Of course there's no concrete proof of that, but it's a plausibility.