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Sat 15th Dec 2012

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placidcasual commented on Japanese Analyst Claims NX Could Launch As Ear...:

I think it would be incredibly wise to reveal the concept 1st before showing it off at e3. Seems like they've learnt from the wii u e3 debut where some didn't understand what it was. You can never assume that your audience has at least a semi functioning brain if their own or the ability to actually pay attention...



placidcasual commented on Splatoon Developers Talk Stage Design and the ...:

I thought the initial content was actually fine as it helped me learn the mechanics without getting overwhelmed. The drip feed of new stuff helped to keep servers busy and meant it sustained long-term interest. I preferred it that way personally- helped keep it "fresh"...



placidcasual commented on Final Fantasy VI Advance Arrives on the Wii U ...:

@sevex its on the wii shop which means you can view it on the gamepad but need a seperate controller. Personally I play it with my club nintendo wii snes controller for added authentic awesomeness.

The gba version has new espers and bug fixes but also a bonus dungeon. I think its worth a double dip if anyones a big FFVI fan.



placidcasual commented on Video: New Super Mario Maker Costume Adds a Da...:

As all the spots for characters are used (tragically I've played enough expert 100mario challenge to unlock them all) then this wouldn't be possible without an update. Has got me wondering if there'll be any more tweaks to the game itself with the update? Hmm...



placidcasual commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

@gcunit wise words. Being a former analyst myself I am aware that the role entails a lot more than sticking your finger in the air and offering an opinion not backed by evidence or stats. Patcher is a videogame media personality nothing more. He survives due to the oxygen of the publicity he generates much like a slightly less offensive version of Katie Hopkins. Hes a fool.

i understand why sites report his inane ramblings as it generates hits and comments and they're a business at the end of the day so it's not really my choice as a reader what they cover. I do however wish I lived in a world where Patcher was just shouting loudly in an empty room with no-one to listen to him.

Maybe if nintendolife carry on reporting on his ramblings they should just stop referring to him as an analyst. Perhaps just call him a "gaming personality" or something as he is as much an analyst as some guy you met in the pub.



placidcasual commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

I've been a reader since the vc reviews days and have to say the reason why you guys are the biggest nintendo site is because of the quality of the writing. 10 years old is approx 212 in internet site years so well done its richly deserved. Heres to another 10 years



placidcasual commented on SEGA’s ChuChu Rocket! Arrives On The Japanes...:

I loved chu chu rocket on the DC and this version is great as the puzzle mode really adds a lot. Thing is the multiplayer really makes this game special so whilst I'll still buy it (how could you not!?) it wont be as good as it could have been if theres no way to implement that multiplayer mode.



placidcasual commented on Rumour: A List of Unreleased Titles for the eS...:

Theres a bit in one of the ds zelda games (think it's in hourglass) where you have to close the ds so that something imprints on the other screen. Will be interesting to see how they get around that on the wii u if this list has some truth in it.



placidcasual commented on Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection Is Back,...:

@Wil was going to comment what a legend Steve Jarrat is from his Total days and then another bonefide legend pops up in the comments. Will- I'm not brown-nosing here but just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to draw in my youth by attempting to copy your brilliant Super Play art.



placidcasual commented on First Impressions: Getting Down with Shantae: ...:

Its strange to see quite a few negative comments on the shantae games because it kind if jars with my experience. Played the most recent one (pirates curse) on the wii u recently after getting it on sale and in retrospect would have happily paid full price. Guess not many people realise what the gameplay is actually like until you play it -just a really tight well designed metroidvania with great character and humour. Don't get whats not to like?

I then bought the 2nd one on dsi through my 3ds (i know its getting a bit of a hd remake but i couldn't wait). Not quite as good as the most recent one but still great. Started on the gameboy colour game then- not amazing just solid, but it still had a certain charm and still better than most gb games.

TL:DR buy the 2nd and 3rd games if u like metroid or tightly designed platformers.



placidcasual commented on Mario Memories: Conquering the First Level in ...:

@Al_Godoy this particular series of articles is meant to be a collection of NL contributor's mario memories. In my opinion it doesn't somehow make it less authentic that those memories didn't occur at the precise moment the game was released.

I think it's nicer that they don't actually- our hobby is a broad church and people of all ages love mario as it's one of those things that transcends age, gender etc and all the other differences that seperate our species.

Side point- mario bros 2 was my first mario game too. Stayed my favourite for a long time because of the memories attached to it.



placidcasual commented on Sonic Classic Collection On DS Cut Content Inc...:

@KeeperBvK Lifehack for you: Simply stop reading the last paragraph on articles and you will become 0.3% happier as a person. Also that way NL can continue to encourage people to use the comments and increase their revenue with extra hits, meaning the continued survival of the site while not offending you personally -everyones a winner dude!



placidcasual commented on Limbo Looks Set to Finally Arrive on the Wii U...:

@unoclay It certainly is that good and you're in for a treat if you haven't played it yet. Apart from the style the actual game itself is brilliant too. Its a puzzle platormer but saying that sells it short. Apart from the atmosphere the aspect I liked most was the fact that it doesnt hold your hand, instead you learn how to do stuff by really clever game design that encourages you to experiment.

Might pick it up again myself to experience it on the gamepad with headphones if it's an alright price.



placidcasual commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

Hmm looking at those last comments it appears nx will be a replacement for both 3ds and wiiu so a hybrid home/portable could be on the cards. Or maybe not who knows at this stage apart from nintendo themselves and a few select developers



placidcasual commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

IF the rumour is true then foxcon is probably the original source and that 20million figure could be production estimates i.e. they have been contracted to produce up to that number. 20million still seems well off though because nintendo have never been a company to tie up its capital in stock-look at wii and amiibo shortages for proof of this approach.



placidcasual commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is Hittin...:

@Bass_X0 i loved zelda on n64 and had a wii with a huge amount of vc games but never had ocarina on vc. Why? Because of my sweet gamecube zelda collectors edition disc and also the free copy of ocarina with master quest i got with GC wind waker. Both worked on the wii so more than covered



placidcasual commented on Fire Emblem If Box Art Confirms amiibo Support...:

Would be good if it's existing amiibo as i have most of the FE characters but my bank balance has suffered as a result so wouldn't be getting any dedicated amiibo for this. I say that now but no doubt when they reveal what they look like I'll start throwing money at the screen again...



placidcasual commented on Tales of More Super Smash Bros. amiibo Pre-Ord...:

Shopto sent me all I preordered-ness, pacman and charizard and i have the others on preorder from nintendo. Interestingly ive had no problems with shopto but amazon messed up in similar fashion for my little mac and shulk. Most retailers seem to have had problems to be fair apart from nintendo probably due to putting up preorders based on guesswork of the volume they're going to receive.



placidcasual commented on Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Shin Megami Tensei De...:

Played the demo of eo4 and didn't get on with it. Then my better half got two copies of it for Xmas as 2 people got it for her so she gave me her bonus copy so thought I'd give it more of a chance. 70 hours of awesome fun later I'm a total convert! Recommend it to anyone who likes their RPGs to have an in depth levelling system with a real sense of character progression.



placidcasual commented on The Next Theatrhythm Game Is All About Dragon ...:

I'd buy this in a heartbeat. What I'd love to see is a theatrhythm game covering odd squaresoft games like chrono trigger and secret of mana. Imagine the awesomeness of that...

As far as international releases go this would be perfect for an e-shop release if they wanted to do it with virtually no risk. Make it happen Square Enix!



placidcasual commented on Koei Tecmo Europe All But Confirms Fatal Frame...:

Be nice if they put it out as an eshop exclusive with subtitles. The kind of experience it is i'd personally prefer subs anyway and it'd keep costs down without voice acting.

As it's got fairly unique gamepad related gameplay then it could make sense for Nintendo to pick up publishing duties too.



placidcasual commented on Book Review: The Untold Story Of Japanese Game...:

@ueI I backed it on KS but having read it I would happily pay full price had I not backed it. Its enormous, packed full of content without padding and something you won't find anywhere else. Great write up Damo you really nail what makes the book so good, cheers.