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QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Shows Off Upcoming Golden Sun and F-Z...:

Hell yes to Golden Sun.....I love that series but so many people didn't play the third installment on DS which was awesome. I actually imported my first GBA from japan because it came out many months before its USA release. And the two games I got were Mario and F-Zero. GBA F-Zro did have tricky control but once mastered it was damned fun and fast.



QuickSilver88 commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Amazed at the nearly 200 comments.....Looks 3DS is rocking and Nintedo needs to feed that beast, We get Kirby and Mario Golf in May and now SSB in summer. Look we all know that Nintendo will not rush their primary IPs..the truth may be 3DS is ready and WiiU not. To those saying WiiU is lost this year I think that is a bit premature. A major release every other month seems to be the pace. Pikman, W101, Zelda WW, Mario3D, and then DKTF, and MK8. That really is not a bad pace and with B2, X ,SSB and Hyrule likely 2014 that would be 6 major titles. Also last year Nintendo threw in a few lesser games like Wario, Luigi, WiiFit, WiiParty, Wiisports. Expect the same this year. Last year the WiiU got help with some good games from Ubi and Warner and Activision brought games as well. That support is all but gone but if Ubi brings only Child of Light and WD that is still something. Still Nintendo may have a few aces to play as we know somewhere is SmTxFE and Yarn Yoshi. Sonic Lw was mixed but Boom could be good. I think Nintendos good relations with mosy Japanese devs will produce some exclusives or colavorations. Lastly eShop lineup looks awesome and that will give us some gems to hold us over. 3DS is Nintendos cash cow and Smash is probably going to sell better than MK7 or Pokemon. I expect it will be the best portable fighter ever......and there is the key...portable fighter....word. SSB has always been a darling of the hardcore fighter crowd. WiiU will blow the 3DS away is grafx and controlls. Any serious fighing fan will want it on WiIU and maybe the mass sales on 3DS will create a larger audience for it on WiiU. Time will tell.



QuickSilver88 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

The left out Child of Light and Oddworld Tasty.....both of which are digital only middleware. For me CoL is critical as if it sells maybe we still get something further from Ubi. Plus it looks so good and is coming April 30.

The titles announced all look like quality but we really need some suprises and a co-op announcement from Ninendo at e3 would be great....something with Squeenix or Capcom would be awesome. What did Regie mean when he said 'no more drought' on WiiU? Is one major game a qtr enough?

My most anticipiated is SmTxFE and we have never even seen 10sec of tnat game.....would it kill Ninendo to show us something?



QuickSilver88 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

You also make some valid points and I don't consider it too much of rant. Really all new consoles go thru 'droughts' in year one and I told people dogging the WiiU that ps4/xb1 would be going thru the same thing this year. I am honestly surprised Infamous and Titanfall came out on time. As you said we have already seen many 2014 titles pushed back to 2015. I really wish more publishers would push back as launching something like BF4 was embarrassing and then taking a great old franchise like Thief, and bringing it back with a mess of a game just makes me cringe.

I also 1000% agree with you on the rehash/sequels point. Shiggy talked about this last year saying Nintendo doesn't believe you need new IPs to promote new gameplay innovations and that the fact is established IPs have recognition and a better chance of success. All you have to do is look at how Mario, Zelda, Metroid have morphed over the generations and games to debunk the 'cranking out rehashed crap' argument. I guess if you don't like a type of game then more of the same probably does feel like rehashing. I find COD or BF crap, but I don't like online/military FPS....while I loved the 4 Uncharted games even though the gameplay was pretty much identical because I like the characters, stories, and production values.

Nintendo just gets held to a higher standard and that is why they don't get any free passes. In many ways they are a victims of their own success because they have consistently put out more critically acclaimed games than anyone else. As long as they meet their own high standard I think we will all be in great shape. I am currently buried with content for the 3DS/WiiU. Some people must just play games 16 hours a game because I have a hard time finishing a couple games per month.



QuickSilver88 commented on Child of Light Creators Discuss Their Transiti...:


So we meet Now, now a few of Ubi's WiiU titles have actually been very good. AC3 got full DLC support, although it was a little rough around the framerate issues. AC4 is excellent and is probably about as good a port as you can expect on WiiU. I am sad they aren't supporting DLC but the game is rock solid and really holds up well when compared side by side to ps4/xb1. Splinter Cell was actually a well done engine with good gamepad features, but the online was horrible and because of even worse than horrible sales they never fixed it. The good news is Child of Light is using the Rayman engine which wasn't a port but was actually a game designed for WiiU. So I expect Child of Light to be good on WiiU and well worth buying if it is a good game.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:


Funny but Also by no means put me in the 'unhappy' gamer category. I am a very happy gamer. I have so many damned systems and such a huge backlog of games I will never be caught up. Also my arguments aren't totally contradictory as I am talking about two different companies that behave differently. Let me do the inverse.....Sony has pushed how many fricking ratchet and clank games, a series I like but am a little burned out on. Yet they only put out one sly game in the last how many years an have abandoned Jak and Daxter all together since ps2/psp.

So put it all down as observations and you tell me......wouldn't you like to see both some of Nintendo's unused IPs as well as something new from them?
In the end we all know the motivating force and that is MONEY. Companies push the IPs they can thrive off of and tend to ignore those that do less numbers. That is why Metroid and Fire Emblem and Starfox don't see the action that the plumber does. Nintendo is fairly consistent in that most their IPs do make it out each generation (with the exception of a damned 2D Metroid). Still don't mistake me as unhappy or a complainer.....I have it all in life and gaming is just one part of an overall excellent existence.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

Not sure Nintendo got a free pass on releasing a disappointing console and launch library....they have been getting hammered pretty hard both by financial analysts and gamers. I also think Nintendo took a risk with Gamepad...I think they were foolish enough to believe the WiiU could provide a convergence machine for tablet and console gamers. The problem is they failed to understand Tablet gamers have little interest in consoles or deep games. Second screen gaming could be very cool if properly implemented and I hope they find a way to get there. I will give you 3 very viable game design ideas for WiiU and gamepad.

1. An NFL simulation game. You play as coach and use the gamepad to choose and design plays, manage rosters/subs and then perform audibles, line shifts and hot reads by touch before and during the play, while the action plays out like a real game on the big screen. Support of 2 gamepads would be ideal for local play so each coach has their own 'clipboard'. Madden has nearly ruined football as it has basically been the same damned game since the Genesis.

2. A Diablo/Champions of Norath type game....where 1-4 players use pro controllers and play hack and slash on the big screen while the dungeon master uses the Gamepad to control/create the dungeons. The DM sets traps, alters the maps, places random encounters and then plays as the bosses during the boss battles.

3. A Wing Commander type space opera.....mixed with an empire building SRPG with a trading component The player uses the gamepad to build ships/bases and such to manage and deploy their assets. Also the gamepad is used for the trading component. Then the space combat battles take place on the big screen ala wing commander. It would be open world but also story driven and then have an online component where players could fight for galactic domination.

Now those 3 game concepts could be implemented on WiiU and would have appeal to mainstream gamers. I am just a techie guy with a history in gaming going back to the first games in the late 70s.....I and others have 'envisioned' some very interesting uses for 2 screen gaming with question is where the hell is this innovation in the gaming sector, why isn't EA, Ubi, and especially Nintendo thinking like this?

Others have said this and it is somewhat true which is for true async gaming like the games I am describing above it is going to require almost building two game for the gamepad and one for the big screen. This is going to take time, money and risk. I can understand 3rd parties not wanting to go down that road as the product would not translate well to other platforms and WiiU doesn't have the installed base to justify the risk. Still WiiU is Nintendo's baby and they should be designing these type games and taking the risk as they put the hardware out. If Nintendo would build this unique/must have experience and create some reason to own a WiiU (other than playing their great existing franchises) then maybe EA or Ubi or someone would say hey it can be done and there is a market for this type of experience. So far dual screen gaming has mostly been either an enhancement or a gimmick, but I don't believe it has to be and I think it could lead to an incredibly immersive experience if done properly.

Also....a comment on your response to Action51.....I agree that Sony has done more with new IPs than Nintendo. Nintendo hasn't really had any new IPs in years. Mini game collections and Wii Sports has been about it hasn't it? Pikman, ED, and Geist were new franchises on the GC. The frustrating part as a Nintendo fan is that they have all these great IPs and they let them rot. I want a new Metroid (2D and 3D), I want a new Startfox (traditional and Starfox adventures), I want a new WaveRace, Excitebike/truck, F-Zero. I want a new 3D Donkey Kong. I want a true Pokémon RPG on a console that has cross over features with 3DS. How about an advance wars on WiiU. I want GC and N64 on WiiU VC. It seems most Nintendo diehards want the same things, yet Nintendo seems to want to crank out more Mario and more platformers (which I love and Nintendo does best). My hope is WiiU gets some boost from MK8 and SSB this year and with a larger base Nintendo will then focus on these less profitable titles we all love. Even if WiiU only does 25-30mil units but gives us some of these great franchises and a truly worthy 2 screen game then I would be pleased and so would many other supporters.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

I hear what you are saying and I agree that it is not fair to say that Sony and MS are not providing platforms that allow developer innovation. What Nintendo does is provides a differentiated experience. I generally own and play all systems, and the truth is you can get largely the same experiences on PS/XB or PC. They each have their strengths and some exclusives, but they in large offer the same types of experiences. Since Sega bombed as a hardware manufacturer Nintendo is really the only player that offers something different. Obviously a lot of gamers don't care for that something different, and that is fine, but without Nintendo the gaming world would look awfully dull. IMO all the gaming companies are shying away from risk these days because the cost of failure is oblivion. In general more powerful hardware does lead to game innovations so lets wait and see what we get in the coming years with these PC knockoff consoles.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:


Yeah I guess kick em while their down is an old theory and it seems like a valid one for Nintendo's competitors. It just amazes me how gamers/trolls or whoever they are seem to have so much time to always come to Nintendo forums and dog Nintendo products. Like who cares what they think? I game on all systems (as many committed gamers do) and I can find pros/cons to all systems. In web sites supporting other systems I rarely see Nintendo people crashing and trashing like I do here and at other Nintendo centric sites. People either get Nintendo or they don't. I understand that as Nintendo attempts to be different and also has its roots in 2D gaming, so they may not appeal to some post-ps1 gamers. The strange thing is the haters never talk about what they like, what they find fun....they never consider 'fun' a factor as specs and blowing stuff up is all that matters apparently. Nintendo makes many fun/entertaining games and a good portion of them are very challenging. Completing DKTF has been a hell of a lot harder than beating Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls and many other 'mature' games I played last year. Most posters spewing hate about Nintendo games have likely never even played them so their opinions are uniformed tripe.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

Its funny how anytime any dev says anything positive about Nintendo or WiiU droves up people come out to diss them or the statement. When Shinen and Retro said WiiU had good power and grafx capability the trolls came out in droves. Yet both these companies have produced some of the best looking games in yeah I want to believe the trolls instead of real developers with game credentials. Pathetic. Devs are entitled to their opinions. WiiU is an interesting box and already has some very unique titles. Iwata admitted Nintendo dropped ball on making the gamepad lets see what happens now as Nintendo does have a track record of making adjustments and having success. Also to those raving about ps4/xb1 sales......PS4 has sold impressively but after a strong weak 1 in Japan it fell off a cliff. XB1 has already slowed a lot and has zero viability in Japan. Titanfall has not caused any mass increase is sales as most FPS fans buought the XB1 at launch and for that game. So keeping momentum is the trick and WiiU actually had a good Nov/Dec but has slumped since......I think we will see this for all the majors until more content is out and prices come down.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

I have actually thought the same thing old Pete is saying. The feel of the gamepad is awesome, its balance, weight, thiness really make it a very comfy controller for me and I find it better than any handheld. It could look better and maybe be a tad smaller by going with a smaller lcd. Other than that I really question those that pan the gamepad because if you have used one you know it is well designed. Nintendo often does 2.0 type things so a new Gamepad might happen in the WiiU life span or maybe when we get WiIU-2



QuickSilver88 commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

I remember the series fondly and I would call it more puzzle/platform than anything. Still $30 just seems high for a digital release. I mean you could get ICO/Shadow remake for less than that. Sorry but to compare a remake of this game to either Zelda WW or Ico is a joke. It was good and if it hits a sale I will likely support it but I would rather spend on new orignal midware like Child of Light.



QuickSilver88 commented on Artist Behind "The Bridge" Planning a Party RT...:

See this is the type of game that Nintendo and 3rd parties should be making. Not so much the Indy/low budget grafx....but a game that uses gamepad as an async experience to influence the 4 players on the main screen. Imagine a Bards Tale/Diablo type game where the 4 players hack and slash while the gamepad users plays as a DM and controls aspects of the dungeon, sets traps, plants random encounters, and then fights as the boss in boss battles. Thank the heavens for the Indies as I think they are the ones who will show us some cool stuff like this on the WiiU



QuickSilver88 commented on Koji Igarashi, Best Known for the Castlevania ...:


I so agree and still enjoy platformers even with all the new stuff we have today. Enjoying DKTF right now. The best one I have played in years is a Microsoft exclusive called Mark of the Ninja. You can get it on x360 and also pc. I just loved that game and it was my GOTY for x360 last year. It has a great story, art style, gameplay and replay value. Try it if you haven't already.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ninterview: Legendary Designer Julian Gollop O...:

I would not doubt something of Gollops showing up on a Nintendo handheld again. Shadow Wars is about all I played on 3DS after launch until Zelda came out. A really good hanheld SRPG so if you like that type of game then get it...its very cheap now. I would really love to see an X-com game on 3DS. 3DS now has over 40mil and will end up over 75mil units so for many publishers the 3DS is now much more viable. Factor in eShop as a low cost deployment platform for smaller devs and I expect 3DS to get a lot of games in the next 3 years.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (North America):

@GloryQuestor ......Man I agree in that their handling of VC has been horrible this generation, other than Earthbound and the original 3DS ambassador GBA games. They shouod be getting way more SNES and GBA on 3DS, but another thing I think they should do is have DS top games in eShop (not just for WiiU) but or 3DS. WiiU should have both top Wii titles for digital, and also GC and N64. Sony has extensive ps1/ps2 libraries for ps3 and ps1 and psp for Vita so why can't Nintendo get in the modern times and try to give us more digital legacy content. Nintendo still knows how to make great games but many of their moves are real head scratchers. The Wii was the pinacle of legacy gaming but Nintendo has stunk it up so far with the current platforms.



QuickSilver88 commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

About time someone wrote on this topic as I and others have talked it in threads for months.......I do think Nintendo is heading twoards acvount based so they will get there. One thing the writer failed to mention is that Iwata said at the shareholders meeting that Ninendo would move to a unfied devlopment platform starting with WiiU. Nintendo has so many good properties they cluld build true cross over experiences far beyond what Sny has accomplished with cross buy/save. Imagine two seperate Fire Emblem games with unque but intertwining stories where you could move your units back and forth when you shifted from home to the road. Or a new pokemon stadium with pokecloud and pokebox as well as online battling and trading or even pokemon hunter that lets you team up with other trainers and go out and slay tough megga wild pokemon. I thoughy MH3U was a missed oppertunity...i thought capcom shouod have sold retail WiiU with 3DS download code....For a cross play game like that Nintendo should have done a wiiU/3ds bundle with both games. I think Nintendo is waking up it just may take longer than we like.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Wow.....close to 300 responses.....truly a lot of strong feelings surrounding gamepad. Looks offTV is either a love it or care less feature. I love it, played a lot of ME3, BatmanAC, and AC4 on gamepad and they looked great. The bigger the game the more useful offTv. Games with innovative use do exist. I just don't see how those that like big open world collection games don't see the benefit of second screen mapping and management? The only thing that made me mad in AC4 was I couldn't mark destinations on the touchpad. There are so many good ways gamepad could be used. SRPG, RPG, and Card RPG could rock gamepad. I envision a true NFL simulator where you use gamepad to call plays, manage subs, mike audibles and set hot reads...all while the game plays out in lifelike 3D on the main screen. Support 2 gamepad for local play and internet play as well. How about a space battle game where players manage and move their ships/fleets on gamepad while battles and scenes are represented on the HdTv. So much could be done and Nintendo needs to bring a 2.0 lighter, slimmer gamepad that comes with new WiiUs and also is available as a second purchase. Just start supporting 2 gamepads and people will have reason to take their gamepad to a friends house. Also Nintendo needs a good streaming player for WiiU on the eShop. Something that will play DNLA,network content, and also mpg/avi/x264 from sd/usb would be really handy and for an extra fee allow BlueRay playback. Who wouldn't pay $20-$30 for an app like that it it allowed brd on the gamepad? The system has some design flaws but all systems do, whats vexing is the system has features that consumers have a vision for but not Nintendo or other devs like Nikalis.



QuickSilver88 commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

Its amazing what $ony has done in a few months, but what seems lost in all this is what are xb1 sales, and also that Nintendo had a very strong december worlwide and by most accounts moved close to 1mil units. Some sources said WiiU outsold xb1 worldwide in december. Anyway you slice it, it was WiiU best month since launch and no one talks about it, only talks about how they revised their sales estimates are down. XB1 is obviously struggling because they are already offering a titanfall bundle....which its rare to give yout biggest game away for free. Point is maintaining momentum seems to be the trick and once ps4 launch craze passes in Japan lets see the numbers. Nintendo's 1st half is once again lookind dim, but lets hope E3 brings us more than the games we already know of.....for me its back to DKCTF and then DeusEX.....I really want X, but anything on SmtXFE would be nice.



QuickSilver88 commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

@Dark-Link73 You are not far off in that Nintendo's architecture choices have been a problem, and this is not new. N64 going cartridge, GC going miniDVD, Wii going SD and motion controlls, and now WiiU.....In addition to it being PPC and not x86 the other challenge is no Hard drive, which causes a lot of difficulties for devs buioding around x86. Good 3rd party can be done for WiiU as there are a few great examples like NFSMW, AC4,Rayman and DeusEX. So it can be done right, but the problem is even when it is done right like the games mentioned, no one buys them. I bought many of my WiiU games new but in the budget bin. Nintendo says they want to win back the 'core' gamer but it will take more time and effort than they have been able to muster. Most old school gamers are pro Nintendo, but also own multiple systems. But younger 'core' gamers have been more raised on ps and xb. If Nintendo really wants a larger audience they do need more mature content, more blockbuster content. I think games like Bayonetta are a move in the right direction but they need more games like that to attract that type gamer. I am not sure they will ever do that, but I do think they are moving slowly in the right direct. Iwata said they are going to a shared 'platform' so they are going to make things easier for development in the future and I think if anyone does consumer virtual reality gaming first it will be Nintendo



QuickSilver88 commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

@Shroom_Muncher i find it hard to believe you have played all the good content currently out for WiiU. I have 15 games purchased in 2013 and still havent played them all. Aso eShop has a lot of good content. I agree 3rd party sucks for WiiU but this is not surprising. Nintendo will get things cranked up on WiiU they always do....I think they will still be able to swing some exclusives and colaborations with Japanese 3rd parties. Iwata has said they are interested in aquiring assets. Really if you want multiplats you need a ps4/xb1 or pc. Any one of those with a WiiU makes a really great combo.



QuickSilver88 commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

Retro is awesome and while they do take their time to make games it is worth it. They will likely only get 3 games out this generation but so what when they will be 3 great games. DKCTSF is superb and for those that want a stiffer challenge it is the best poatformer out there right now. Teams have been stepping up and saying WiiU has more pep than the detractors say. Ninendo has a chance to wow us this year because the announced tities all looked great in the last direct and hopefully this E3 they really please the faithful showing us Rares project, Zelda footage, SMTxFE, Yarn Yoshil, Shiggy IP. Honestly the XB1/PS4 lineups for 2014 don't look that strong so Nintendo could have the best exclusive lineup this year.



QuickSilver88 commented on Less Than 5% of Those Polled by the Game Devel...:


I agree, especially where WiiU is concerned but 3DS with its dominating market position deserves more Indy and major 3rd part support.

I wish we could see some real market numbers as I know I and many others (like you probably) skew the demographics considerably. I like all platforms and often in the cycle end up owning multiple machines or slims, LT,XL,ECT....So while Sony and MS both sold 75+ million units last cycle 3 of each went to me over those 7-8 years.

You are so right on WiiU 3rd party and it depresses me heavily as Batman AC, Injustice, NFS,AC 4,Rayman, Deus EX are all excellent ports (ME3 and NBA 2k13, Splinter Cell and COD were decent ports with various flaws) yet they, as you stated, all sold just horrible. Add to that Nintendo published W101 and LegoCity and MH3U. All sold just terrible. W101 surprised me as it is a slick new property and game type and just bombed horribly (even in japan). I have greatly enjoyed 3rd party on WiiU and love being able to do offTV play for lengthy games like AC4 or ME3. Apparently I am in the minority though so after WatchDogs (if it comes) I expect very little on WiiU from western 3rd parties. Nintendo will still pull off some deals with Japanese majors but WiiU is going to be a mostly Indy box in the west.

Still with all that said the 3DS number (even from this type of small developer conference) surprises me as it has already sold 40+ million units and in general should be cheap to develop for because of its minimal assets. I would assume Nintendo's new Indy friendliness extends to 3DS devs so it shouldn't be that hard to hook up with them to get on eShop and many games coming to Vita like Limbo, Spelunky, ect could easily be done on 3DS and would be exposed to a march larger audience. In the end I think it is just everyone Indies, 3rd parties, whoever have a hard time competing with Nintendo on Nintendo platforms and as you said don't see it as fertile ground.

Sony, Microsoft, and companies like EA have literally declared at times they are gaming. They really don't want the whole sector and realistically Nintendo owns this demographic and continues to since forever (GB). Nintendo can't give up there as it is their bread and butter and honestly I love a great Mario XYZ that is age agnostic. I just wish they would do more to appeal to their legacy gamers (old guys like me) that would like to see more Metroid, Waverace, and Starfox and just a little less Mario XYZ. The future may be brighter for Nintendo though as Iwata said they will move to a unified development platform (mobile/home) and I think their next device may be a hybrid mobile.



QuickSilver88 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Well the good news is all the footage for WiiU looks really great. SSB X,MK8,B2,DKTR all look just amazing and shouid put to rest fears that WiU can't produce some nearly next gen looking games. The bad news is Nintendo just can't seem to ramp up WiiU with a steady flow of titles that it so badly needs and they just seem to blow one opportunity after another to make a splash, to suprise, or delight us. So many people didn't even mention Chiod of Light but that is my most anicipated title until X or SMTxFE. I think it is an important title because it is Ubi doing a smaller scale game with digital only release.....if it goes well it could mean more projects like that from majors which could be a new model that produces quality results. I think we have to look at the long term with Nintendo and understand they are just cutting their teeth in HD with WiiU. Iwata's recent comments on Nintrndo migrating to a universal development platform (like ios,android) is the right move and they are also expanding their teams and looking to aquire new/other dev teams. I think by 2015 all this ramping up will start to be evident.



QuickSilver88 commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

This blows as it was likely to be the last big multiplat ever made for WiiU. I think it could be cancelled or come out depending on these factors.

1 Is it really a 'good' game?
2. How it is revd by critics?
3. How well does it sell and does it create a new franchise brand as Ubi hopes.
4. Does DKTR, MK8, B2, and SSB help move significantly more WiiU?
5. Does child of light sell well on eShop?

So I think all those things will determine if and when Ubi releases. The thruth is the game is not delayed, development has been halted and may never resume. If the game is worth it and WiiU can double its installed base then maybe Ubi puts this out at xmas2014 as there will be nothing else like it for WiiU.

Really its sad/frustrating for those of us that like playing quality 3rd party on WiiU. I own other systems but really like offTV and dual screen gaming. I have bought a lot of 3rd party in 2012/2013 for WiiU and when a game is ported well I really prefer WiiU. Games like Batman AC4, NFSMW, Deus Ex, and Raymanshow that high quality versions can be done on WiiU.

If WiiU sales improve in 2014 then I expect WiiU will get some unique 3rd party game and will continue to get some support from japanese comanies like Sega, Bandia, Altus, ect.

I just wish more gamers would appreciate WiiU as can you imagine if we could get games like Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, SimCity, And Starcraft on WiiU. Lets just hope X and SMTxFE live up as that is all a RPG fan has anything to look forward to on WiU



QuickSilver88 commented on Ubisoft's Updated Line-Up Still Includes Watch...:

@aaronsullivan Kudos for a sensible post. I agree that gamepad is great and loved the implementation in games like BatmanAC and even ME3. Watch Dogs is the perfect game for gamepad integration but it bothers me that Ubi has been so dodgey in talking or showing anything. I think we will see it and likely have minimal unique features for AC4. Very happy we are still getting the eShop only Child of Light game. In the end WiiU will have a great library and a number of good 3rd party games. I just love it when 3rd party game is well developed on a Nintendo platform. Honestly for 3rd party WiiU has gotten good support since launch but like you, I am worried for 2014 and beyond so I think its up to Nintendo, Indies, and the occasional japanese colaboration to carry the system as western devs are likely going to bail. Its sad because I would love to play every game on WiiU as I love both two screen gaming and offTV gaming.



QuickSilver88 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:


I agree...make a gamepad 2.0 slimmer, maybe even slightly less screen size (with same resolution) and use the bigger battery.

In an interview Shiggy said 'We make hardware to be able to have the specific features we need to apply our software vision'. I am paraphrasing, but in the past this has always been true....until now?

I just don't get it as Nintendo has always been able to implement unique hardware into their games but suddenly now they are dumbfounded? Whats odd is so many gamers have been able to envision how the gamepad could be used for all sorts of games.

You want a system saver how about pokemon mmorpg with the ability to import the pokemon you raised in x/y and use them in the game. How about Nintendo kisses blizzards ass ang gets a Star Craft WiiiU with exclusive gamepad async play and online.

How about getting Magic 2014 on WiiU or better yet make a Pokemon TCG where you play the cards on gamepad and battles play out on screen in 3D.

Last console saving idea.....A true football old Sierra Sport Football. Support 2 gamepads (the system can) and also online play. The 'coach' calls the plays on gamepad and can also audible, use gamepad for roster management, to draw up custom,plays, select a hot route or wether to blitz or drop a defender. Then again the game plays out in realistic, game presentation style. So the idea is interactive football. Tell me hardcore gamer/sport fans in the US arent't ready for this type of experience?

Keep the gamepad, make it better and fearure it in unique games and it would be a hit.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

Hopefully this is still coming as Ubisofts games have been pretty good. i have ZombieU, Rayman, and AC4 and they did great on those games. You know everyone talking about ps4 and xb1 fast sales but lets remember WiiU had fast start as well. I think this year will be very telling as far as the environment for gaming. WiiU already at 5.5mil units with DK and MK8 out before watchdogs. I would expect WiiU to be close to 8mil units by then.....XB1 and PS4 likely won't be much higher at that point. No other sandbox game is announced for WiiU so it could do better than expected. BTW Child of light is still confirmed for WiiU but isn't it supposed to be digital only?



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (Europe):

@readyletsgo I agree....WiiU VC iscuking seemed on Wii many games from Nintendo and 3rd parties were released every month. That and nothing past SNES yet....the damed WIIU is essentially an HD Wii and can run Wii and GC code natively. Having the damned GC greats on my gamepad would be a great way to pass the time between major releases.....Nintendo should have a team selecting and preparing these games and stop half assing it. Everyone talks about their warchest I wish they would open it and satisfy their fans.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

@jrob23 i don't agree with everything you said, but I do agree about Wii having many good 3rd party games that were lost in the shovelwear blizzard. There are truly over 100 very good games for Wii but like 400 that are complete doggieoopsie. Games like No More Heroes, Red Steele2, Zak and Wki are all excellent 3rd party exclusives that likely sold poorly because of no recogznition. What happnened to the old Nintendo seal of quality.

Watch the language -Lz



QuickSilver88 commented on Interview: Codemasters - F1 Race Stars: Powere...:

I am not really a big online multiplayer fan but I think the lack of features in WiiU games is getting old and hurting system and game sales. i mean the WiiU is just always beeing seen as less than. Some games are built for local multiplayer like M3DW which is fine but when games have online on every other version its inexcusable. I would like to see more games use cross platform multiplay and that would solve the problem of not enough WiiU players to support online infrastructure. When companies do local co-op or multiplayer the don't always support async play. Honestly a game like splinter cell BL would have been so cool with local go-op with async. The WiU could be so much better if devs, including Nintendo were using the features it provides more.



QuickSilver88 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Struggles Brin...:

@AtlanteanMan Yes yes and yes......especially now that Sega owns Altus. Sega was a lot like Nintendo with their hardware designing, always willing to try new and different things. Sega has always been seen as far more edgey and 'hip' yet has family and mascot series as well. Then they should make a portable/console hybrid that plays both WiiU and 3DS....they could rule the world!



QuickSilver88 commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

I am not sure flash sales are that viablle for Nintendo, but what does need to be looked at is making older digital titles competitive versus used at retail. Buy 2 get one sales, lower prices in general on older titles and maybe a more sassy rewards club (then say DDP which no ones seems to use) would all be helpful.



QuickSilver88 commented on Silicon Knights Loses Appeal in Epic Games Law...:

Silcon Knights was truly doomed by the failure of To Human which they worke on and hyped for years but then never delivered.....if it had been a financial sucess they would have never started the suit against epic. The other interesting point is how well Nintendo has handled 2nd party arrangements like they had with Rare and SK.....I wish Nintendo would take an interest in a new western dev and turn out some great stuff like those two teams did.



QuickSilver88 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

@AtlanteanMan I like your list more than the OPs......

Yes yes and yes to Advance wars on WiiU but I would like it on 3DS as well with game save share form campaign and then cross play wifi multiplayer. of my faorite series but mostly been on Sony other than the DS strategy game....still nothing meaningful since ps2 era.....i would take a new game in any system.

Sega baffles me with their overall decisions...they have just bailed on so many great franchises.....Skies of Arcadia 2 would be awesome. Shenmue was the model for sandbox adventure games and had a pretty solid fighting system. The would need to do either a 1/2 HD remake or do a mini movie to get most players up to date on the story.

While making the rpg wish list how about Tales of Symph HD remake comes to WiIU as afterall both games were Nintendo system developed and I another big wish is Baten Katos III as a card battling rpg using gamepad would be awesome.



QuickSilver88 commented on Matters of Import: Grappling With Attack On Ti...:

@Luna-Harmony Nintendo could easily make a 3DS emulator for WiiU and then allow us to use digital purchased games on either sysyem and move our saves thru a cloud. Once upon a time they had the GBA player for Cube and that did a pretty good job emulating gba and allowing you to plug in carts and even do cable link with another gba......I really think in a future generation Nintendo is going to have a single portable system with HDMI connectivity so its home and away and that is how they could rule the world again!



QuickSilver88 commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

Whats funny is major publishers who invented the genre can't make and sell good 2D/2.5D platform games any longer (not counting Nintendo) but 1/2 the Indy games coming out are platform games and people eat them up. It can still be done and done well. Mark of the Ninja was damned near my favorite game of 2013.....awesome and so many cool gameplay styles and options....and thats the key.....SOTN and the GBA/DS games got that and were a blast because of all the weapons,spells,items you could find and unlock that enhanced the gameplay. Maybe Konami/Capcom should consider a digital model with smaller games, lower prices, and installments? BTW MOF on 3DS is very underrated.....I was turned off buy poor reviews but got it cheap and was very is more combat oriented but is still great....very nice 2.5D grafx, tight controls, good, mixed up, convoluted story.....more platform beatem up than metrovania but still well worth a look either on 3DS or ps3.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Dominates Festive Hardware Charts in ...:

It seems like WiiU sold what like 300K units it Japan alone in December? The US sales are going to be higher than that so if WiiU actually did over 1 mil for the month worldwide then that is its best month since NOV/DEC of 2012. Remember everyone was selling they will tank hard once ps4/xb1 is launched but even in the face of great sales for those 2 new systems the WiiU is having a great month...................just forget about XB1 in japan....ps4 will do crazy numbers in Feb when it gets released, but two generations of XB have failed hard in Japan and nothing is going to change....It really looks like Nintendo has improved the situation in Jap and USA but are still really struggling to move WiiU's in EU/UK........



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Well it does suck that this is happening right when everyone is opening their new machines and trying to get their pack in downloads like the Zelda bundles and such.....I think this is likely more related to them going live with the PokeCloud in japan than just high user demand.....the system already has high utilzation with millions of 3DS being sold every month so its more likely they launched this new service and it threw a wrench in the works............Also before totally ripping Nintendo....lets just remember when PSN got hacked (twice) it was down for extended periods both times (like what a month the first time)....Target got totally pawned a few days ago, and also our glorious government after 3 years and $700mil still can't get the healthcare exchange website just whatever games you got and lets hope the service is back up soon!



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

Well it does suck that this is happening right when everyone is opening their new machines and trying to get their pack in downloads like the Zelda bundles and such.....I think this is likely more related to them going live with the PokeCloud in japan than just high user demand.....the system already has high utilzation with millions of 3DS being sold every month so its more likely they launched this new service and it threw a wrench in the works............Also before totally ripping Nintendo....lets just remember when PSN got hacked (twice) it was down for extended periods both times (like what a month the first time)....Target got totally pawned a few days ago, and also our glorious government after 3 years and $700mil still can't get the healthcare exchange website just whatever games you got and lets hope the service is back up soon!



QuickSilver88 commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

I like a lot of this article and see it as more reasonable than a lot of analysts. Were I disagree is with Nintendo just copying to do something new and the design as a failure. Are we really ready to give up on two screen gaming so quickly? After barely a year and no great software examples are we calling it bunk? I hope not because I actually like dual screen gaming and I and others have put forth many great game ideas so eventually devs will make them. So the question is will we have dual screen gaming in the future as a norm....if so then WiiU will be seen as a pioneer despite its sales performance.



QuickSilver88 commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:


I have really been thining the same thing....handheld/console convergence is the future and a future Nintendo could dominate. Vita was supposed to have hdmi out and then whiffed on it and now is tryin Vita TV....the key is one device design. I though a slimmed down gamepad sized handheld and then an vita tv sized box U keep connect to your hdmi and usb devices. Come in range and the portable links with the box and streams content to your hdtv....who wouldn't want that?



QuickSilver88 commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

If you look at VGZ charts momentum is building...lthe system did close to 250K global he last week of November alone. So each month has improved especially in US and Japan (which Japan has no other new console). EU and UK still have little lift. The question is an they keep the momentum they have built? If they can keep selling say 600k-1mil a month global then the sysyem will be a moderate success probably selling close to N64's 35mil. Nintendo seems to have not just an adveftising problem but management ones as well. Let me elaborate:

1. Many 3rd parties have said Nintendo did nothing during the design of WiiiU to consult them for ideas.....which Sony and M$ both did.
2. Wii momentum and development ended in 2010 with Zelda SS the only major in 2011. Yet Nintendo had no major 1st party at launch.....which Wii, GC, N64, Snes and Nes all had....funny 3DS same problem and same horrible start.
3. They did such a horrible job naming and marketing most consumers didn't even know what it was.
4. They kept whiffing with E3.....first by bowing out of a major presentation and then by really dissapointing by hyping Retro and a new 3D mario and then delivering news of 3D World and DKCTF...which are going to be great games ut were not what fans were wanting?
5. They couldn't get any co-operation for major announcements at e3 for games like COD which took months of rumors before lamely confirmed. Why couldn't they go to activison and say lets do a promotion with a new WiiU Zapper....notthing suprising. It was admitted that games like GTA5 and Crysis 3 had builds running on WiiU but nothing.....Nintendo should have went to Rock Star and thrown money and an offer to publish WiiU something. They did no joint promotions even with strong supporter Ubi who could have showed off Splinter Cell, AC4, and Rayman which all turned out very good.
6. Whatever the hell happened with EA...people blame EA who beyond just pulling support also trashed the console and in a way its supporters. I don't think this just happened due to poor sales and/or orgin....something bad and ugly must have went down between Ea and Nintendo...say what you want but if anybody needs anyone more is Nintendo and not they will keep selling millions od units on orher systems while Nintendo get no Madden, Fifa, NFS, ME or Dragon Age.
7. While the libray has more dpeth than people want to admit with great exclusives like Lego City, MHU, Pikman, W101, 2 Mario games, Zelda WW as well as some good 3rd party releases like Batman, nfsmw, injustice, rayman, deus ex, ac4 and 2 cOD games the system is totally lacking in other areas mostly sports and racing.
8. VC is moving so slow on WiiU and has done nothing to excite other than get Earthbound releases.....No N64, no GC, why not bring DS and 3DS to wiiu?

So bad moves have been made. The WiiU is not terrible spec wise and the gamepad is not a bad concept but needs better utilzation. If I was their CEO this is what I would do.

1. Go kiss the donkey of some key 3rd party companies and titles. Throw some money and even help porting engines like dice to WiiU.
2. Colaborate like they did with Sega on F-Zero, SSB with namco , and SMTxFE with Altus...titles that the don't want to or have time to develop they should farm out and then oversee and publish. Criterion did awesome on NFSMW...imagine them doing a new waverace or excite bike/truck.
3. Do a major cross over 3DS/WiiU title like Pokemon, Animal Crossings, how about Advance wars.....make it so you can cross play/buy and also move your campaign and online battles between home/portable. 3DS over 40mil now...why not entice those gamers onto wiiU.
4. Get a marketing team with a clue that knows how to build hype.
5. Keeping a steady stream od 1st and 3rd party exclsusives is a must.
6. Get off your donkeys on VC and bring something more than nes/snes.

Last idea is for the future.....everyone says WiiU2 must come soon but that would be a horrible move....but how about we know WiiU is not super powerful, nor uses a lot of watts of power. So in a few years when 3DS is winding down make a discless WiiU handheld....that uses a slimmer, trimmer Gamepad design and runs WiiU games and maybe has more ram and flash.....and has a wireless module with hdmi for hdtv second screen and usb3 ports for Hd and sd I could play offTV anywhere, come home and go dual in the next generation Nintendo makes one console that is portable and home......the have always dominated handhelds..if they could make a portable strong enough to do 1080P then many portable users would see no need to buy a home console and Nintendo could rule the world again.



QuickSilver88 commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I just think people forget the reason to own a console and play games and that is to have fun and enjoy being a gamer. I have been a gamer since the dawn of gaming and have owned just about everything ever made. Sony and MS execs have been saying this all year about the non-wow factor of next gen graphics. Still the nee HD twins are a big boost over current gen and eventually we will see some impressive games with improved grafx, but more importantly depth and features. WiiU is a niche machine and to me pretty slick and well concieved. It will get lots of good games in its life but Nintendo just isn't going to be a market leader. The system already has some very unique content like MH, Lego city, ZombieU, 2 mario game, Zelda WW, Pikman and W101. Add to that some solid more conventional games like 2 Batmans, AC3/4, COD, rayman, injustice, nfsmw, ans deus ex. Yet because of snubs by EA and 2K WiiU has almost no sports and little racing. So entire genres are missing and this makes it hard for WiiU to be the goto system for all needs or players. The problem is also many WiiU gamers don't care so no imcentive to bring certain genres to WiiU.....I think WiiU could do an awesome golf game with wiimote plus and gamepad both used....soocer, football, and baseball could all really do great things with the gamepad....I just hope in its life someone tries.



QuickSilver88 commented on Wii U Console Sales Climb in Japan as 3DS XL M...:


If WiiU could keep 111K units a wek going then the future will be fine. 5-6mi WiiU a year will really be enough to guarentee its gets lots of good games in its 5yr life. What else is good is software unit sales of over 800K and Mario World only out for 1 day when chart compiled. What these charts show is a signigicant drop for ps4 after a steller week one and then a great week one for XB1...once all the preorders and people willing to stand in line falls off for these new systems I think demand will soften significantly. The longevity of ps360 will be a damper on sales in 2014....Sony was smart to delay Japan release of ps4 till 2014 as that will help when numbers slumping in western markets. Nintendo is doing what they need to now with more visability, better prices, and games games games.....just keep it up and 2014 might be better than people think.



QuickSilver88 commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

I know this is a UK/EU centric site but let me say WiiU has a solid retail presence in the US......Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop all have good game selection with all the current and many older releaes. Best Buy, Walmart and Gamestop all had updated kiosks with new demos and videos of all new releases including 3rd party. The Zelda and Mario/Luigi bundles are selling well and Skylanders bundle can be had for $275 (which is essentially $200 for a basic as Skylanders sells for $75 here). Nintendo will not drop support for WiiU before its time. It will get its 5 years as it woul dbe suicide for them to can it early unless they truly are done making consoles. Whats amazing is that Vita (which I also own) has done similarly horrible have awful sales weeks and even less quality software than WiiU even though it has been out twice as long. I never hear anything about it in the news or people saying it will be dumped....if anything Sony has doubled down pushin it as a ps4 companion device and making it a good platform for indy titles and ps1classics. Even if WiiU falls short on sales it is still a good place for Nintendo to cut its teeth on HD gaming...eventually they will do something outstanding with the gamepad. In some ways WiiU is very under appreciated....OffTV play is super if you need/want it, the variety of input devices like WiiMote, pro controller, balance board really offers devs a lot of options when they utilize them. Unity and HTML5 make Indy development easy......I think when the library fills out and it gets even cheaper it couod sell better later as people look for an alternate choice to the HD twins.



QuickSilver88 commented on Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Super Mario 3D World I...:

Obviously Nintendo made some mistakes with the first 8 months of WiiU but in last 4 months things have tightened up considerably. Nintendo has not owned every generation in consoles. Nes, Snes, and Wii were incredible succeses but N64 and GC and now WiiU were only moderately sucessful. So what? Those older systems still has awesome games and WiiU will also. Meanwhile what has always buttered Nuntendos bread and kept them in the black is handhelds. Whifh they have entirely dominated every generation. Even with stiff competition from phones and tablets Nintendo is still on track to sell 75-80mil 3DS and is once again trashing the competition (vita). So they will be fine...just keep innovating, and making great games and they will keep rolling on.