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RadioShadow commented on Video: UK Ambassadors Give Their Verdict On Th...:

My few cents:

  • 3D is much better (I even have it on in the car)
  • Bright screen (think GB Micro Quality)
  • Can use games that support "Pro Controller" (works excellent for "After Burner II")
  • Extra buttons & C-Stick work well enough, more games need to support it
  • Volume button is in a good position
  • A B X Y buttons colored to the SNES (PAL / JP)
  • Going to "the Home Menu" / "Miiverse" is a lot quicker
  • Battery has been improved
  • Changeable covers is a neat idea
  • Post screenshots on Miiverse using "Super Smash bros for 3DS"
  • Start / Select button in same positon as DS Lite, much better


RadioShadow commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

Ebay should really ban people who do this. They clearly don't have the device, so they should not be selling it.

At least with the European version, they waited two days before putting it up on websites / allow pre-orders from shop. So my brother was able to get one.



RadioShadow commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

It's a neat idea, especially when games like "Metroid Prime Trilogy" go for stupid amounts.

Shame I have most of those games, although I will download the "Kirby Wii" game. Just wish it was "Super Mario Galaxy", as I have the second one. :(



RadioShadow commented on New Study Finds No Connection Between Video Ga...:

I was watching the "Video Games: The Movie" document and on the topic about 'video games cause violence', they basically said violence is human nature. Look at Hitler as one example, he killed all those Jews and he didn't play "Call of Duty" (video game didn't even exist then).

Point is, other stuff influence violence, but it is about controlling your actions. Playing a violence game won't suddenly make me go and grab a gun an repeat the same action as I did in the game.



RadioShadow commented on The Console Wars Live On As Night Trap Remake ...:

While Nintendo where a bit 'evil' back in the day, like the fact if you made a game for Nintendo's system, it could not be ported to another system. Thanks to a court-ruling, that rule does not exist.

Plus at the time of release, the ESRB did not exist, and Night Trap (yes, a violent game, more like a terrible horrible movie <_<) and Mortal Kombat where the reasons the ESRB system came about.

Nowadays, there are T & M rated games on Nintendo consoles, so I don't think Nintendo would have any problem with this being released on the Wii U.



RadioShadow commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

I hate to admit it, but the PS3 and Xbox 360 are way more popular, and most people would go and download that version. Plus you get to option of playing in HDMI (720p) instead of Component (480p). Leaving the WiiWare version to be the least popular version. So it's not surprising it isn't doing well.

I did buy the 3DS version however, so no point in downloading the WiiWare version.



RadioShadow commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

If it wasn't for Advance Wars, Fire Emblem may not have recived any English translations. Just look at this quote from edge-online with an interview with AW's director, Kentaro Nishimura:

For all these efforts to make Advance Wars’ appeal as broad as possible, there were still no plans to release the game outside Japan, just as the previous games in the series had never seen an overseas release.

“When I joined Nintendo," says Nishimura, “I was told that these kinds of games would never be successful abroad, because they were turn-based games, and turn-based games weren’t appreciated outside Japan. But we decided it was because these kind of games were too complicated. People are used to action games and shooting games, and in those all you have to do is press the A button and the B button and you’ll soon understand how to play.

But for SRPGs, you’ve got to know the rules before you start. So, with Advance Wars, even though there wasn’t a plan to release it outside Japan, we made it really easy to play. We put a really good tutorial in, so people didn’t need to read the manual. And when the US marketing people played it they came to us and said: ‘But this is great! Why can’t we sell it over here?’

And it seems that Advance Wars’ success has shifted Nintendo’s attitude over western tastes." Nishimura, who also worked as director on Fire Emblem, makes it clear that game would never have been released in the west had AW not paved the way."



RadioShadow commented on Hacking Group Claims To Have Discovered Wii U ...:

Because of the Wii HomeBrew Channel, I was able to recover my GameCube save files from my corrupted GameCube memory Card. Nintendo would have done bugger all!

The only thing I would like to see is the region lock stuff removed.

Actually, with the HomeBrew Channel installed on the Wii U V mode, you can play original US / JP game on it. Another point to them!



RadioShadow commented on Review: Mario Tennis (3DS eShop):

@ Mizore: There was. It was called Mario Advance Tour for the Gameboy Advance. However, unlike the Gameboy Color version, they didn't bother adding a transfer feature to use the character in the GameCube version. <_<

If Nintendo bothered to put in the link features or actually allow transfer with the Nintendo 64 Virtual console version, then I would have download this. I'll just stick with my original copy.



RadioShadow commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage (3DS eShop):

I like the fact they modified the options so you can adjust the number lives / select a round. While this can be done in the original, you had to hold a button combination on the second controller to activate these options.

I loved this game when i was younger and what have loved to play it on the go. Now as an adult, I can! YAY!



RadioShadow commented on Sega's Japanese Christmas Present For 3DS Owne...:

@brianvgplayer: The Puyo series was owned by "Complie", but have gone out of business. "SEGA" then brought the license and are now the current owners.

This means it would be a lot easier to release / get the license to upload the games that are on a SEGA console, rather than say a Nintendo one. Shame as "Puyo Puyo Sun" on the Gameboy was really good.



RadioShadow commented on Sega's Japanese Christmas Present For 3DS Owne...:

Alre can pop my bubb... I mean, nice picture! Where did you find it?

I'm a massive Puyo Puyo fan, so please come to the west. What's interesting is the 4 player mode was only available in the SNES version (which I'll admit, was better, due to the fact it had cut scenes like in the first game).

Or give us Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine with the Puyo Tsu settings. Now that would be awesome (and more likely happen).

EDIT: Or, it's the Game Gear version. Still cool.



RadioShadow commented on Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attor...:

@ ledreppe: Pretty close. If only Capcom had use numbers like their Japanese titles. In order of when they released in the USA (Japanese title in []):

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney [Turnabout Courtroom 1] DS
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All [Turnabout Courtroom 2] DS
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations [Turnabout Courtroom 3] DS
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney [Turnabout Courtroom 4] DS
  • Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - Investigations [Turnabout Detective]
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Duel Destinies [Turnabout Courtroom 5] 3DS

There is a "Turnabout Detective 2", but it has not been translated into English. Although a fan translation is in the progress (case 1 & 2 translated).



RadioShadow commented on Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Proves That Cap...:

Took me a little while, but it should be "I'll have them", since I'll is short for I will. Instead, they put "I've have them", where I've is short for "I have", so he's saying "I have have them". XD

The second one is just worded wrong. Should be "I must serve and protect as well!" Or maybe: "I must serve and also protect!".

As for the third, I don't see any. There was one part at the begining of case 2 where Trucy missed out a word and one sentence had two spaces between a word.

Now since the English version was a download only version, there is no excuse to fix these errors. To the bat mobile!



RadioShadow commented on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Conjures Up More Than...:

I donated $160 (£100). Well deserved! I may give a bit more at the end of the month by pay pal.

My only concern is, the Wii U version will just be a "port" of the PC and not take any advantage of the Wii U features. I did send WayForward a question which they replied:
"It's too early to tell but it will most likely use the touchscreen and support off-tv play. Beyond that we are not certain yet."

I would like to see what they did with Pikmin 3 and give us a choice what controls to use. Like use the map on the GamePad but use Wii Remotre (with Classic / Pro Controller attached) to control Shantea / select items.