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Wed 15th January, 2014

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pubjoe commented on This Is The Last Real Console Cycle, Proclaims...:

He's very likely right though. It probably will head that way eventually. When Nintendo first muttered NX and said it'll be a new "platform" but not a console as we know it, I was curious if it'd be something along the lines of a gaming software environment - platform independent, like Steam. It'd explain the new tied in rewards scheme. Imagine the Wii U O.S with it's integrated e-shop, miiverse and various other channels was available as a future PC/set-top box download on registration or subscription. I love Nintendo consoles and I am extremely impressed with the Wii U's dashboard presentation. if focussing only on that software meant future-proofing the lovely Nintendo experience, it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

It might be a fair few years yet, but we're probably heading that way. I can't argue with wotsisname's vision here.



pubjoe commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Acknowledges Nintendo a...:


"On the Wii U, I think people downplay how many units they've sold."
This statement in particular interested me. The Wii U hasn't moved a whole lot of units, but I'm wondering if Spencer is implying that there is more to console success than sheer numbers (like overall profit, or revenue streams from games and other services).

He's saying that simply because Wii-U and XBone sales are very close.

Nintendo's fall in performance is gaining negative attention but Microsoft is certainly in no position to call their current numbers bad.

And they're not bad. Nintendo have had some extraordinary highs in the past. Criticism from drama press and weird advice from patronising experts always focuses on the downward slope, but peaks are unmaintainable. They, erm, peak. Phil Spencer isn't a bedroom CEO. He's looking at the numbers from a much more realistic and knowledgeable perspective.



pubjoe commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

@gussie Well said.

There's nothing like that moment where your skills finally click together in a really difficult game. A moment that is now rare to me as I either don't have the time or patience any more - despite this, I'm still offended by the removal of penalties (to the detriment of gameplay) found in the action games that are tailored to my laziness. Since Half-Life set the bar, almost all "adult" "action" games are a passive trudge through a really long and awkward (and desperately cool) cgi movie.

An action game today that takes a few attempts to beat the first section. Fancy that! A little bit of preview time is never going to give justice to a difficult game.

Itagaki does make a good point. Perhaps Devil's Turd just looks a bit crap.



pubjoe commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

"...give rise to Sony kicking their butts in the gaming industry since 1995, honestly this was Nintendo's biggest mistake ever."

Nintendo has sold over 450 million consoles since 1995. I'm sure they don't regret anything.

Of all the parallel universes, ours is one of Nintendo's favourites.



pubjoe commented on Nintendo Seeks Improvement at E3 2016, Though ...:

"How come Nintendo won't just use some of their money to produce more games? Not enough personnel? Then throw the money over some other studios to make games for you."


Of course, they do - to a limited extent. For better or worse, their careful focus is exactly the reason Nintendo games stand out.



pubjoe commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:


Shoplifting?! Bless.

You're having a go at capitalism. A perfectly reasonable view but quite an amusingly misplaced one when talking about the latest commercial gadget.

Tell me, do you think it's ok for retailers to profit from demand but not individuals?



pubjoe commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

My favourite comment so far has been that this is an opportunity out of "Nintendo's good will". Hahaha! Brilliant, and rather heartwarming.

I also enjoyed the comments that say profiting from a commercial Nintendo product is somehow MORE immoral than flogging Nan's lovingly handmade gift!

Sigh. I wish I was young, rich or irresponsible enough to ignore money and just play games, I honestly do.



pubjoe commented on Review: Duck Hunt (Wii U eShop / NES):



Infrared alone is perfect with better coverage - like a light in each corner of the TV. I appreciate that's completely impractical but it's just a shame that the simple satisfaction of a game like this is greatly lost - without new players realising it.



pubjoe commented on Review: Duck Hunt (Wii U eShop / NES):


It's the slight lag and the fact the Wiimote can't be calibrated properly that's the problem.

Look down the wiimote and move the cursor or crosshair. The aim loses accuracy as you move away from the centre of the screen. It also lags. It feels like you're sweeping the screen with an elastic broom. It was a disappointing realisation when the Wii was released and lightgun style games were forced to use a drag and shoot style aiming system. The wiimote+ has since been released but the infrared implementation hasn't changed.

Light guns with CRTs didn't have this problem. Aim was instant.



pubjoe commented on Review: Duck Hunt (Wii U eShop / NES):

The wiimote is no light gun.

The satisfaction of games like this comes from holding a gun in front of your line of sight and being able to instinctively aim quickly and accurately. Unfortunately this isn't possible with the lag and basic calibration of the wiimote. It's more a game of drag the crosshair - or drag the invisible crosshair.

This is far more of a flaw than any shortcoming the original game had.



pubjoe commented on Video: These Hacked Mario Kart 8 Runs Show Tra...:

Ok fair point. Brings to mind the endless miles of repeated sea on the Bowser levels.

I do think in a game like this visuals should be more bold than intricate, but it's a balancing act and a bit more visual depth wouldn't hurt.

Too much is a greater danger though. Explorative Mario games often expertly tantalise with glimpses of interesting obstacles that can and will be visited in the near future. I suppose they didn't want to confuse the player with similar far off places that couldn't be reached. Whereas in a racing game, such barriers to the world are accepted. For this reason, I still think the design was carefully considered. But maybe in some cases, they should have broken up the void a little bit.



pubjoe commented on Video: These Hacked Mario Kart 8 Runs Show Tra...:

The point of looking around? Because it's interesting

3DWorld (and Land) uses an enclosed stage, yes. It's not a failure, it's an obvious design choice. Mario64 veered much away from Mario's typical A to B design due to it's wide exploration. Which was great in it's own right, but didn't really allow for that classic 'platformer' feel.

I agree with Darknyht that 3DW is very SMB3. You don't really run through it like "classic mario", and you don't really explore to the extent of M64 or Sunshine. You scour each small enclosed area then move to the next. It's another gameplay variety that's becoming a bit of a spin off series. Personally, I love it's simplicity and concise play-areas. Though I also enjoy the other quite different gameplay in the other varieties of Mario game.

In my opinion, a clear design brief for each game is a huge part of Nintendo's mastery. A game that tries to do everything usually becomes a mess in it's lack of focus.



pubjoe commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

Fair enough. I'd love to see the weaker games officially drop, say, 50% after a year (they already do unofficially, and often by more). When writing, I was thinking about the long term damage of Steam sales which regularly drop 80-90%, and also in the context of this £8 Animal Crossing etc.

It's only really Nintendo 1st party games that I'd pay close to RRP at launch for. Most other modern stuff, especially from Steam, I have no faith in their lasting appeal and the resale value of physical purchases.

...And I'm someone who will happily spend £100 on a good arcade PCB. While other times I'll begrudge 69p on a throwaway game. I accept there's a huge range in value and quality.

I think the short lived value (in content and price) of lots of other companies games, has lowered the perceived value of games in general. As a result, companies make cheap throwaway games and/or games with day 1 DLC.



pubjoe commented on Talking Point: An Unplanned Flash Sale Looked ...:

Steam has completely devalued it's library. I have hundreds of Steam games and I consider them worthless.

Nintendo publish games that sell second-hand, and often years later, for almost the same as retail price - unlike every other publisher, who's prices crash in weeks. Nintendo's brand may be less popular, but it is still high valued - and for making replayable games with timeless appeal, it gets to be.

The pricing must have been a mistake. Part of the whole purpose of Nintendo's webstore is to further instil a consistent (high) price, just like Apple's strategy.

Apple protecting their brand value has seen them through hard times too.