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Fri 17th Feb 2012

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PeachMelba commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

I love buying VC titles, I wish there were far more of them. I have spent many $100's between Wii U, Wii, and 3DS VC. However, I'm not buying any of these GBA titles until they have account wide unlocks of purchases, and both 3DS and Wii U versions available for one price. It would be one thing if they were $2, but at $5 minimum each I want to be able to play that game on my Wii U or on the go in my 3DS. I only have so much time to game, and even though I like collecting the VC titles, I can't find the value in how often I'm actually going to play that GBA game vs everything else I have to play, if I am not getting it to use on whatever device I want.



PeachMelba commented on Injustice: Gods Among Us Will Support Off-TV P...:

@KaiserGX Sorry guy but you are incorrect, still. And going to be disapointed, i think. As of now, we were left out of all the preorder bonuses (someone above said GameStop told them they would - they lied), and no DLC has been announced unlike the other systems.

Several times various Warner twitter accounts have confirmed that there "are no plans at this time". That doesn't meant no absolutely forever, but it's certainly not coming at launch or anytime soon.

And as far as iOS app goes, go back and read the press release. Only PS3 and XBox get the unlockables. Hope you haven't wasted too much time on the game, because it won't get you anything for the Wii U version. You really shouldn't brag about knowing it all when you so clearly have missed all the fine print regarding the Wii U version.



PeachMelba commented on Injustice: Gods Among Us Will Support Off-TV P...:

@KaiserGX You haven't been following it that closely, so I wouldn't be offering advice. WII U WILL NOT have DLC. The developers stated this weeks ago.

A least it will be available as a downloadable retail title - if not, I would have ended up with the XBox 360 version. If I had to buy a disc, I would have gotten the disc version for a system that is getting more support. But since I prefer Wii U, and I prefer downloadable titles, I'll be getting this one.



PeachMelba commented on Talking Point: An Open Letter To Nintendo:

Gotta love some of these replies from people with their heads in the sand. If you notice there are less of them as the comments go on - the people who live at this site and comment within minutes prove themselves to be the fanboys, while the rest of us who check new news once or twice a day are starting to post and you see more thoughtful and unbiased replies to what was a very well-written opinion piece.

If you notice, those with their heads in the sand mostly attack the piece for minor quibbles (his opinion on Zelda or Metroid on previous systems, or debate how early you have to be to become an "early adopter" which is beside the point here) and completely miss the entire truth of the article. I am a huge Nintendo fan, had every system since R.O.B. was with us, and can promise you that Wii U will be the only console I buy this generation - I have an XBox 360 just to play the original XBox Buffy game (cue folks who say my opinion is invalid based on that alone, LOL).

Yes, Wii U is in trouble, guys. It's been a sad realization for me but here are the facts:

  • Developers have dropped support astonishingly fast. If you follow Nintendo news, game after game is getting dropped, or will not be ported. When we do get ports (like Injustice Gods Among us) we are paying the same $60 as everyone else for it, but they just quietly announced that we will NOT be eligible for any of the preorder content, the future DLC, and they aren't even offering the CE package in a Wii U version. I'm sure some will say that's a good thing - they don't wanna spend the $ on those things, but many of us do - and we are getting less of a game than everyone else (new maps, skins, etc,). It all speaks to Nintendo either being difficult to deal with (in spite of how friendly they supposedly are now to indie developers) or that the install base simply isn't enough for them to want to sell us more things (which means it must be terrible - they don't want our money!). So even the games we are getting are gimped from the start.
  • The supposed features of Wii U - like the joke known as TVii - have been a major let-down. I was excited for the so far vapor-ware for TiVo compatibility ut to be honest my phone and tablet already interact with it better than the Wii U and its clunky interface ever could anyway now that I've seen it in action. The whole thing was rushed (and still late to boot) and has proven to be utterly useless and a waste of time.
  • The Virtual Console is a travesty, and even worse than the Wii. There should be many many more games by now - they should have had 50 minimum ready for launch. It cannot be that difficult to get the games over here, and if it is they need some serious programming help if they have such a hard time emulating their own games when programs and devices to do it have existed for going on two decades. The trickle-theory meant that less and less sold over time as people lost interest on the Wii side, and they didn't learn their lesson here. I would have easily spent hundreds of bucks on virtual console games by now - but they will it sell them!

I could go on and on (like the crappy retail download situation - same price as full retail for a product they don't have to manufacture and deliver and only one console can ever use, which wouldn't be so bad except that Wii U games go on sale so often you really are spending way more for less) but you either see reality or you don't. Stores are trying to get out of the Wii U biz as much as possible, the Wii U units are literally gathering dust, no one aside from gamers even know it exists, and Nintendo is thinking improving the terrible load speeds sometime this summer, and a remake of a Gamecube game are big news. That's what we have to look forward to.

I'm sure there will be a few great first party Mario games, and Zelda, but Nintendo just proved the point that the critics have said for years - they might as well just become software developers if the only things really worth playing are first party. And there isn't even enough of them for the foreseeable future.

I could give a crap about what the industry or whomever thinks, though - my biggest gripe is that I want to give Nintendo my money, but they won't take it and no one else will even come to the party to attempt to take it. Yeah, it's early in the life cycle, but when a vegetable grows in a garden and long before its ripe it already has worm holes and deformed roots, it's never going to reach its potential no matter how long you let it grow. Nintendo needs a swift kick in the nuts, now.



PeachMelba commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

I just bought a 3DS for the first time a few months ago and have barely gotten time to play - but yup, preordered. I just can't resist the screens. I like my 3DS (after resisting it for awhile because I'm not big n 3-D), but I feel like I'm playing on my iPhone - wishing it was bigger (and why I have an iPad). So this is a no brainer - since I'm an adult and don't have many friends who have them (usually their kids, LOL), having two in the house is great for when people come over. Especially with Mario coming the same day (the reason I bought the 3DS to begin with), I'll want to play it on that big gorgeous screen.



PeachMelba commented on You Can Transfer Wii VC Games to Wii U:


I'm assuming I'll be kissing TMNT goodbye. I can't see them legally being able to let you transfer them, since any "transfer" is going to be virtual; you won't be hooking your Wii up to your WiiU, it will all be done server side through NIntendo, I assume. Since the game no longer exists on Nintendo's side, I'm presuming we won't keep those. I have a lot of nostalgia for that game, but again it's such a PITA I probably won't cry over it. So long as everything else makes it over, I'm a happy guy. So many games I bought at the beginning and still have yet to play - if we can truly play them on the Wii U Gamepad without having the Wii U on the TV screen, I'll get TONS more play out of them.



PeachMelba commented on You Can Transfer Wii VC Games to Wii U:


I think you were trying to say it makes no "sense". But it does.

I just downloaded a new app to my iPhone. It instantly appeared on my iPad as well. I bought the app, I own both devices. Apple lets you register so many devices, it's not unlimited - and Nintendo could very well do the same thing. It's certainly not "stealing" ROFL.

I will be fine if they are just transferred, I don't require them to stay on both - but it certainly would be possible. It would be really smart of Nintendo, actually - and include 3DS, too. So you buy a game in one place, play it on all your registered devices.

If I sold my Wii, I'd unsync my account and wipe it anyway.

Very glad to hear this confirmed, it was my big ? besides price. And I'm so glad they are offering color choice this time - black all the way for me. The white gets yellow too quickly (and I don't even smoke). I never got why they make colors such a hassle - just give us a choice. And now they are.

Can't wait to preorder mine.



PeachMelba commented on Peter Molyneux Wants More From 'Lacklustre Wii U':


"Haha, people really need to learn to hold up better arguments. Bringing up Molyneux's reputation is an ad hominem fallacy. Pointing out his lackluster games has little to do with his actual argument, which is quite valid. I mean, if you disagree with his argument, then you should bring up points against his argument itself, not against him as a person."

Oh Goodness. Just take your first logic class, huh?

It's perfectly valid to question his credentials and output, as it speaks to his expertise on the topic. If his performance does not indicate knowledge of the concept he is talking about, then his opinion should rightly be questioned based on that.

Couple of hints - 1) when arguing logic, never use the actual terms (like ad hominem). It just looks and sounds silly in a conversation. Use the logic, don't quote it like a student quoting a textbook as de facto evidence of anything. 2) Aristotelian logic has it's place, but the real world it's of limited use. It's word games. I had a professor that could use it to "prove" via logic that it's much more likely that ketchup causes lung cancer than cigarettes, because if you work it out logically the fact cigarette smoke causes lung cancer does not follow. Since I think most people know that isn't true, it demonstrates the limitations of that type of "logic" argument.



PeachMelba commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Future of the Onl...:

I have no problem with "Project $10" so long as the original buyer gets THE CONTENT AS PART OF THE PURCHASE. So you can give me all the codes you want, but give them to me - do not write a game, burn it to disc, and then lock up part of it, and when I buy it new tell me I need to pay you more to "unlock" what I already have bought (though, I wouldn't mind if, say, they charged you to skip having to play to unlock- like pay $10 and unlock all of Mario Kart without having to do it naturally while playing).

I don't buy used games, and I don't sell mine. I collect them. I know many people flip them a week later (and I see people spending almost as much as a new copy for used sometimes, it's so strange). I abhor GameStop as a company (I think they take extreme advantage of people who may not know better), So I couldn't really care less what they want to eek out of the secondary market. But what will keep me from buying WiiU games will be if they all come with $10 or $20 of stuff you have to buy on release day to complete the game once you get home. I don't mind buying ad-ons later if they add to the game in a significant way (and I've even been known to buy things like outfits and such for vanity) but that's newly added content - do not expect me to pay to unlock what was/should have been part of the game and is already burned on the disc.