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Tue 6th May 2014

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pitt_norton commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtua...:


Multiplayer Bots would be the compromise with getting this game Hopefully this will work:

1. Start the game.
2. Go to Multiplayer.
3. Select "Multi-card Play".
4. Create Game.
5. Choose a game mode.
6. Set the rules/map to what ever you want.
7. Select the green check mark.
8. Select your character (the more you play the story-mode, the more characters you unlock).
9. Look at the bottom right screen, it will say "Add bot"
10. Use the arrows to select the bots' characters. Press the green check mark to OK the bot.
11. Finally select the number of starts above the characters name (1 star = easy, 2 stars = medium, 3 stars = hard).
12. Play!



pitt_norton commented on Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails Confirmed F...:

Scram Kitty, along with Cloudberry Kingdom, was one of the very few indie games featured on the Japanese Nintendo website during E3 2013. Cloudberry has since been released on the eShop, so there's a good chance we'll see this too... I hope there's an English support option though.