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Sat 7th Sep 2013

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phazon commented on Video: Dixie Kong Struts Her Stuff in This New...:

I really wish retro would expand its staff so they could work on mulitple games at once and put out more than just 1 game every two years. Im a big metroid fan but i cant deny the awesomness of DKCR and how amazing this looks. I just wish they could work on this and another metroid at the same time and maybe a third game



phazon commented on SoulCalibur II HD On Wii U "Isn't Out Of The Q...:

@Tasuki it ran better on the gamecube because it was originally a gamecube exclusive featuring Link but then microsoft and sony complained and threw money at namco so they could get it too. So they delayed the game so they could get their own versions with their own exclusive characters since they couldnt have Link. Kinda simular to rayman