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Sat 15th Oct 2011

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PinkSpider commented on FAST Racing NEO is Going Up a Gear in January ...:

Yeah I didnt doubt that I just said there's a notable resolution difference when you jump between Xenoblade or mario kart 8, smash bros, mario 3d world etc and sadly it sticks out. Don't get me wrong fast racing neo looks amazing (some tracks better than others). But you can see its imperfections quite easily in comparison unfortunately.



PinkSpider commented on Review: FAST Racing NEO (Wii U eShop):

Looking forward to playing the "death star trench run level" Datoshi station. Can't wait till tomorrow.

Third party company's seriously need to learn a thing or two from this "indie company" in how to make a decent game on a Nintendo console.
Id buy a physical copy to if they release it.



PinkSpider commented on Video: Nintendo Kindly Reminds Us That amiibo ...:

That could be the worst advert ever for selling toys. I own them all for collection purposes. But what did that advert show unlock a link skin for mario and a mario skin for yoshi and invite your animal crossing amiibos over. WTF!!
Nintendo need to be making a skylanders style game that lets you play any of these characters.
It would sell amazing!



PinkSpider commented on Itagaki Accepts "Fair" Devil's Third Criticis...:

I have to admit what I Have played of the game I have enjoyed. It takes me back to a time when games were fun and wernt so serious. I think the fact that the reviews were so poor has made my enjoyment that much more. It's far from amazing but I think it's fun, and I haven't noticed the frame rate issues at all. Go play Devils Third then play Watch dogs then you will no what frame rate issues are.



PinkSpider commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

Can't give is one decent metroid game in 5 years but still put out about 47 Mario games, God Dam idiots
A metroid game spanning multiple planets sounds Amazing. But no stick to one planet..... Because we're fu#king stupid...
Oh metroid prime football, we know that the metroid fans are gonna love that, it's what they have been asking for, for the last 5 years.....