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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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PoisonRamune commented on New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch:

@ x.SuperMario.x
Hence, why I don't play any of those games...
In fact, the only sports simulation game I'll be getting is Skate It. As I now have a pretty thrashed hip, but would still like to shred (without the risk of hurting myself away from home and having to limp/drag myself back).



PoisonRamune commented on Mega Man 9 - Flicker Included!:

I stand corrected as my memory has failed me twice... The pause glitch was fixed in the Sega version. My apologies.

But any howzit, as I asked on the boards. Does anyone have news on the save/pw system? Whether it will be the old school password systems or the mock save states of vc/true save game stuff..

Not that this will affect my purchase of the game.



PoisonRamune commented on Strong Bad's Homestar Ruiner Gets Release Date!:

I only anticipate having one episode on the Wii channels at a time.
They seem like those Lucas Arts SCUMM based games (I know they're not made in the same engine), so I doubt the replay is going to be stellar.

Still you have a point... But I think Homestar Runner stuff should be sold online as it has a net cult following. I mean I couldn't see someone seeing this game's box at the Best Buy and being remotely interested in it on the off chance, had they never heard of Homestar.



PoisonRamune commented on US VC Release - 7th July - King of the Monsters:

Well, that sure is a really backwards way to try to alleviate one problem... It's almost like trading one addiction for another, there's still a problem somewhere.

I honestly don't know what NoA is trying to do right now... It seems like they're making these releases like the last "pick-ups" in a club or bar... Where you become so desperate for any kind of hook up that you'll even take someone that's fat and hideous (no direct offense to the fat and hideous... I'm sure they make up for it in other facets).

Well, I gotta say, I'm probably not going to be taking any of these games to bed with me...



PoisonRamune commented on US VC Release - 7th July - King of the Monsters:

NoA should know how their point system works by now and at least do marketing in line with it. I mean, if they release a: cheap Wiiware game that looks buyable/playable, NES, or TG-16 game that people know and is at least semi-desirable; then people will purchase 1000 wii points for it (at least and if you use point cards then you have to buy at least 2000 points worth). So basically, they're making a sell on another game or even better for them they've just left us with an amount of points too low to buy another game. Thus forcing us to buy more points later...



PoisonRamune commented on Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free:

Real life beer pong seems more fun and effective... I think I'm just going to stick with my neighbor's table, drinks and the bevy of friends and ladies that come to play the real thing.



PoisonRamune commented on Mega Man 1 & 2 Coming To North America Soon?:

I never understood the "wah? No Megaman?!" deal... As 7th lutz said, you can get all the Megamans (1-8) for $20 at the local gamestop via the collection disc. However, I guess there is some charm in using the Wiimote as a classic NES controller or even the classic controller to control Megs.



PoisonRamune commented on US VC Release - 30th June - Fatal Fury 2:

I know Dig-Dug was never released in the USA (since I only played it on my cousin's Family Computer), but it just feels like I'm trying to be sold "magic beans" here... Like something that's somewhat run of the mill and familiar, being sold at a higher rate because the vendor says it's special.



PoisonRamune commented on US VC Release - 30th June - Fatal Fury 2:

There's been a couple things that have gotten me angry in these last few weeks.

  • The first was plugging that leak, since I honestly believe that the leak was helping virtual console and WiiWare sales. If I heard over the weekend that there was a desirable game coming out Monday, I would damn well make sure I bought some points. Now, I could care less, since my attitude is "if there's a game I like, I'll get the points for it eventually..." and the last 4 times i said that, eventually has yet to come.
  • I'm also let down by the lasting appeal of many Wiiware games and the amount of Wiiware fare that has equivalents already offered in other facets on the Wii (ie that ping-pong game to Wii Play's Ping Pong).
  • Finally, the current release schedule is baffling... While, I thought we were reaching a high when we got Double Dragon and River City Ransom (while DD is not a great game they are true classics), we were to be ultimately slapped in the nuts by an anti-climatic release of Dig-Dug (costing a dollar more and treated like an import game, despite every good 80's kid knowing this game)...

From here on out I'm calling Nintendo, "Nin-Emo" since it seems to just love cutting away at itself.



PoisonRamune commented on Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner:

@juhok Two weeks late.

While I understand that... It sounds like the voices went through another evolution (watch an old Tandy clone era sbemail and then watch a lappy video right after, SB's voice very different).

While being a consistant fan of HSR since the techno email... I am going to get this game.



PoisonRamune commented on Dr. Mario Online RX:

Well worth the $10. I'm so glad it was released to the US on the holiday. We now have a little Dr. Mario tourney and BBQ slated for the afternoon.



PoisonRamune commented on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:

This game looks like it has a lot of promise. I do want to know how much control the Chapman bros have over this. SInce I noticed that the characters' voices sound a little off... I know this was supposed to be a parody of infomercials where everyone has a "fake" sounding voice. However, the actual gameplay video (where SB and Homestar are on the track) also has those kinda funky voices.



PoisonRamune commented on Sky Kid:

One of my favorite NES (and arcade) games... I remember playing this with my dad quite a bit as a kid. I think I'll be getting some points later today to get this guy.



PoisonRamune commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

The memory problem is a serious issue for me... I had to spend over an hour on Monday night copying virtual consol games to my SD card, just so I'd have enough room on my Wii for My Life as a King and LostWinds.



PoisonRamune commented on Review: LostWinds:

This game is honestly better than 90% of the $20-$30 junk that ends up in the local game store's bargain bin.



PoisonRamune commented on Defend Your Castle:

I think this'll be the one game I get for sure. Since, my roommate and I used to compare high scores (from the flash version) while at work. So a 2 player option could definitively determine who's better.



PoisonRamune commented on Pop:

This seems like a fun "kill time while drunk/faded" game... I'm definitely getting it once I know if B pops the bubbles (or can be set to), since I see this as a relaxed Point Blank level.