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Tue 6th Aug 2013

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persona4 commented on Capcom: If You Want Games Like E.X. Troopers, ...:

Here's my two cents stop spaming Street Fighter even Street Fighter fans are getting fed up and stop making Resident Evil into Call of Duty ripoffs.
As for needing to speaking up about what games we want here I go
Mega Man Legends3,
Mega Man X9,
Mega Man ZX3,
something like Battle Network and Starforce those were fun games or how about a new Mega Man game (but of course this is Capcom and they hate games that actually sell so chances are we will never see another NEW Mega Man game again just re-releases of ancient games) (don't get me wrong I love the older games but I WANT SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!)
How about not putting all your good game ideas on Android and Iphones these actions are hurting your relationships with gamers that and CANCELING EVERY FREAKIN' GREAT GAME UNDER THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also the over abundence of DLC for games is starting a new phrase DLC Prostitution (replace Prostitution with the other word for it and that's the actual word can't say actual word because of censorship I'm sure Nintendo monitors this. And one final thing stop having other companies make your games every time you do this horrible games get made (DMC remake rings a bell?)