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Tue 13th Jul 2010

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ps2fan commented on Earthbound Arrives on the Wii U Virtual Consol...:

Earthbound is a great game. Anyone that does have a WII U and likes RPGs should give it a shot. I still have the original cartridge/strategy guide and the JP GBA Mother 1, 2, & 3 games. I would love to play it again in HD but till more RPGs come out on the WII U, I won't be buying one.



ps2fan commented on EarthBound Delay May Not Have Been Caused By M...:

I actually have the original SNES cartridge of this game as well as the full trilogy in Japanese for the Gameboy Advance. If this were to come out on the WII VC I would buy it in a heartbeat to show my support. However I will not buy a WII U solely for this game. Lack of games and the VC history of the WII has left me very doubtful if the WII U is worth buying.



ps2fan commented on Features: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life...:

I had actually sent an email with hopes of getting an answer shortly after the last one of these. Timing was mainly due to the fact that prior to it I hadn't known you could email Nintendo life. Sadly I never got an answer.



ps2fan commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:


"60. Corbie United States 12 Jul 2010, 00:18 BST

Anyone pick up the strategy guide? I was curious as to how thorough it was as I'd like to go back and do some of the side-quests I missed later on in the game."

Glanced though the guide from Bradygames. Its a massive 432 page book. Seems to cover the game quite well as well as the extra content.
The extras for after the games beaten are just briefly touched on.