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"What can I say? I die hard."~Sonic

Male, 17, Canada

Hi everybody, I'm Pichuka97 and I love video games. If you don't know, I love Nintendo and Sonic A LOT!! If you want, check out my Backlog. I assure you, it'll be a good time. So sit back, relax, enjoy some games, and let the good times roll. Happy gaming everyone (^o^)!!

Sun 8th January, 2012

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Pichuka97 commented on How One Man Is Giving Sonic Fans The Game They...:

Does anyone know what program you would need to use to use this engine (or any others) because I am really interested in using this but every time I download the file for Sonic Worlds for example, it tells me I need to download a file and I have to search the internet to find it but that doesn't help.



Pichuka97 commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

Meh, that's what I thought but I'll still probably pick it up anyway. I knew that this game would probably not live up to the original just because of the first trailer and impressions people gave after playing it.



Pichuka97 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Safe and Family-Frie...:

Until recently (maybe the past 2 months) I have always defended Nintendo and stuck with them. Now I am almost done with them all together. They keep on making poor choices and they really need to step up in order to push the Wii U. Like at one point, I was ready to accept buying every big 3rd party release like COD and buy the Wii U version just cause and now I think I'll hold off on all 3rd party games and just get them for Xbox One eventually. Then they pull the only practical way of talking to my friends on 3DS away and pull the plug on photo sharing just because some idiots are using these services inappropriately. Number one, Nintendo devices have parental controls so THEY should be pushing that kind of info out to parents. Like we could have had separate accounts on 3DS from the go but they choose friend codes again because it's "safe". I know they still don't have a full fledged network for unified accounts and they are apparently working on it but if they thought about all of this sooner, all of this could have been avoided. As much of a fanboy for Nintendo I am, I don't want to be blinded by their mistakes and just accept this. idk, that's just my view on this.



Pichuka97 commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

The same can be done with W ii U to Nintendo!! You better fix this cause now I have no way of communicating with my 3DS friends!! I am soooo dissatisfied with how Nintendo has decided to run their online frameworks. There ARE parental controls so really, it's just a matter of getting the word out there guys.



Pichuka97 commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

This makes sense on an economical standpoint. Lots of people are still happy with there DS's so this might be a good upgrade for the casual player. I don't see any reason for myself to get one but I might because of it's cheap price and just that the fact is it would be cool to have in my collection.



Pichuka97 commented on Review: Donkey Kong (3DS eShop / NES):

I have the original edition for the 3DS and the only way I'd pick this up for 3DS is if I had a crap ton of money to waste. The original edition wasn't even arcade perfect for crying out loud!! Oh well, I guess this is for people who missed out on that version of the game. Though the pricing for this game isn't very justified so I don't see many people rushing out to buy this version either.



Pichuka97 commented on Review: Galaga (Wii U eShop / NES):

I love this game, I really do but I don't see myself or many others buying these games for $5 a piece. Nintendo really has to think about their pricing for these games. I'd spend $3 at the most on this ROM for my Wii U. I mean, if Nintendo wants to charge a premium price for Earthbound compared to other SNES games then why not separate the premium NES games from these ones to a lower price. It just makes sense.



Pichuka97 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Total Passes One ...:

I know this probably isn't possible in this game because of the way it was programed but I would love to see another world added into this game. I still play this often even though I am well past the 1 million coin mark.



Pichuka97 commented on Interview: Anamanaguchi On Making Sweet Chiptu...:

These guys are my heroes!!! If only Scott Pilgrim came to the eShop. Ubi, I would buy like 10 copies!! Anamanaguchi made that game one of my prestigious favorite games ever because of the music. Love these guys on so many levels <3