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Fri 30th March, 2012

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Phle commented on Iwata Cites "Same-Generation Hypothesis" For S...:

Well, I never played any of the original games... Not sure this is correct for the Pokémon games. Lots of kids will be getting Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Kids that have been playing X and Y the past year are most likely to have a rather high interest in them, not because of the original games Ruby and Sapphire, but because it's the "New Pokémon game". Super Smash Bros. on the other hand, probably, yes.



Phle commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

@BlackSpy I still don't really get it.

The only thing I get is that it sounds as they are targeting what Apple also have said they will be (and already are) targeting, health. Apple have been talking about going big with this and Apple Watch is a step closer.

I just hope this dosen't mean more of: "You have been playing for a while now, do you want to take a break?" or "Hey! Listen! It's time for a break!".



Phle commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:

Well they "take" my money all the time and I will continue to support with buying a New 3DS XL, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Bayonetta 1+2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and probably a few Amiibo figurines. And then there is Zelda for Wii U. @donvito I would love to see Nintendo shine. Other than Apple, Nintendo is my second favourite company.



Phle commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

Well, why does he even try? The way I see it, this is exactly what Nintendo would never do as long as they have they have their own consoles... He can get a "New 3DS". It's going to be less underpowered.



Phle commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy States a ...:

Oh, I'm so angry that there won't be a physical release. I'm a huge fan of the games, but I already own the DS versions of the games. I share games with my BF and sometimes others, but I would have to buy one for my BF, and one for every friend, if I wanted them to experience it. That sucks.



Phle commented on Video: You'll Be Able To Play As Metroid's Sam...:

Well, it seems a little strange. I guess it's not going to bother anyone, as they can choose not to play as Samus if they don't like the idea. And some people might be really happy about being able to play as Samus.



Phle commented on Guide: How to Unlock the Full Roster in Super ...:

I've been playing mainly Palutena, Greninja and Lucina so far, but I haven't unlocked Jigglypuff yet and I really like her. Also, I haven't had time to try many of the other characters yet, so it's kind of hard to say who my main fighter will be.



Phle commented on Video: Volga Unleashes Flames of Justice in Hy...:

This game is so addictive. I have unlocked all the included unlockable characters, and I'm planning to get the available extra DLC. I would love to be able to play as Volga and Cia though, so a western release wouldn't hurt.



Phle commented on Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Super...:

I got the game yesterday. Not sure if I like it actually. It's my first time playing Super Smash Bros. The buttons are horrible, the fighting is weird. I don't understand the attacks. I wish I could say I like some parts of it, but so far, not yet.



Phle commented on Mega Rayquaza Confirmed for Pokémon Omega Rub...:

Nice. I really can't wait for the game. Got over 400 hours in Pokémon X, playing HeartGold right now to pass some time while I wait. I got Super Smash Bros. yesterday, but I'm not sure if I like it, can't compare to a good Pokémon game.



Phle commented on Nintendo Direct: New Nintendo 3DS Models Comin...:

Wow, Australia and New Zealand are pretty lucky!

I must say, I agree with those that think "New 3DS" is a bad name. But, I think Nintendo fans will be getting this regardless of the name. The ones that isn't getting one, probably wouldn't get one even if the name was better. Maybe Nintendo realised this. For example: I'm getting one, but I still think the name is really bad.



Phle commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

The biggest flaw of this game is the lack of online play. Other than that it's a fun game. It looks good and have great music. It's just kinda sad playing it alone, again, because I don't have anyone to play with. Nintendo should really try to make this "local multiplayer only" a thing of the past. I never have anyone to play with. I do almost everything in my life alone, I don't need more things I can do alone.



Phle commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

Well, I got admit, I'm almost 30 and I've never seen one in real life. Not judging thoses kids. People that are into video games can't avoid hearing about the NES, but that doesn't mean they ever had one.



Phle commented on Nintendo Shuts Down Screenshots in Mario & Lui...:

This annoys me. Nintendo is not to blame, and they shouldn't act like they are. Seriously. Youtube would have been shut down in an hour if Google acted like Nintendo does.

Secondly, why do people do these things, when they know it's just going be on the cost of other users?! Letterbox got shut down because of stupid and rude users. That's sad, because Letterbox was the best function that has made it to the 3DS so far, including the games. It was genius. Not even iPhone can send letters like you could with Letterbox. At least not without an app that you have to make sure your friends buy too, along with a stylus to write with. That never works (still trying to make my sister download & buy an app like this, no luck and it's been almost a year).



Phle commented on Rising Star Games Confirms 10th Anniversary No...:

There is one game that also has a discount along with these that aren't mentioned here.. I can't remember the name of the game, because I never heard of it before I took a peek at the discount in the 3DS eShop...



Phle commented on Scandinavian Gamers Will be Included in the Hy...:

Well, way better than nothing. I got my free game with Mario Kart 8, that's the first time ever that I got a bonus from buying something from Nintendo :P It's about time too, since Nintendo games are the most expensive and hard to come by of all games. Other games gets cheaper if you wait a year. Nintendo games just get sold out and if you're lucky, you can buy them at full price, used, at GameStop. I pre-ordered Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition a while back. I hope I get a receipt that I can snap a picture of and send in to Bergsala.



Phle commented on New Nintendo 3DS Shown Off by Monster Hunter S...:

Well, I think the small one is the cutest one, but I want the XL because of the bigger screens. So the small one will probably not be an option for me anyway. I love how you can switch covers though, too bad the XL won't be able to do that. I like this Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate XL version. If I get the choice to choose this at the EU launch of the new 3DS & 3DS XL I might get it.



Phle commented on Gallery: It's Time for a Shulk Super Smash Bro...:

I love how he seems to be playable in just shorts. Male characters almost never have this option, I think it's a good idea. I mean: if Samus is playable in almost no clothes, it's only fair to have a handsome guy that can do the same thing.



Phle commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

I might get Playstation 4 at some point, probably not anytime soon. Xbox is off the table forever. At the moment I'm good with my 3DS, Wii U and I use my Mac for gaming & sometimes my iPhone. Might be getting an iPad.



Phle commented on Ubisoft Executive Talks Up Super Smash Bros. a...:

I personally haven't played Super Smash Brothers before, this upcoming release will be my first one. All the talk of how great it is kind of create big expectations. Nintendo has to nail it. There is so many players that will judge all Nintendo games on Wii U by playing Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Brothers U. They delivered well with Mario Kart 8, let's just hope they do the same with Super Smash Brothers U (and 3DS).



Phle commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

She looks fine. The only thing that is annoying me is the fact that some think she isn't wearing makeup. There is nothing wrong with her wearing makeup, or the amount of makeup, but guys need to realise girls aren't born with eyeliner and lipstick...



Phle commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Well, I didn't buy Assassin's Creed 3 or 4 cos I haven't played the first ones. I didn't Buy Mass Effect 3 because I haven't played the first ones. I'm still trying to find a copy of Splinter Cell Blacklist, I don't have space to download the game and I haven't found a place to buy it. It's on high priority. I'm also planning to get Watch_Dogs. I bought ZombiU. I think you need to ask the owners/gamers why they didn't buy Assassin's Creed before you jump to conclusions. What I won't be buying is Just Dance and that platformer I never remember the name of because I hate platformers! Yes, that's right, I also hate Mario platformers and I will never buy that either. Not all Wii U owners are the same.