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Sat 1st Jan 2011

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Quazzaazazazaazaza commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

check out the Japanese website for the game:
new things shown on the website are statues in the museum, some new villagers, the return of the lost and found, and TONS of screenshots, GIFs and a few videos. Also included is a FAQ that answers the question, "How many people can live in a village?", and a link to the Japanese twitter page with even more screenshots. It helps if you view the website in Google Chrome because it can translate the webpage for you. You're welcome.



Quazzaazazazaazaza commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms 3DS Nintendo Direc...:

What do I want... Let me see... AC released in 2012 after all, flipnote, a new eshop and/or 3DS game announced, Fantasy Life news, a system update, AND some announcement saying that all these years Metroid Dread has secretly been in development and it's the awesomest Metroid game ever and its for 3DS.



Quazzaazazazaazaza commented on Review: Metroid Prime (GameCube):

oh wow. I came to this page to rave about Metroid Prime and found that I already had. That was wierd...
Anyway, I can't help dusting off this game and playing it again, despite having already beaten it and 10 years passing since its release. That alone should say something.



Quazzaazazazaazaza commented on Talking Point: Your 25 Years of Metroid Memories:

let's see... my big brother first got Prime when I was six. He almost beat it but never really did. Later, I bought his gamecube from him so I could play this game, and... well, I almost-but-didn't beat it too. He also had gotten Metroid fusion.(my big bro knows his videogames.) I played through that but couldn't beat the spider boss. I have also beaten metroid zero mission, the original Metroid, and gotten stuck halfway in metroid prime 2. So far, my favorite is metroid prime. EDIT: I just beat Metroid Prime an hour ago. I had been stuck on the final boss for a while, and today I decided to try again.



Quazzaazazazaazaza commented on The Legend of Zelda is 25 Years Old Today:

Happy birthday, Link!
Man I love this series. I first saw Link when my big brother played OoT on the N64 and WW on the gamecube. Back then, I was too young to actually play, so I just watched. Then, I got TP for christmas in 2007, and I loved it. I went and bought wind waker, the collector's edition, and Phantom Hourglass, and played all of them. Now, three years and seven Zelda games later, I am a zelda addict. I can't wait for skyward sword!!!