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Wed 1st May 2013

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r0bbieTheRobot commented on Rex Rocket Could Come To Wii U And 3DS If Fund...:

Hi all!
I'm Rob, the pixel artist for Rex Rocket.

@Chiptoon Thanks, bud! I'm working off the NES color palette and I added a hue of yellow in there for skin tone. The palette is pretty limited and I thought this fit the best. I'm also a huge fan of legos and the Simpsons.

@NintendoPro64 Thanks NintendoPro! Depending on the success of Rex Rocket, our next game will most likely be a Zelda-clone called Blossom Tales - Google "Blossom Tales" for more screens.


@Usagi-san So would we! However, Tyler and I just didn't feel comfortable stating that the game would for sure be coming to the Nintendo as Nintendo could choose not to let us publish to their platform. The WiiU is looking pretty amazing for Indies at the moment but Steam / PC still looks better. Tyler and I will focus our efforts on porting to Nintendo and other platforms after the PC release of the game.

Getting Rex Rocket onto any of Nintendo's devices would truly be a dream come true for us and we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

@StarDust Thanks! We're currently just about at the 3/4 mark so things are looking good!

@KnightRider666 Fingers crossed!

@Bulbasaurus Earth, in Rex Rocket, is somewhat comparable to the world of Judge Dredd. Earth has suffered from an extreme catastrophe, the surviving humans have condensed into "super cities." After the discovery of light speed, the Council of Science created a list of all known star systems and planets that could be habitable for humans and named them after the destroyed cities of Earth.

Thanks for the interest guys!