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Wed 4th Aug 2010

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pfontaine2 commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

Regarding in-store kiosks, I have to say they seem to be designed for 12 year olds. The angle of the screen while docked in the in-store display doesn't do the 3DS any justice. I looked at a 3DS at my local GameStop and BestBuy and it was extremely difficult to see the 3D display properly. Once I purchased my 3DS, I was quite surprised how much better the 3D effect is when held in the proper position.

I wish the camera displayed a higher resolution photograph as well. The 3D photos the system takes seem very soft to me, though the 3D effect almost makes up for it.

Also, as an adult buyer I really like the creative apps I can purchase through the E-Shop. I really enjoy Inchworm, Art Academy and the two versions of Rytmik, as well as the 3D camera (despite the low resolution).

I never really played video games as a kid and frankly always found games to be too frustrating! I did purchase PilotWings and Zelda because I liked the concept of these two titles because they are immersive environments. So far, I've really enjoyed PilotWings but I haven't had a chance to play Zelda yet.

I know that I'm not the target audience of a system like the 3DS but I'm enjoying it far more than I imagined I would have



pfontaine2 commented on Colors! 3D to Brighten Up the eShop This Fall:

That is like the best news ever! I loved the homebrew app, even if the original DS and DSLite were the only systems that offered pressure sensitivity. My 3DS is turning into a really nice art and music creation system and I couldn't be happier.



pfontaine2 commented on Inchworm Animation Could Beat Flipnote at its ...:

I've been watching the development of this for over a year now and I'm extremely happy to see it finally being released. This is going to be a full-fledged paint and animation program that offers lots of brush control, layers, transparency, and more. It will have a lot of the same functionality of the homebrew app Colors, but with much more functionality, control, and page flipping for complex animations. I can't wait!!