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journalism student who is passionate about writing and still loves her dsi.

Mon 13th Jan 2014

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phoenixfeather commented on Review: Roller Angels (DSiWare):

I thought this was going to be fun after reading the review and comments. It turns out this game is really boring. Kids will probably like it, but I'd rather watch paint dry. It's disappointing because it has a promising premise and cute graphics, not to mention all these rave reviews. But the gameplay is dull. You just spray paint and jump on baddies as you autoscroll ever onward. Then it takes you to another region where you do exactly the same thing. With cringey, too-cutesy cutscenes that are great for a kids game, but don't work for all ages. (Pokemon on the other hand is a kids' game that has fun content for people of all ages. Roller Angels does not.)

So again, I think it has really cute graphics and an interesting premise (the whole roller derby girls saving the world from the colour thieves thing) but the gameplay is depressingly boring.



phoenixfeather commented on Review: Penguin Patrol (DSiWare):

GET THIS GAME. 10/10 from me, it's a beautiful little puzzler that gets very hard as levels progress. The music and graphics really are stunning (the screenshots here don't do it justice) and the penguins are adorable. Only 200 points, get this instead of a bottle of pop They could have sold it for 800.



phoenixfeather commented on Review: Telegraph Crosswords (DSiWare):

It's pretty good, I'm still only on the early puzzles but I've noticed a lot of U.K. placenames so far, and it's kind of a pain. It pains me to admit that I actually liked the cheesy music, haha. Maybe because it reminds me of the 90s computer games I grew up on. But it's a nice crossword game for a low price, and has harder puzzles from the get-go than CrossworDS (which is great, but I've never played past the easy levels out of boredom).



phoenixfeather commented on Review: Sudoku (DSiWare):

I love this game. Irritating music aside, it's the perfect pocket Sudoku. Nice graphics, and a steal at only 200 points. Being able to set up your own games is a bonus, too. Highly recommend!



phoenixfeather commented on Review: Delbo (DSiWare):

I just spent my last 200 points on this game because any developer who takes a simple puzzler and gives it a hilariously dramatic backstory is awesome in my book. After playing a few rounds, I feel like it deserves a higher score, maybe even an 8. It's a fun variation on matching the colours, being able to slide down the rows. I like the controls, they're unique but they work naturally. once you get used to them. And the music is a nice touch. I like Delbo, it's simple and distracting. Perfect for a portable puzzler.