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QuickSilver88 commented on Video: Remind Yourself Of Nintendo Life's Top ...:


I also questioned Kirby and wonder if I should try it. I did see a kid playing it and thought it looked very polished. I also agree with you on 3DS releases other than if you count jrpg. It was a good year for jrpg on 3DS quality more than quanity but Bravely, Pokemon ORAS, PersonaQ and EO5 are all awesome games.

What really dissapoints and baffles me on 3DS is the lack of Western 3rd party. Nintendo appears so at odds with these publishers that nothing good can be made for a system with a base of 50mil units? ISad because I would like to see some of those major licenses on 3DS in unique forms. Good 3rd party ganes sold on GBA and DS so it suprises me that pubishers won' consider it more now that the base is so big.



QuickSilver88 commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

@aaronsullivan @duffmmann

I think U both make some good points......truly there is no way to give 'Next Gen' console gaming on portable hardware.....really I don't know how it can ever happen in that processing takes power and until we get wayyyyyyy better battery technologies something like that will never happen.

I see Sony's model with psp/Vita and ps3/4 as a viable example of portable/home system that share OS structure and development tools. A few games like Sly TiT and the drake game turned out impresively close to a ps3 experience.

I have always been a fan of portable/console fusion since the N64 transfer pack. Still I think what has made Nintendo handheld hardware so much more sucesssful than Sony is that Nintendo makes specific games for portable hardware. The conecept of AAA console type games has not really boomed for Sony. Even the recent Vita revival is based on quality Indy titles. Gamers on the go typically don't want what home gamers want.

Nintendo could do 'Fusion' right now with their current platforms. Make a BIG splash with a real pokemon game for WiiU and make it so you can import/export from pokecloud. Make Amibo that can move data between home/portable version of games like Mario Kart...Imagine a Zelda game where certain dungeons could only be played handheld but that was required to get the items needed to progress in the console version. This is the type Fusion I would like to see more of.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:


Well.....3DS semi-abandoned??? Do you say this because they just released the New 3DS and it has features (2nd analogue nubbie) and power (cpu/ram) that the current model doesn't have? Sort of, but I doubt the difference in power is enough that it will cause many games to not support the original models......

My biggest disappointment with 3DS is the fact that it has sold 45mil units and can't get crap in western 3rd party support. Devs support the Vita (which I own) when it has a base of 7-8mil but treat the 3DS like its poison. I know it is a less powerful machine and wouldn't be ideal for a lot of 3rd party games, but you would think they would use their big named licenses like GTA, COD, AC to put games specifically developed for 3DS out....kind of like China Town wars on DS. I think it speaks overall to Nintendo's real problems with 3rd parties which is they don't want to compete against Nintendo. The 3DS release schedule was certainly a little slim this year, although it contained some great games. I suspect 2015 will be strong as they will want some main line titles to help push new 3DS sales.

One thing I found interesting was that Nintendo said they are basically going the IOS/Droid route with the OS and their machines starting with WiiU. That means they could possibly put out a WiiU+ that has more horsepower, ram, storage space, still have it be compatible with the current and forthcoming WiiU library, but have a more powerful machine just incase the 3rd parties want to port their ps4/xb1 games......I guess we will see but I honestly don't care as I own those other systems and as long as Nintendo keeps putting out their gems and supporting special projects like W101, Bayonetta, X, and Devils Third I am a happy camper with WiiU......



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:


Yeah I loved its use in SC Black List and a few other games have done some nice things as well like Deus Ex and Batman AC. I really agree that the second screen conept is cool and should be more than has so far been shown, i have several solid ideas myself so I hope some dev things of them as well. The fact that we are 2 years in to WiiU with no real jrpg or srpg is obsurd, the system was made for it, also no TCG or puzzle games is odd considering how well suited they woud be. Last one is poin and click adenture like Walking dead or Wolf Among us makes total sense.

One place I think ppl are off base is that Ninendo will abandon WiiU early. Why, when WiiU is a decent enough box for Nintendo to make the transistion to HD and better online features. It is taking them time but so far the results are awesome. I can't wait to get Metriod, a real 3D mario, some sort of Fire Emblem game and others wiiU will surely get



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:


While some of your assessments aren't wrong they aren't all right either. 3DS sales are way down, but still the 3DS and XL combined week in and out moves more units than any other system. So what U fail to acknowledge is the entire dedicated gaming machine market is in flux and sort of down. PS4 has done great, but mostly off hype and remakes like TLoU and TRaider. Many PS4 owners I know are sort of bored until more content comes. Xbone has under performed everywhere but USA and is not eve outselling PS4.

So its a strange new world and all of the manufacturers and publishers are going to have to navigate some rough waters. It is important that Nintendo has stemmed the bleeding as they were posting sizable losses and now essentially broke even.

As for WiiU.......2015 is stacked even if 1/2 of it gets pushed back there is a lot more coming than just Zelda and even after Zelda I still expect to see a new Metroid an true 3D Mario before WiiU life is up.



QuickSilver88 commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:


I agree with a lot of what U are saying......I find for games that are map heavy it really is a nice thing. I loved playing ME3 on WiiU as it was the only way to play the game with a real time map. Batman AC was great and I really like Pikman after the patch for touch play.

Totally agree on MK8 and async.....what gives as COD and Sonic Kart use it.

The real question is can Nintendo establish dual screen console gaming as viable this generation? RPG ans SRPG should be no brainers for WiiU...also how about TCG and trader many missed oppertunities. My best two contributions are a diablo type crawler for 4 player where a dungeon master uses the gamepad to act as the antaganonist. American Football sim that uses gamepad for player and play management while plays play out in Hd on the big screen....



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo UK Executive Says Wii U Has Had "Quit...:


Easy Flux, don't blow a Look I said I love the Gamepad, and I do, I like it for offTV and also like it when its even minimally used for second screen purposes......still the point is and this is what Star Wolf was saying is even with an uptick in sales the WiiU is not going to be a mainstream commercial success. If it does 25mil that will be about max.

A device like I am describing could be real game changer taking WiiU sales to much higher numbers. You know already I don't need a gamepad to play almost every great game on WiiU. So this non-gamepad, would be offering your MarioKart, B2, Smash, Zelda, and everything else.

Look I like WiiU, and conceptually I think the gamepad is great, the problem is Nintendo has done little to justify its existence, and third parties haven't either. Nintendo's greatest asset is their IPs, which are being held back by poor hardware sales. Mario Kart on Wii sold what 30million units, MK8 which is the best MK ever will be lucky to 5mil in its life.

I have some great, awesome game ideas for gamepad use, and I think Nintendo is cooking some stuff (starfox and splatoon) that may make it a must, but so far it is not a required part of the WiiU experience. No worries though because Nintendo will likely not change course so don't sweat it.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo UK Executive Says Wii U Has Had "Quit...:


Mostly and sadly agree with your assesment, especially in the UK.

Not sure why you think WiiU OS is bad? I think its better than say ps3 but slower than it should be for nextgen. I think there are things to like, eShop is solid, Miiverse, the browser are nice.

I think WiiU is overpriced in the UK market and could use a 50£ cut. For that matter I think a cut is timely in all regions for xmas as they really have a nice lineup and library to push new system sales.

I never thought I would say this but I think Nintendo should consider a gamepad detatched WiiU mini. Let it sync all controllers, hex the drive, 128gb flash and then remove vWii but bring Wii and GC to VC so you can buy the greats in digital and launch from WiiU dashboard. Sell it with a pro controller for cheap $149 bundled with smash or MK. Then make a new slimmer gamepad available seperately (for mini or original). Then offer both models old/new. I love the gamepad, but I also love that WiiU offers so many controller choices. I don't think gamepad would die if the offered with/without and separately. If they ever make a damned game that demands the gamepad it will sell more gamepads. Getting to be so many great WiiU games that could be played on a much cheaper platform.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Highlights 'Nindies' and Their Games ...:

WiiU has some nice Indies. I liked Trine2 DC, Unepic, and recently Tesla.

Really looking forward to Stealth2, Shinen's racer and also missing from this event is Pier Solar which is coming soon.

Still my favorite Indy tittle of all time is Mark of the Ninja (M$ published on Pc and x360). It is flat out the best 2D platform/stealth game I can ever remember. I hope they do a follow up and bring it to handhelds. Klei also makes Don't Starve which is a survival sim that would be great on WiiU.



QuickSilver88 commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:


See....I totally agree with you that Wii or even GC games could be launched directly from WiiU dashboard and Nintendo is crazy to not be doing this as we should be able to buy best of GC and Wii games on eShop.

To others on here that are freaking.......OK the adapter is $20 in the USA which is not much more than the cost of lunch or a pizza. I still have a couple wqvebirds and wired so just for Smash it makes sense to drop $20 for more controller options. To that point, that is what WiiU usually offers many controller options and why is this bad. I would think for 4 player local like Mario3D or Kart we will see patched support.

They could easily add support to VWii mode and may do it or maybe we get GC VC......if not it will still be worth it to us that use Ninendont or Devolution as long as it gets supported by those apps.



QuickSilver88 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Begins North Am...:

Man I am stoked for this.....homestly I am not much of a beat-em up or fighting game the holiday release schedule of HW, B1&2 and SSB really didn't do that much for me. This was the game I was looking forward to the most as puzzle/platformers from large devs are a rarity now a days.



QuickSilver88 commented on Super Smash Bros. Slams the Competition Yet Ag...:


I agree with U but add to it that Japanese gamers just seem to be lagely burned out on standard games. Bayo2 is just not new after numerous GOW, DMC, Bayo1, Castlevaia LoS the genre appears burned out there.

I am actually a little shocked by poor ps4 performance in Japan. It seems the erosion of console play is bound to effect these companies sooner than later. How can Nintendo continue to support projects like W101 or Bayo2 when they fail so miserably commercially? W101 is not everyones cup of tea but it is an awesome game with so much sass and polish.

I really worry about the future of gaming when so many great games are ignored or unappreciated. Last years Splinter Cell BL was one of the best games in the series in years but sold horribly across all platforms. I greatly enjoyed it on x360 and then WiiU. Go look up sales on Bioshock bombed pretty big even though it released to 3 major platofrms and had a TV add campaign in the US and reviewed excellent.

The most disturbing thing I saw recently was some data on how few people finish games. People complain on here about WiiU and missing DLC but it turns out not even single digit % of people finish the main story of a gane like AC4.

So expect changes in gaming because shorter games, more online, and incremental content would seem to be the future. Nintendo will be fine as they will survive of their mega hits even if some projects fail financially. I think Amibo is going to be huge in the USA.



QuickSilver88 commented on Bayonetta on Wii U Bewitches as the Best Version:


Not realoy fair as this is a port and not even a directors cut. So it does what it is supsed to do in that its a port of a 5yr old game that looks and runs slightly better than its previous best version.

If U want to see how much better the WiiU can perform over x360 than look at Bayo2 which looks stunning, runs 720@60fps and has effects you couldn't touch on a x360. Lets remember this is a freebie so a slightly better port is all we could ask for.



QuickSilver88 commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:


I think you are being a little cynical ZT. First off this was done for SSB diehards or compeditive players. Cube controllers were the choice for Wii SSB as classic and classic pro were a joke. So these peeps have all played two gens of Smash os GC controllers. If anything its fan service which is great. Many people love the cube controller and I prefer it for VC and playing cube games. If it leads to Cube VC I am all in.

Now we have a decent WiiU controller and I imagine plenty will play SSB with that. Nintendo has pretty much supported a lot of controllers on WiiU and that is great. Many games supprort gamepad, WiiU pro, wiimote, classic pro, and now where applicable GC. Why are options bad or confusing?

Last bit of info for those reading this far down....the WiiU USB adapter is being sold seperate for $20 measly bucks. Search WiiU Gamecube @gamestop. Also if U like GC form but want something more modern check out Wired Fight Pad @ GS. It is a GS exclusive 3rd party licensed by Nintendo replica controller. It is a Cllasic pro that connects to the wiimote and comes in different themes....$25 but likely limited run and released around Smash.



QuickSilver88 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):


Yeah the entire core, hardcore, casual..........its all just labels that I guess industry pinheads use to try to figure out who to sell their games to and how much they are going to sell. That's why I call myself an old school gamer. I have been at it since the beginning of time (video game time that is). I started playing arcade games in the late 70s, had my first console (Atari 2600) at 11 and have owned just about everything ever made since.

I wish some gamers would be more adventurous and open to different games. I have honestly known x360 shooter bros who own and play nothing other than COD,BF, and Halo. Those games are fine but there is more in life than military FPS. FPS is probably my least favorite genre, but I like story driven games so something like DeusEX would be more my type.

My favorite type of multiplayer would have to be local co-op multi. Games like DKCTF, Rayman, or even RE5 are great fun. After all isn't it better to shoot soulless zombies together vs. shooting each other in the face?



QuickSilver88 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):


My point exactly, we have a culture saturated with it. I for one find it Atualoy I rented the first Bayo on x360 and thought it was technically excellent but didn't find the story to be that captivating.

I am not that much of a fan of the genre of this game but have thought Bayo2 looks just superb (again technically). It appears to have more story going on and the gameplay will be tight. You are right in that the original has very passionate fans and I hope that does put a WiiU in some peoples houses that want the game.

I am more interested to see Nintendo's latest attempt at publishing something 'mature'. This and Devils Third both look hyper-violent and over the top hardcore. I would more like to see another stab at geist or hope they localize Fatal Frame. I liked TLoU and Heavy Rain on ps3 which were certainly 'mature' but not so focused on 'shooter bro' juveniles.

Last point and that is I think I am sort of mystified by Nintendo giving Bayo1 outfits from their 'good girls' like Zelda, Peach, Daisy. That seems a bit perverse to me like when Miley went from Hanna Montana to a big ho over night.



QuickSilver88 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):


While I respect your opinion, the hyper sexualization sort of does serve a purpose In this series as it defines her character.....remember she is a witch, this is not a nice girl. Its a bit cheeky but it works.

I would say make your choice on if you like 3Rd person melee/beat em ups. If you like DMC or God of War you are gonna like Bayo and after you play you will see the hyper-sex serves a higher purpose then just titilating crotch shots.

Just about every movie, show, commercial, magazine, ect. sexualizes women so this game is more poking fun at it than joining the parade.



QuickSilver88 commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):


Actually Nintendo said they will do extensive support for WiIU GC adapter...what that means no one knows.....I hopemto god it means we get GC on VC.

Still you may want to check out the Wired Fight Pad coming only to Gamestop. It is a classic controller pro that plugs into wiimote (already supported by Bayo) and has the additional buttons but is designed like GC controller. The hope is the quality will be hood because Nintendo did license the maker so it will have luigi, mario, peach, and yoshi versions. Only $25 so I am getting one and hoping it works well.



QuickSilver88 commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:


If U like RPGs then Baten Katos (and orgins), tales of symphonia, and Skies of Arcadia are all top notch.

Gladius is a very under appreciated srpg game made by Lucas and surprised no one mentioned MGS Twin Snakes which is a ps1 redo. Just so many great games Starfox Adventures is under appreciated as well and Sphynx also still looks great.

Truly GC gems have held up really well, much better than ps2 or DC IMO. Nintendo needs GC on WiiU VC can already run GC on WiiU if you hack it so why wont Nintendo give it to buying customers?



QuickSilver88 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

Actually I think we need to clarify a few things.....One is that AC4 was much betterr on WiiU than AC3. Actually I found the game pretty competent and playable from a technical standpoint. Fast load times, nice textures, decent online, and the framerate was no worse and to me seemed better than ps3. Aslo the grafx enigine in Splinter Cell BL on WiiU was also very solid, although the load times and online were bad, the solo campaign was fun and worth playing.

Everyone knows Ubi heavily discounts games and quick so just wait a month or two and this will be under $30. I have mixed feelings because this game was so 'meh' on other platforms. Normally if you are going to release a late port then it should be of a top flight game that has demand or a game you can improve. DeusEX was an excellent example and BatmanAC and NFSMW were also quality late ports worth owning on WiiU. Those were popular games that mostly tanked on WiiU.

I really wish we would get Farcry3 port or square would give us Tomb Raider or for god sakes GTA5. Most likely WiiU will never be fertile ground for these type games so its Ps4 and WiiU for me and I won't miss a thing.



QuickSilver88 commented on Rumour: PAX Prime Flyer Teases Potential 2D Ca...:


You know I skipped LoS MoF for 3DS because of spotty reviews. Then I got it free with a buy 2 get 1 coupon and you know what.....I really liked it. If U are a total purist then skip it but honestly it is an excellent game of its type.

2.5D and looks really nice and so do the cut scenes.
It has a leveling system both for moves and weapons/items
Does have metrovania mechanics like area unlocking and back tracking
Story is kind of good but confusing if U didn't play LOS on ps360
Controls for fighting and platforming are really good.
Some very challenging boss battles.

I just want to spread some love for this game as too many have skipped it and it deserves more attention......try it ppl it goes for cheap used now.

Last point.....would love a new 2D CastleV game on 3DS and for that matter we badly need a new 2D Metroid......also who remembers Bruce Lee on GBA...awesome too short game that could totally use a succesor.



QuickSilver88 commented on North American Club Nintendo Replenishes Its P...:


Actually its was the XL docking station which was earlier this year. I was so pissed because I had points and was on their site at the time they said they would launch, they were not clear about time zone, anyhow I had to leave for a short time and when I came back all colors gone.....Ii have been platinum 3 yrs in a row.

Last year I did get the Zelda music CD but this year was so let down that platinum was ONLY games in the USA and IMO they mostly sucked. I took DKCR for 3DS which I already had on cart, but was really the only great game other than Earthbound.

I don't mind games for coins but I think the annual rewards should have physical options. Also it would be nice if the games were something like ambassador games where they are VC for 3DS or WiiU that you can only get for being gold/platinum.



QuickSilver88 commented on Teslagrad Artist Makes a Cheeky Addition to Ni...:

@ollibald...Wow 27K is a lot of man hours, did you guys crowd fund?

I have been watching this for a long time and it looks sweet, love the art and story telling style and the puzzle mechanics.

I am really curious if you would share what your team would consider a successful sales number on WiiU? I hope whatever it is you far surpass it and count me as a day one supporter.

They mention a potential retail release....great....what is the estimated play time for Teslagrad?

PS....the pc version has a metacritic score of 77, user 8.1 that is really solid for any game not made by Nintendo....



QuickSilver88 commented on Video: This is a Video Game:

@ikki5 My N64 cart collection rocks....SSB and Conker as well as all the other 'rare' carts......many of which I bought ar release....Smas Bros I didn't have and remember hating paying $30 for it used....looks like a good deal now.



QuickSilver88 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel:

Just an update for those that don't follow the scene......The smea hack is just a user mode exploit......meaning there is no kernel exploit which would be needed to do a rom loader. Getting a user mode exploit out will give more people access to look for kernel exploit but another one may NEVER be found. Firmware 4.x does have a full kernel exploit and a flash cart team named Gateway has done amazing things with that exploit including running a redirected nand from the sd card (called emunand) so you can have the latest firmware version while keeping your sysnand on 4.x, they have region fee, they have a multi-rom intface right in the 3DS dash, they have a tool to dump your own roms, backup and rstore saves and run your own dumps online. No one really knows who the hell GW is or how big the team is but they own the 3DS right now and have been looking for a newer kernel exploit for over a year with no success....couldmhappen but if U really want in on 3DS hacking/modding U better get a 4.5 unit while they can still be found at retail.



QuickSilver88 commented on Ubisoft Executive Talks Up Super Smash Bros. a...:

Ok I am a multiplatform gamer and own and play them all. Lets just get one thing straight and that is there is damned little worth specifically owning a ps4 or xb1 for at this time. So you can say there us no drought but what is really there to validate a purchase? Their time will come but honestly 2015 looks better for WiiU. The system already has a lot of great and unique games and it is te only system that gives you a truly diferianted experience. So in other words have a WiiU and either a ps4/xb1/pc and you will get to play just about everything out there.



QuickSilver88 commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Man there are really so many intracasies to the Ubi situation. First off how are 700k+ sales of a new IP on a new system bad? If Zombie2 could make the same jump as Red Steel2 did then it would sell well on an expanding base in 2015.

Rayman is an awesome game made for WiiU and should have been released on time as a exclusive. It would sold well and done better than it did multiplat. Still if you like fun, whimsical 2D platformer buy this game.

AC series has really been up and down over the years. Anyone who has plsyed it knows FPS is choppy at times in congested areas on all platforms. With that said AC4 on WiiU is a high quality port of what I consoder the best game since AC2. Technically it is greatly improved over AC3 and has all features (minus dlc). The render engine is better than ps360 using higher res textures and better effects.

Splinter Cell.....boy it bombed on all systems sales wise. Which is too bad because it is an excellent game and is the best campaign/story SC game in a long time. I played it on X360 and enjoyed it so much I picked it up for $16 on WiiU and am playing it again. The WiiU grafx engine is really nice. Looks bett than ps360 and has no screen tearing. The online was always poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople and the load times are terrible.....but it is still a quality solo game and well worth the low price.

So Ubi is a mixed bag on WiiU and in general. Their sales on games like Splint Cell and Rayman really struggled on all systems and those were quality games. The frustration comes with the half donkeyed commitment. They showed some promise on WiiU and their handle on the tech improved a lot if you look at AC3 vs AC4. WD coukd be a quality port but of what, a so so game. If we woul djust get BGE2 I would be happy at this point but many of their games are worth while at the greatly reduced prices they can be had fow now.



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

Most of this video is not new yet its a great assembly. It just shows everything I love about Nintendo, their games are starting to look really nice on WiiU. Nintendo in HD is everything we thought they would be. Ninendo is willing to do games an styles other publishers won't touch. People talk about WiiU not having variety or multi-plats yet no other system will end up with as many unique exclusives as WiiU. Can't wait for Toad and X. I am starting to think Hyrule Warrirors may be something special even though its a button masher.



QuickSilver88 commented on The Trending #WiiUDroughtAid Shows That, Actua...:

Actually @ben Ubi did a reasonably big install with AC4 being something like 1.1gb. I was reading an article about AC4 on WiiU and devs said WiiU presented many technical challenges and I suspect it was related to no HD. The did pull it off great with AC4 which has snapy load times ans gave me hope for WD.



QuickSilver88 commented on Coleco Wants to Bring Back Their Version of Do...:

Coleco was awsome and had some of the best arcade adaptations of early games. Zaxxon was a favorite and so was the Rally game that had a wheel accesory. There was an early SRPG game that I don't even remember the name but I stayed up and played it all night at a sleep over in jr high.



QuickSilver88 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Explains His Belief That the ...:

In a recent game informer magazine they did a circular chart showing the achievement completion rate in last years major titles and it is scary, scary, scary low. Games like AC4 it was rare to even complete 15% of the games achievements and almost unheard of to get 100%. Short games like TLOU almost never get played thru a second time on 'harder' mode. Thankfully people are still buying these games but not even coming close to completing them. Devs and Pubs have to be aware of this and asking themselves why are we developing such lengthy games when such a small % enjoy the entire game.

I have been a gamer since the start in the late 70s and i do think their has been very little 'change' in gaming in three generations. I think part of the reason is because gamers are change resistant but in many ways as far game types (fps, 3rd person, platform, racing, fighting, rpg, srpg, tcg) little has changed. The ps3 was more an expansion on the concept started with ps1/ps2 than it was a drastic change. Grafx, storage, controllers, online all improved which expanded the scope a game could achieve but the core play mechanics have remained the same. So yes games have come a long way but what Shiggy is talking about is new game mechanics and genres. Wii and DS have done the most since the ps1/n64 generation to 'change' gaming in a large way. Still motion controls in the manor that Wii offered were a fad and its dead. Now motion tracking and such have a future in VR but waving a Wiimote like a wand is over. DS is a funky concept but occasionally you get a game that really uses the 2 screens of data well and Nintendo has proven the dual screen concept in portable can work.

The resistance to WiiU has been extreme. Shooter bro crowd either is unaware of it or actively hates it. Nintendo has done little so far to properly demonstrate the need for second screen in the home console format. I have seen promise in games but little has shown full integration......can Nintendo or even someone else make that game?



QuickSilver88 commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

First....I really feel for Ubi in that Nintendo fans seem to hate Ubi. They have done some strange moves on WiiU but they have also done some fine things. ZombiU was a decent launch original and actually sold better than people think doing over 700k units. Ubi complained about low sales. Splinter Cell does lack local co-op but online is fully functional and the game looks and plays wonderful yet it sold like less than 100k units. AC4 is really nice as is Rayman. Ubi also does Uplay and supports dails and weekly challenges in most these games. They have done more to support WiiU than anyone not called Nintendo. Their own price strategy has them slahing game prices quickly after release which i do like.



QuickSilver88 commented on Mario Kart 8 Claims Top Spot in Japanese Chart...:

Console gaming is sooo dead in Japan. Add to that the way the Japanese market seems to work is a hit game sells most its copies in the first 2 weeks and then normally falls off hard. WiiU is doing pretty good in the face of this in Japan and Nintendo has had some successful titles on WiiU. I was really suprised that W101 tanked so hard in japan and worldwide. A great game that I thought would sell well in Japan with Platinums rep and the anime style of the game.



QuickSilver88 commented on Developers Weigh In On The Way Forward For Wii U:


You mentioned a lot of great titles and their are even more that you didn't. I have actually played a good deal of 3rd party on WiiU and enjoyed it. AC4, Rayman, NfSMW, ME3, NBA2K13, Splinter Cell, Injustice, W101, DeusEX.

I own multiple systems and a lot of the games mentioned had better grafx then ps360 and offTV. Some games were hurt by a lack of online communities but most problems with ubi/activision games were patched and play fine now. Investing a little time to line up players on MiiVerse and usually you can find other gamers.

It makes me sad that WiiU and major 3rd party is probably over but most of the games already published can be had very cheap at various online and reatil outlets. I really like offTV option for meaty games and also like second screen for mapping and management. Just imagine something like skyrim or dragon age using dual screen fully



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I get so tired of people who don't like gamepad saying its a gimick. I am in the camp that loves offTV play, but I also like gamepad for eShop navigation, MiiVrse posting and drawing, watching Vids and browsing. As others have commented I find it very comfortable and well balanced.

Also people are being misleading about gamepad being required to play. Whats great about WiiU is most games support many types of control input. I regularly go from offTV on gamepad to onTv with pro controller. Wiimote is supported for a lot of games as well. So people act like somehow WiiU or gamepad is limiting when the truth is it offers more ways to play than any other system. Some games like MH3U, ME3 and AC4 I actually liked using both the gamepad and pro controller together. I setup gamepad in the little stand off to my right and use it for the mapping or in the case of MH for extra buttons. To me, a gamer since pong, that is hardcore and that ads extra immersion. WiiU gamepad has an icredibly acurate gyro so I can't wait to see how starfox uses it for control.



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I am suprised at the reaction to this game......I think it looks bad donkey and the new WiiU video I thought the grafx were much better and main charact more developed. Rarely has 1/3rd person worked well but if they can pull it off this game will rock.



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Hell yes to Golden Sun.....I love that series but so many people didn't play the third installment on DS which was awesome. I actually imported my first GBA from japan because it came out many months before its USA release. And the two games I got were Mario and F-Zero. GBA F-Zro did have tricky control but once mastered it was damned fun and fast.



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Amazed at the nearly 200 comments.....Looks 3DS is rocking and Nintedo needs to feed that beast, We get Kirby and Mario Golf in May and now SSB in summer. Look we all know that Nintendo will not rush their primary IPs..the truth may be 3DS is ready and WiiU not. To those saying WiiU is lost this year I think that is a bit premature. A major release every other month seems to be the pace. Pikman, W101, Zelda WW, Mario3D, and then DKTF, and MK8. That really is not a bad pace and with B2, X ,SSB and Hyrule likely 2014 that would be 6 major titles. Also last year Nintendo threw in a few lesser games like Wario, Luigi, WiiFit, WiiParty, Wiisports. Expect the same this year. Last year the WiiU got help with some good games from Ubi and Warner and Activision brought games as well. That support is all but gone but if Ubi brings only Child of Light and WD that is still something. Still Nintendo may have a few aces to play as we know somewhere is SmTxFE and Yarn Yoshi. Sonic Lw was mixed but Boom could be good. I think Nintendos good relations with mosy Japanese devs will produce some exclusives or colavorations. Lastly eShop lineup looks awesome and that will give us some gems to hold us over. 3DS is Nintendos cash cow and Smash is probably going to sell better than MK7 or Pokemon. I expect it will be the best portable fighter ever......and there is the key...portable fighter....word. SSB has always been a darling of the hardcore fighter crowd. WiiU will blow the 3DS away is grafx and controlls. Any serious fighing fan will want it on WiIU and maybe the mass sales on 3DS will create a larger audience for it on WiiU. Time will tell.



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The left out Child of Light and Oddworld Tasty.....both of which are digital only middleware. For me CoL is critical as if it sells maybe we still get something further from Ubi. Plus it looks so good and is coming April 30.

The titles announced all look like quality but we really need some suprises and a co-op announcement from Ninendo at e3 would be great....something with Squeenix or Capcom would be awesome. What did Regie mean when he said 'no more drought' on WiiU? Is one major game a qtr enough?

My most anticipiated is SmTxFE and we have never even seen 10sec of tnat game.....would it kill Ninendo to show us something?



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You also make some valid points and I don't consider it too much of rant. Really all new consoles go thru 'droughts' in year one and I told people dogging the WiiU that ps4/xb1 would be going thru the same thing this year. I am honestly surprised Infamous and Titanfall came out on time. As you said we have already seen many 2014 titles pushed back to 2015. I really wish more publishers would push back as launching something like BF4 was embarrassing and then taking a great old franchise like Thief, and bringing it back with a mess of a game just makes me cringe.

I also 1000% agree with you on the rehash/sequels point. Shiggy talked about this last year saying Nintendo doesn't believe you need new IPs to promote new gameplay innovations and that the fact is established IPs have recognition and a better chance of success. All you have to do is look at how Mario, Zelda, Metroid have morphed over the generations and games to debunk the 'cranking out rehashed crap' argument. I guess if you don't like a type of game then more of the same probably does feel like rehashing. I find COD or BF crap, but I don't like online/military FPS....while I loved the 4 Uncharted games even though the gameplay was pretty much identical because I like the characters, stories, and production values.

Nintendo just gets held to a higher standard and that is why they don't get any free passes. In many ways they are a victims of their own success because they have consistently put out more critically acclaimed games than anyone else. As long as they meet their own high standard I think we will all be in great shape. I am currently buried with content for the 3DS/WiiU. Some people must just play games 16 hours a game because I have a hard time finishing a couple games per month.



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So we meet Now, now a few of Ubi's WiiU titles have actually been very good. AC3 got full DLC support, although it was a little rough around the framerate issues. AC4 is excellent and is probably about as good a port as you can expect on WiiU. I am sad they aren't supporting DLC but the game is rock solid and really holds up well when compared side by side to ps4/xb1. Splinter Cell was actually a well done engine with good gamepad features, but the online was horrible and because of even worse than horrible sales they never fixed it. The good news is Child of Light is using the Rayman engine which wasn't a port but was actually a game designed for WiiU. So I expect Child of Light to be good on WiiU and well worth buying if it is a good game.



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Funny but Also by no means put me in the 'unhappy' gamer category. I am a very happy gamer. I have so many damned systems and such a huge backlog of games I will never be caught up. Also my arguments aren't totally contradictory as I am talking about two different companies that behave differently. Let me do the inverse.....Sony has pushed how many fricking ratchet and clank games, a series I like but am a little burned out on. Yet they only put out one sly game in the last how many years an have abandoned Jak and Daxter all together since ps2/psp.

So put it all down as observations and you tell me......wouldn't you like to see both some of Nintendo's unused IPs as well as something new from them?
In the end we all know the motivating force and that is MONEY. Companies push the IPs they can thrive off of and tend to ignore those that do less numbers. That is why Metroid and Fire Emblem and Starfox don't see the action that the plumber does. Nintendo is fairly consistent in that most their IPs do make it out each generation (with the exception of a damned 2D Metroid). Still don't mistake me as unhappy or a complainer.....I have it all in life and gaming is just one part of an overall excellent existence.