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Fri 6th Jun 2008

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Peznaze commented on Virtual Console Games Will Eventually Be Playa...:

More, what's it called? "Off-TV Play"? That's good. The fact that Wii emulation (and by extension Wii VC) cannot stream to the Gamepad is bad. Here's hoping they do a transfer service for Wii VC to Wii U VC.



Peznaze commented on 3DS Circle Pad Pro Reaches United States on 7t...:

As long as the circle pad bundled MHTriG isn't a GameStop exclusive, this is good news. If this is a trend of Nintendo thinking "core" games don't sell in NA, let Gamestop take the losses, then this is bad news.



Peznaze commented on It's Official: Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming ...:

This was great news, then I read more, notably the word "April", and it was good news. Then I read the phrase "GameStop exclusive" and I realized, this is bad news. OpRa used Amazon pre-orders in their campaign... these are meaningless now. They've not only gone with GameStop, but have pre-order links on their site. Given how well Xenoblade did in EU, I think they're plotting to duplicate that with a production run just a little bit more than the pre-orders. It's still a good-ish thing, but it's not looking like minds were changed. Those who want the game can pre-order it from Nintendo or GameStop, and everyone else likely will never even hear about this game.



Peznaze commented on Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on...:

Whatever the launch price is, it'll drop within a year. Best to wait on new tech, 3DS being a prime example. More 3rd party support? Then they learned nothing from the 3DS... Wii U needs Mario or Zelda (or perhaps Smash Bros.) at launch to get people to pay the early adopter tax.



Peznaze commented on Activision Comes Out in Support of Circle Pad ...:

This dongle reminds me of the argument that they couldn't make Katamari Damacy for the Wii, because it only had the one analog stick. Seems developers are still saying this, as Nintendo has made this... thing, only for a handful of games, seemingly to please these "One stick? How do you work with that?" thinkers.

The irony, of course, is that these same IPs get released on iOS just fine.... apparently NO sticks is good, one is bad, but two is good again..?



Peznaze commented on Monster Hunter 4 to Burn Up Your 3DS:

Wow, MH4 looks more like Shadow of the Colossus than Monster Hunter... Then again, I preferred Shadow of the Colossus to Tri, so maybe it'll be a good thing.



Peznaze commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Makes Bold Move with t...:

20 free games is enough to appease me.

What I want to hear about, though, is that Q&A Iwata did where he mentioned the pay cuts... full of interesting info we have to wait on the transcript to verify...

Nintendo feared the 3ds would be another Gamecube, so they slashed the price drastically...
The 3ds is NOT profitable at this price? A first for Nintendo?
While we all think the Vita is Nintendo's concern, it's really the smartphones that they're truly worried about...

Only hearsay at this point, but intriguing nonetheless.



Peznaze commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

Ah, now this is how you deliver a bitter pill. Coat it with honey. Certain other gaming companies should take notes.
Really smart maneuvers, drop the price to increase sales, especially with the Vitas coming, then this generous compensation program to sooth all the ruffled feathers. Give plenty of notice so consumers don't feel cheated or blind-sided... Yup. This is how you do it.



Peznaze commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

This is what happens when they value money over fan service. MML3 wasn't going to be very profitable, if at all, but fans love it. They'd rather make more money. In this economy, I can't blame them. I just hope they don't waste money filing injunctions against the inevitable fan-made Legends 3.



Peznaze commented on Netflix Arrives on 3DS in North America Tomorrow:

Ah, Netflix' latest salvo in their war on those costly plastic rings. Stream on your Wii, on your PC, on every device! Just don't make them buy, store, ship, and maintain those archaic optical coasters and Netflix will be much happier.



Peznaze commented on Fils-Aime: "3DS Didn't Launch Prematurely":

We may think they were premature, but it had to launch by the end of their fiscal year, so to Nintendo, it was, if anything, late in launching. I don't know how well their policy of letting 3rd parties lead the way worked out for them, though. At any rate, the first year of any system is always bad.



Peznaze commented on Miyamoto: "3DS Could Be a Convenient Wii U Con...:

Hence the stock drop - investors hate uncertainty.
More than one Wii U controller?
No, not even sold separately.
Maybe, we're considering it.
Maybe a 3DS would do?
We're working on stuff that uses more than one.
Maybe? We'll have to see if it's even possible, but we still won't sell them separately, you'll have to bring yours to your friend's.



Peznaze commented on Talking Point: Where Nintendo Went Wrong with ...:

I haven't very high hopes for the eShop, but I do think it'll be better than the DSiWare shop. I don't think 3d videos will come to be, but 3DS Netflix will meet most of my video needs... I'm still shocked there was no DSiWare eReader, the DSi is perfect for that... the 3DS, not as much. All in all, I don't expect much from the eShop, but I expect even less from the browser.



Peznaze commented on Wii Shop Channel Now Accepting eShop Cards:

As expected, Nintendo's not going to do three different cash/point systems for three different systems. It'll all be eCash or whatever they're calling it before you know it. The worry still exists that points/point cards will eventually be phased out and no longer honored, but that should be a few quarters away, yet.



Peznaze commented on 3DS Arrives at Nintendo Life:

Ah, more good news in the 3DS forum. Glad to see it! heh. I'm eagerly awaiting the impressions of 3DS Sound, myself. That video that circulated around last week made it look more or less EXACTLY like DSi Sound, which would be bad... better playlist support was desperately needed there.



Peznaze commented on 3DS Browser Jumps Ship from Opera to Access Ne...:

Oh.. crud. The PS3 browser is nigh-unusable. I prefer Opera on the Wii, in all its gimped glory to the PS3 browser... Here's hoping Flash and HTML5 make it into the 3DS browser, or I'll be sticking with a DSi for quick browsing.



Peznaze commented on Top Screen Backlight to Blame for 3DS Battery ...:

That "Iwata Asks" was full of 3DS info. They did say that at max brightness, 3d vs. 2d was 25% different in battery life. And that wireless didn't tax the battery much, something like 10% if the game is transmitting a lot.

Also of note - no short term plans for a more compact redesign. So no 3DSLite, but they may jump straight to 3DS XL...



Peznaze commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Charge More for 3DS:

He really isn't wrong. The 3DS is cheaper in NA than anywhere else. VERY consumer-friendly. They should do what always has been done - soak the early adopters and drop the price in time for the holidays. That makes everybody angry! heh



Peznaze commented on The 3DS eShop and Browser Will Be Ready on Lau...:

That's good news for EU, anyway. Still no word on what will be IN the eShop, though. Or what "advanced" means for the browser. Flash lite? Java? Less than ten weeks till launch and they're still working hard on finishing the 3DS... Here's hoping it all comes out half as good as the hype has it sounding.



Peznaze commented on 3DS: Including StreetPass, SpotPass, eShop, Mi...:

Interesting... seems all the non-gaming functionality is coming via a future system update. No web browser until the update. No eShop till the system update. And the shop uses 3DS point cards, not Nintendo Points? Hmm...

All in all, reason to wait to get a 3DS... They're not done making the thing yet.



Peznaze commented on After 16 Years, Nintendo Returns to CES:

Interesting mistake... So either it's a straight-up "Here's the 3DS, here's when it'll lauch, here's what it'll cost!" show off the main floor, which is highly unlikely; they could do that with a press release... More likely they're wooing developers or online content providers or some other back-room dealings... since all they're doing is renting a back-room. heh



Peznaze commented on After 16 Years, Nintendo Returns to CES:

Makes sense... Timing's right and Nintendo knows they need to put 3DS units in peoples' hands in order to really generate buzz. At the least I suspect they'll have 3DS units there, at most I'd hope they announce the pricing and launch date.

Guess we've got another six weeks to wait...