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Sun 6th Jan 2013

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qwe commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games Responds To Renegade Kid'...:

In a world where piracy is not an option, I believe that most of those who pirated would have bought the games. I can relate this to when I was a kid when the internet was not available, everybody bought their games. You beg your parents, work a graveyard shift at the station, saved up pennies for months until you had enough to buy that awesome game all your friends are playing. The reason people pirate is it because it's convient and easy to do so. People will always come up with excuses to pirate. Being poor is a horrible argument for piracy. Android/iOS games that average $0.99 are pirated just as much. When I was a kid, I didn't have an option to pirate. I had no money and had to travel out to the city to buy a game, so I had no excuses but to save up and go buy the game.