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Sun 9th May 2010

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r0mer0 commented on Review: Rytmik (DSiWare):

Thank you Martin Linda!

In my opinion, there are only very few things that could have been better in this application: Clip editing during Song playback, note-length in the step sequencer, sustained instruments and portamento.

During the 1990s, when I was making Tracker music on the Amiga, I used to dream of something like this!
(Even got a Yamaha QY10 to make music on the go — and I hated the sounds!)

A well deserved 9/10!



r0mer0 commented on Unleash Your Inner DJ With Rytmik:

@ metalslugger:
The R button is not important, you can use the on-screen "Clip Edit" and "Song Edit" buttons to toggle modes.

All controls are accessible with the stylus, and it is highly intuitive to work with (to me … ). For example, over each active step of the pattern sequencer appears a striped bar indicating the samples volume, under the step is a red bar indicating its pitch — drag to change.
Drag a similar striped bar next to the label "Volume" to change the main volume of this sample, and its root-key with the red on orange/yellow slider right below.

Above the pattern sequencer sliders are mute and solo buttons for the 4 samples of a clip (or a keyboard if needed), and below is an orange and black striped portion where you can alter the step length of the pattern sequencer.

There is even a delay effect build in, with controls for delay time in steps (up to 8), repeat amount (1-4) and volume mix (no panning). Delayed notes are only played if there are still voices free. I expected to make such delay effects by hand, finding this build in was a very welcome addition!

The sequencer and arrange tools are among the best I ever used, the only downside seems to be that there are no controls for note length (all samples are one-shot but will overlap in poly mode as long as there are voices free or mute themselves in mono mode), and no advanced performance tools available like pitch bend, portamento, vibrato, tremolo.

The samples sound great with headphones,haven't tried speakers yet. Luckily they are not optimized for playback on the DSi speakers! The library is quite good, but has few natural sounds, it consists mostly of synth sounds with just enough lag of character to be usable in the mix.

Sadly, it is not possible to edit a clip while the song is playing back: click on Clip Edit during playback and the clip starts immediately with all other clips muted, click Song Edit, and the song continuous where you left it. So, Rytmik might not be a performance tool, but it is easy to use, sounds good and is just plain fun!