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Wed 2nd Dec 2009

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peanut64 commented on Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Ni...:

There is one point I have to mention about the current console wars. I own the trilogy of consoles and I must admit IMO Xbox is the best. Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii but Xbox live is by far better than PSN or Wii Shop. Being able to compare high scores on the fly, achievements in every game (not only the recent ones like on PSN), and the quality of the DLC's makes for a great service. Yes you have to pay for it but it doesn't cost an arm or a leg so I'm fine with that.

When I enter a game store with money in hand I always walk to the Wii games first, only to realize I already own the +/- 15 good games on the Wii and I end up buying an Xbox game instead. I only buy ps3 games when they are exclusives and good, which is few and far between.

My point is Nintendo NEED an achievement system and they must include achievements for the games currently available. Plus they have to start developing more good games, this mainly includes making deals with third party developers to make more hard-core games. The Wii is starved for good games and when Nintendo finally bring out something new everyone jumps on it like it'll be the consoles saving grace.

I hardly play my Wii anymore which I'm sad about. I'll never sell it but seeing as Nintendo only bring out a new game every 6 months or so I don't really have any reason to play it half the time. This seams to have been the norm since the N64 and Nintendo really need to change this.