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Wed 2nd Jan 2013

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pw8888 commented on Wii Mini Is Official And Has No Online Connect...:

I own one, the remote plus is worth more than the system itself. The system itself is horrible, no 420p in 2012 is like having a CDROM bundled with your budget PC. No matter how freaking weak your budget PC is, IT SHOULDN'T COME WITH A CDROM IN 2012. Good thing the remote+nunchuck is worth $65 retail and I got mario galaxy bundled worth $20. So I'll settle with a garbage wii mini imo worth $15.



pw8888 commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

I bought one of these, Technically you're not wasting $100. If you buy this thing, you're wasting $35. Although mine was bundled with Mario Galaxy for free, which made the system itself worth $15-20 in my eyes. The red remote plus+ nunchuck alone is worth $65 if you had to buy a new set, nevermind the fact having the limited edition red color.

What pisses me off is the composite connector. It's 2012, you can buy a 720p TV for less than 500 dollars. How the hell can they release something without the component connector. If it is suppose to play Wii games only, shouldn't it at least do that properly? Overall Nintendo is ... Least the remote plus isn't made of cardboard.