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Thu 30th Oct 2008

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pfishen commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

of course we have the Wii gaming system today but still have and play my turbo-grafx-16 games...years ago we also picked up the 4 port expander to be able to play 'bomberman' and 'final lap' favourite games today are the arcade game 'klax' and 'time ball' as well as 'r-type' 'sidearms' and 'keith courage'...still an excellent way to pass the time...we also still have x-box and nintendo (super too) and believe it or not the old atari system with some great games like 'yars revenge' and 'frostbite' and of course 'mario brothers'...

a great enjoying the reads...the information and the game reviews...thanx