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Thu 19th Aug 2010

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Pryce commented on Miyamoto: Working With Both Hardware And Softw...:

It must be really hard to take other people's work and republish it. I'm glad that you were at least able to get two articles out of that one interview... wouldn't want your add revenue to go down.



Pryce commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

Its not a full retail game. Why criticize it then for being half a game? Some of these games look really clever, hopefully they implement them in skyward sword or something.



Pryce commented on More Details on Pokedex 3D Come into Focus:

I can't believe they aren't charging for this. Having the move-set and evolution info alone is pretty handy. Add in the AR stuff and I honestly feel bad I'm not paying for this. I guess it would be prudent to wait and see it in action. Either way, bulbapedia won't be getting nearly as many views from me lol.