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Love J-Idols, manga, comics, movies, tokusatsu, animation, Hatsune Miku, and Hello Kitty. Just getting back into video games. :3

Wed 10th July, 2013

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PrincessSugoi commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

YASSS I love Gen 6 but if there's only going to be one representative I can't think of a better choice than Greninja. Was my starter and ended up one of my top faves for not only this gen but overall. So happy I get to team up with this adorkable bamf in this game too.



PrincessSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

This works just fine for me actually. Only thing that sucks is I will probably have to skip on Triple Deluxe though, can only afford one major release for the time being. Unless it comes out in August, then I can probably get someone to gift it to me for my bday.



PrincessSugoi commented on Yo-kai Watch Maintains Strong Run in Japan as ...:

Seeing how quickly the PS4 seems to be dropping off and the Wii U's situation for the past year, I wonder if Microsoft should even bother releasing the XBO over there.

Good for the Vita hanging in there and Yokai Watch. Hope Level 5 sees these sales and give us a localization announcement already.



PrincessSugoi commented on XSEED May Bring Physical Copies of Future Senr...:

@ferthepoet Exactly. I have no idea where people get the thought that NOT supporting a digital only release somehow tells a developer there's enough interest in the series for them to risk more money on a retail release. Especially since the reason digital only releases usually happen is because they don't think the demand is there. The logic is baffling.

Already did my part in supporting this release so don't need a physical copy of Burst. Just bring Shinovi Vs. and Deep Crimson over here with some of those awesome goodies oh and the strip cooking game too because I kind of need that.



PrincessSugoi commented on Big Red Button Explains Its Sonic Boom Charact...:

The only design I have issue with is Knuckles. I understand why they designed him that way since he was always the tough guy but it seems a bit much for me. I liked that he was a tough guy in a small package (or rather a package that wasn't much bigger than others). I never thought he was intelligent but this design makes him look even more like a meathead.

I also don't like Amy's dress particularly the reddish color that clashes with all the different shades of purple/pink. But I've never been a fan of Modern Amy's styling in general, I much prefer her classic look. Had much more character.

Tails is probably the best design out of the bunch and Sonic doesn't look all that different from usual though he could of used more stylish kicks.



PrincessSugoi commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Reading some of the comments in defense of Senran's characters, I was just reminded of the first visual novel segment for Asuka.

A boy confesses to her out of the blue. She doesn't know what to make of it since they just met. She starts to develop feelings for him as they see each other more and she learns more of how he is as a person. She still is conflicted though because she thinks love would be too complicated being a Shinobi. Her grandfather Hanzo then tells her of how her parents met and her father gave up his dream so he could work in Hanzo's sushi restaurant and support the love of his life's career as a Shinobi. Seeing that her crush has a promising career as a baseball star, Asuka then makes the decision to reject the guy's feelings so they could both pursue their dreams without a relationship possibly interfering.

Just a little insight for those that think just because Asuka has balloons for breasts that makes her any less stronger of a character than Lara Flatchest up there.

@Ernest_The_Crab Yes, it's very ironic indeed.



PrincessSugoi commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:


"There ARE things that objectify males in the same way this does to females, but in Western culture? Not so much."

Agreed. The problem here though is that this debate is over a Japanese game, a place where such a market actually does exist. If the point was specifically about Western gaming culture, a Western game would have been appropriate instead of a niche localization that wasn't going to appeal much more to anyone but weaboos.

Agreed on the rest of your comment as well but at the same time, it tickles me seeing the constant debates on how women are drawn in comic books to titillate male readers meanwhile, me and other female comic book fans are drooling over how hot Scott Summers looks in spandex. :P



PrincessSugoi commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

My answer to the question is no.

I'm sick of the idea that this type of thing can only be appealing to the hetero male audience and every female in the vicinity should have their panties in a knot. I'm also sick of this negative attention only being directed at things that overly sexualize women. There a lot of Japanese games and anime and such that feature women in a provocative manner but there's also plenty that depict males in that manner for the pure enjoyment of female otaku or fujoshi. Why doesn't anyone ever get on their soapbox for that part of the industry? All the reactions I ever see for that stuff is people shaking their heads then moving on but trade out that all male cast for a female one then suddenly it's a social debate. It's like an unconscious idea that only women can be objectified or "victims" because they're weak. When things like Free! can exist peacefully while Senran Kagura gets put on the guillotine, THAT'S what I personally find offensive as a female.

My attitude towards fanservice in general: It's just sex ffs. People like getting turned on as part of their entertainment just like people like getting scared or teary eyed. I only have a problem with it when it's used to cover up something that fails in other important aspects but SKB doesn't have that problem. It arguably has the problem in the title but from my perspective, it's just entertainment.



PrincessSugoi commented on Nintendo Highlights Positive February Sales in...:

Nice to get some results Nintendo can be a bit more confident about. DK may have not been the explosive Wii U savior some were hoping but it did it's job in selling some consoles and will likely continue to sell modestly but good overall. Makes me ever more curious about just how many units MK8 will manage to move and will any momentum caused be enough until Smash and Bayonetta hits.

Bravely Default did get a good campaign overseas but even then these numbers are very impressive. Crazy how hard it is to get a Square Enix title out of Japan with such potential. Oh and Pokemon sells. A lot. Nothing new to report there. :P


Thanks for sharing that. It's one thing for the newest consoles to be experiencing this but the overall hardware boosts paint a much more interesting picture. It might be a side effect of all the massive hype between the XBO/PS4 turning people's interests towards other platform options but... what was so special about February that it got all these people to buy gaming consoles? Valentine's day? :P



PrincessSugoi commented on Review: Dr. Mario (Wii U eShop):


Basically same story here... only my parents also did this with SMB3, Legend of Kage, Mortal Kombat, Sonic 1, REmake, Resident Evil 2... and probably more that I'm forgetting lol. Much of my childhood was spent either watching my parents go for long play sessions on whatever game they addicted to at the time or playing Sonic 2 or fighting games with my brother.

Maybe I'll get the DSiware version just for the nostalgia.



PrincessSugoi commented on Ace Attorney Creator Wanted to End Series at O...:

Even though I'm not sorry to see Phoenix Wright continue on into the 3D handheld era, once a series is introducing "successors" that's a sign it's run the course and getting to it's milk phase. This news doesn't surprise me in the slightest.



PrincessSugoi commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

From a neutral stand point, iirc Mature rated games (which I assume this is) cannot be viewed by 3DS/Wii U owners under 18 so I don't see why it would be a problem to bring it to the eshop. Yes kids lie about their age but Nintendo does all they should do on their end, parents need to take responsibility.

From a more personal standpoint, I never wish to see this game's icon on my 3DS and frankly don't care to see it on the eshop either. I'm not religious or pro-PC/censorship/whatever but I do try to respect others' faith and do not find this game's messages amusing in the least.



PrincessSugoi commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:


You could look at it that way or you can look at it that they actually respect the Wii U as a viable console since they placed it as one of the earliest priorities with other consoles that were already out instead of giving it some insulting high stretch goal well above the PS4/XBO like other projects tend to do so they have an excuse not to make a Wii U version.



PrincessSugoi commented on Shovel Knight Release Pushed Back "A Few Weeks":

@Dark-Link73 Guess because people expect more efficiency from big developers but you're right. A single delay and suddenly a game goes from being at the top of wishlists to the bargain bin even if it became a better game in the end. :P

@rtr0GMR1 I wasn't initially following this game until after seeing the developer's latest interviews. The game doesn't have a feel of a throwback to me like most of these type of projects but it really feels like a game from that era with a simple "hook" mechanic and all. The developers really seem to get what made games from that era so charming and replayable. The music pretty much sold me though, if you haven't checked out some of the tracks they've previewed yet, it might be worth the price of admission alone.



PrincessSugoi commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (North America):

Was saving my current funds for Battle Trozei but at that price, I will be uploading some more to buy SteamWorld Dig.

I'll download the Wakedas demo as well since I've been interested in that game but missed the holiday sale. I'll wait for a Bubble Pop review to see if I might spin that game too.

Overall, not a bad week for me.



PrincessSugoi commented on 3DS Faces a Renewed Vita Challenge in Japan as...:

Nice result for the Vita. Won't be taking the plunge on one quite yet so I'd like it to continue getting supported until I do.

The PS4 drop offs are pretty interesting. Most likely reason is stock shortages which begs the question of just what kind of numbers were expected since they were able to have a million available in it's first week over here.

Funny the underwhelming feeling I'm getting from the software results. Gotten too used to seeing the numbers from juggernauts like Pokemon and surprise hits like Triple Deluxe on top for months that now the more normal looking results are jarring.



PrincessSugoi commented on Shovel Knight Release Pushed Back "A Few Weeks":

.... I knew it. Well, it's not like I don't have enough to play anyway and still haven't settled down on a Wii U purchase option yet so it's no biggie.

Now waiting for the Siesta Fiesta team to give an update because last I heard they were aiming for March but with still no date, that seems to not be happening.



PrincessSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Just Got More Real - ...:

@SockoMario : That'd be the easiest solution but problem is, I've been out of work for a long time so I have to be careful with my funds. Hopefully I have a new source of income by the time the game rolls around but I may not have a choice in the matter.


This actually falls under Smash Bros. news since this is a new stage in that game and they have reported on every single new reveal afaik so don't see why this would be an exception. But also, this is a Nintendo site and Pokemon is a Nintendo franchise so of course they'll report any news on it. They can't help that there's been quite a bit of it lately. Just be glad they don't report on the trading card game. lol :P



PrincessSugoi commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Just Got More Real - ...:

:P @ at the Lumiose haters. I love this beautiful city with it's awesome gym, awesome stores and terrible camera angles.

I was pretty dead set on getting the Wii U version only but the stage reveals are REALLY tempting me to either double dip or go with the 3DS version.



PrincessSugoi commented on Nintendo Download: 13th March (Europe):


Was just talking about Siesta Fiesta's still vague Q1 release date on another article. I understand delays quite easily happen but some honest updates would be nice, especially now since Ninty is upping their game on giving spotlight to indies. I'm not sure Shovel Knight will make it's 30th release date but hopefully it does since so far it looks like the only highly anticipated title we'll get this month.



PrincessSugoi commented on Nintendo of America Launches eShop Indie Website:

Cute. Useful for me since I usually do visit the Nintendo website just to browse through the games and see which ones I'll pick up later. @WiiULoveGBA That's exactly what I'm wondering. I got money on my account right now that's specifically for it's purchase (and Pokemon Battle Trozei).


That's very interesting news about Watch Dogs. Thanks for sharing.



PrincessSugoi commented on Weirdness: The Makers Of TV Show Resurrection ...:

LOL this bothered me too while I was watching it. The entire time the kid was playing it I was like "...but... that's an emulator... it's illegal... wtf...." Too much time spent on NL I guess. :P

I chose to just see it as a nod to the old Ninty magic. ;)



PrincessSugoi commented on Ninterview: Smooth McGroove On A Life In Game ...:

I subscribed to him months ago after someone linked one of his videos here and I checked out his channel. I'm glad he's seeing success, it's refreshing to see someone get famous on YT for actual talent/skill instead of making a fool of themselves.

Had no idea his work was available for purchase, I'm going to have to get his rendition of Super Mario Kart Rainbow Road.



PrincessSugoi commented on Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Systems Now $200 on N...:

I've never bought refurbished before but this is incredibly tempting. I was waiting on a MK8 bundle but decided to stretch my limited funds more wisely so I could buy more games and another controller. So I've been scouring ebay hoping to find a somewhat new Wii U around at least $100 less than retail + tax. Amazingly for a system that's having trouble getting off shelves, it has no trouble being auctioned off for close to full price (or more) as long as there is a game with it. :P If I can't find something better on auction then I'll definitely be looking into this.



PrincessSugoi commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

The mixed reviews are baffling. Only started playing this game for a few hours this morning and already am in love. If you're truly on the fence about it then wait for one of the frequent Level 5 sales but if you're already leaning towards it, I'd recommend taking the plunge.

The rhythm game is kind of iffy for me admittedly since I'm more used to the complex rhythms and tight responsive syncing of Project Diva and Rhythm Thief but it's by no means difficult and it isn't the part of the game to be overly concerned with anyway. It's the three dimensional characters, witty dialogue, Grindcast and shop running that makes this game a winner for me. This is the perfect game to just chill with, it's like playing through a self aware MMO themed sitcom and I've just been completely won over by it's charm.



PrincessSugoi commented on Yumi's Odd Odyssey Casting Into North American...:

I don't mind the $30 price tags for Senran Kagura and AA5 since I know what I'm getting into and they have plenty of hours of playability. However, I'm very unsure about Yumi, $30 is a bit hard to swallow for the type of game it is. I agree a demo might help in this case.