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Mon 2nd Nov 2009

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Phoenix commented on Rumour: GAME Group Not Stocking Muramasa?:

Even £24.99 seems a hell of a lot of money for a game aimed at such such a small user base. I'm guessing it won't be available from Blockbuster either if it's got this much saleability so renting will be out the window.

I'll wait until it hits bargain bucket prices, buy it and then flog it on Ebay later for profit. Other than the financial gain from lack of availability, Muramasa holds no interest for me anyway.

It's a wonder that Nintendo et-al still haven't learned that nobody really cares about Wii gaming anymore. Then again Nintendo were two years late on the Ambassador program and their potential new Wiiware demo idea is fashionably overdue. Frankly the ignorance surrounding software sales on the Wii is nothing short of astounding.



Phoenix commented on Infinity Ward Unhappy With Wii's Power:

Maybe pigs will fly as well. Unless a large proportion of Wii owners are truly desperate to get their hands on a year old title with watered down graphics and the underlying promise of "ultimate FPS control" I doubt Modern Warfare will be a huge seller.

Maybe that's the underlying reason why Infinity Ward are so reluctant to waste huge amounts of cash on something that just won't sell well. Oh and the fact that the Wii's software market is a mess with good titles not selling (even Nintendohs) I think any publisher who wants to maintain their software's dignity has a right to be wary of publishing on Wii.

Modern Warfare on DS was a horrible game period, so I won't be buying the sequel on that platform either unless they're revamped the game entirely.