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Sat 18th Feb 2012

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r2d2c3p01 commented on Talking Point: 3DS Depends on Nintendo Titles ...:

Nintendo does a great job backing it'z systemz & as far as tha gamez go,well hey if Nintendo can lead tha way in bringing great gamez to tha table why can't some of these 3rd party developerz do tha same..THEY'RE game developerz so make good gamez & stop crying!There'z nothing wrong w/ tha system jus stop making crap!!!Tha 3DS can pull off jus as much as tha vita,it'z tha developer who needz to step up their game they're NOT making systemz jus gamez?If they can't get on Nintendo'z level something iz very wrong!Graphicz can be done in so many wayz jus need to get tha gamplay down & make it exciting to play!