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Wed 15th January, 2014

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pubjoe commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

Fair enough. I'd love to see the weaker games officially drop, say, 50% after a year (they already do unofficially, and often by more). When writing, I was thinking about the long term damage of Steam sales which regularly drop 80-90%, and also in the context of this £8 Animal Crossing etc.

It's only really Nintendo 1st party games that I'd pay close to RRP at launch for. Most other modern stuff, especially from Steam, I have no faith in their lasting appeal and the resale value of physical purchases.

...And I'm someone who will happily spend £100 on a good arcade PCB. While other times I'll begrudge 69p on a throwaway game. I accept there's a huge range in value and quality.

I think the short lived value (in content and price) of lots of other companies games, has lowered the perceived value of games in general. As a result, companies make cheap throwaway games and/or games with day 1 DLC.



pubjoe commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

Steam has completely devalued it's library. I have hundreds of Steam games and I consider them worthless.

Nintendo publish games that sell second-hand, and often years later, for almost the same as retail price - unlike every other publisher, who's prices crash in weeks. Nintendo's brand may be less popular, but it is still high valued - and for making replayable games with timeless appeal, it gets to be.

The pricing must have been a mistake. Part of the whole purpose of Nintendo's webstore is to further instil a consistent (high) price, just like Apple's strategy.

Apple protecting their brand value has seen them through hard times too.