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Peach64 commented on Chasing Aurora Dev Broken Rules Offers To Port...:

@Noelemahc Because Earthbound has previous for selling well on Nintendo consoles... ? Oh wait.

The Guacamelee port was pretty much spot on, so hopefully something can be done here. It would be great if Nintendo jumped in and helped so the risk of the port not making money is shared between 3 parties, rather than letting these much smaller companies risk their existence on porting.



Peach64 commented on Undertale Creator Open To Nintendo Port, But W...:

It doesn't sound like this is too likely unless Nintendo hire people to do the port, and I'm not sure that's their style. If he's going to take the time to build it from scratch on a console... well.. you could either spend the time and get it running on Xbone and PS4 with a user base of over 50 million... or the Wii U with 12?



Peach64 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Has Plans to Localise Mother ...:

I really think it's happening this year. Nintendo aren't going to waste resources on Wii U and 3DS games with the NX coming. They've done a great job padding the 3DS in 2016 by localising older games from Japan like Dragon Quest, Bravely Second, Fire Emblem: Fates etc and giving us digital versions of old games like Pokemon. Something like Mother 3 fits in perfectly with their strategy of giving us something to play until the NX launches.



Peach64 commented on Wii U Sales Show Promising Growth Courtesy of ...:

Doesn't that hardware chart show sales are down from last year? The dotted lines (2014) are above the solid line (this year) December numbers were definitely lower in NA and Japan compared to last year.

They'll have a job to hit the targets too with monthly baselines of 60k in NA and 50k in Japan.



Peach64 commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

My impression at the time of release was that it was a panic move. 3DS sales have been declining since 2013. Nintendo had put out pretty much all of the big gun IPs on it, so what could they do to make new people buy a 3DS? They didn't know, so they went back to the tried and true Nintendo method of how can we make the current users buy another 3DS. I'm not sure they ever intended to support it with exclusive releases.



Peach64 commented on Nintendo Is "Looking At" Virtual Reality, But ...:

As if Reggie is actually involved in what direction Nintendo goes.

I don't think Nintendo will get in VR because it's not likely to make big money. It's amazing tech but it's not going to be mainstream so Nintendo won't be interested.



Peach64 commented on Nine Nintendo Titles Pass One Million Sales Fo...:

Xenoblade Chronicles X did 115k in Japan so far, under 200k in North America and... we have no clue in Europe, but almost every title sells in Europe than it does in Japan. I don't think we'll ever be seeing this one on a million seller list, and surely nobody would have predicted that it would be, considering the sales of it's better reviewed predecessor on a much, MUCH better selling console.



Peach64 commented on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Leak...:

Hmm. I love many of the lego games, but so used to buying games based on trilogies or more, that I'm not sure I'd be so excited for one based on just one film! Might wait for the inevitable trilogy release!



Peach64 commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

Very mixed feelings about this. Splatoon doing so well is encouraging, as it SHOULD reduce the fear Nintendo have of exploring new genres and new IP. However amiibo and junk like Happy Home Designer selling well just feels like it will move them further and further away from their traditional audience and more to the casual/mobile audience.

I don't think there's much chance of either machine hitting their targets now that the holiday period has disappointed. Wii U is doing about 60k a month in NA, about 45k a month in Japan, and less than either of those two in Europe.

2016 is such a make a break year for my relationship with Nintendo! Could be so good, could be utterly awful!



Peach64 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

No question a 3D Mario. Not something linear like 3D Land and World, and not a sequel to Galaxy, but something in the mould of 64 and Galaxy would be amazing. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a new Metroid and F-Zero as it's been so long, but SM64 and Galaxy are both up there in my favourite games of all time.



Peach64 commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

Emily and Liam have enough inside reporting credit that I'm believing this. Unfortunately what I don't believe is that it will be anywhere near as good as the first two games.

TTYD in particular is one of my favourite games ever but Nintendo have decided that so many elements of RPGs now go against their philosophy and they strip them down to the bare bones. The drop from TTYD to SPM and Sticker Star are far worse than anything EA has ever done to a franchise IMO, and is probably one of my biggest disappointments of this gen considering how happy I was when it was announced.



Peach64 commented on Video: Relive the Glorious Madness of The Wond...:

A flawed gem, but I love the aesthetics so damn much. I'd rather they DON'T do a sequel though. Rarely doing a sequel is what makes Platinum great. They don't go for more of the same, but start with something new (nearly) every time.



Peach64 commented on Mario Kart 64 on Wii U VC Doesn't Have Support...:

It baffles me how bad Nintendo are with emulation. Hobbyists can do a better job trying to backwards engineer stuff in their spare time, but full time coders with access to all the original hardware specs make such a mess! They're actually going backwards with the dull colour issue in the Wii U's N64 emulation.



Peach64 commented on SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Heading to Reta...:

Hope Power Drift eventually gets a stand alone release. Don't see the point in a physical copy of this myself, but I guess it pleases those that prefer to stare at the spines of a plastic box than play the games.



Peach64 commented on Editorial: Nintendo and Virtual Reality Aren't...:

Nintendo won't touch VR because it probably won't make any money. Most of these attempts at VR are tech geeks chasing a dream. I've tried it, and it's brilliant, but people are not going to spend that much money, and are not going to want to wear that stuff on their head. Commercially it's going to flop (I really, REALLY want to be wrong about this).

Nintendo might bang on about it being against their ideals, but they've made plenty of games for people to play alone before. It's all about the money, or in this case, the lack of it to be made.



Peach64 commented on New 3DS LL (XL) Holds Top Spot in Latest Japan...:

@Mister_Wu Unfortunately the Vita is dead. Japan isn't big enough of a market these days to support a system. Outside of Xenoblade and Yokai Watch, very few games sell well enough in Japan to make them a success. There's no hardware that would be deemed a success just going on Japan either. They need to succeed in at least 2 out of the 3 big markets to be a success. Look at Xbone, it's sold hardly anything in Japan but still outselling the Wii U worldwide by 2 to 1.



Peach64 commented on Bravely Second: End Layer, Including a Collect...:

@Kobeskillz The US loves Sony too. Nintendo sells more in North America than other markets purely because more people live there than other markets. PS4 is still destroying the Wii U in sales there just like in Europe. Nintendo are a business and exist to make money, not to make you happy. Releasing two similar games at the same time will eat into their sales.



Peach64 commented on Fire Emblem Fates New Nintendo 3DS XL Model Co...:

That map pack sounds disgustingly expensive for Day 1 DLC. I remember not so long ago people said Nintendo would never do it. Now they do it as much as anyone and charge much higher prices. It wouldn't be so bad if there was ever decent sales on. Not going to let it spoil the game for me though. Can't wait for it to come out.



Peach64 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 O...:

@Xenocity You say all those consoles sold 'best' in the US, but that's because it's by far the biggest market. The N64 and Gamecube got outsold by the Sony and Microsoft consoles in the US, just like they did in the UK. Like I said, apart from the NES and SNES days before Nintendo ever bothered with Europe, there have been no Nintendo console that 'won' the US market and failed in the UK. The records are perfectly aligned. The one Nintendo console to really rule the market in the US in the last 20 years was the Wii, and it did the same in the UK.

Also criticising NPD for not including digital sales is ridiculous. NPD are a business. They make money by tracking the sales of products. Not just video games, but all kinds of products. They make money by then selling this information back to the producers of those products so they know how well they are selling in the real world. They only way to get digital sales figures is to ask the platform holders. They'd probably even have to pay for this information, which in turn is useless as they can't exactly sell it back to the person that has just given it to them.



Peach64 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 O...:

The UK does not hate Nintendo. In the US, the NES and SNES were big hits, but Nintendo didn't make any effort with those machines in Europe. They even sold off the rights to the NES. They didn't see the market as a global thing. It was only when they saw how well the Playstation sold that they tried making an effort in Europe. The N64 didn't sell well here, but nor did it sell well in the States. Same for the Gamecube. The Wii sold well here, the same as it did in the States, and now the Wii U has bombed here AND in the States. There's no bias. Both markets have seen exactly the same levels of success ever since Nintendo started treating them each equally. Yes they sell more in the US because there are vastly more consumers there. They still get massively outsold by the competition in the States just like the UK.

The software is the same. There was no NPD article on NLife last week, but there are no Nintendo releases in the top 10. It's dominated by the same games you guys moan about when they appear in the UK chart. In fact, there's even more sport in the US chart as all the US sports games are in there AND FIFA also gets in.

Nobody ever uses common sense though. When Nintendo games fail to make the UK chart, it's because we're idiots. When they fail to make the US chart, people say well of course they weren't expected to.

Even now people here are saying Splatoon sells in the US but not in the UK, yet it's been out of the US Top 10 since it's debut month.



Peach64 commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage Shows a...:

Wow, they really shouldn't be releasing that for regular models. It wouldn't surprise me if it was planned as new 3DS exclusive but once they saw it wasn't selling like the Lite model of the DS did, it might not make financial sense to release games as new model exclusives.



Peach64 commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Opens Pre-Orders ...:

For those of you that don't want the extra stuff, you can get the standard edition for under £30 at TheGameCollection. It's currently £32 but they have a 10% off code this weekend (Grateful10).

I currently have that and the £35 Amazon order open. Waiting to see what the wolf amiibo unlocks, but I'd prefer the standalone.



Peach64 commented on Feature: Five Alternative Nintendo Reveals and...:

I don't think it's too far fetched to suggest the NX could launch with a new Retro game, Pikmin 4, a new 3D Mario and Legend of Zelda U/NX at the very least. If they get the specs right, you could throw in ports of this year's Call of Duty and whatever Ubisoft decide to put out (Watchdogs 2?). I think EA will probably adopt a wait and see how it sells attitude, but you can count on Activision and Ubisoft especially to give things a chance at the start.

It's been a long time since they announced a big first party game for Wii U. Nothing since E3 2014. Just think of the Wii U projects that could have been moved to NX since they realised it had no future. You could even add an Animal Crossing game to that list.

As for Pokemon... well, all the evidence suggests they'd probably prefer to wait for a user base to build before going with a main series game, but a new Pokemon for 3DS would really make this year pretty special for that machine. Going out with a bang.



Peach64 commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Opens Pre-Orders ...:

I didn't even think there was a regular edition coming. So happy to hear that. I wasn't going to bother at all until Amazon put the limited edition up for £35 earlier in the week so I got a pre-order in. I'll be cancelling that for a regular edition as soon as someone puts it up for less than £30.



Peach64 commented on Super Mario Maker Joins Elite List of Wii U Ga...:

Nobody criticising North American Wii U owners for not getting Xenoblade Chronicles X into the top 10 selling games for December like everyone did with the UK? Nobody slating the US because the PS4 outsold the Wii U by 4 to 1 in December? or the Xbone outselling it 3.5 to 1? Funny how it's only the UK sales threads that get that kind of anger when the games and hardware fail to do any better in other markets.



Peach64 commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

Very excited about all the older Japanese games that will finally hit the 3DS in the West. I know I'm going to have at least some good games on Nintendo consoles this year. I'm not really excited about Wii U at all. I'll buy Star Fox, but it doesn't look great still, and I'm pretty sure I'll be playing Zelda U on the NX at the end of the year. Hopefully we get that SMT/FE game.

Excited and nervous about the NX reveal. It could be amazing or it could be horrible. You don't know with this Nintendo.



Peach64 commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) and New 3DS Continue ...:

I don't see any reason why the sales would stick around 20,000. The titles that are selling well are pretty old now. If Mario Maker and Splatoon were going to improve Wii U sales, it would have happened already. The numbers are dropping by 50% each week out from Christmas and next week will probably see it return to the 12,000 baseline it's had all along.



Peach64 commented on Feature: Exciting Wii U and 3DS Games to Play ...:

Fire Emblem: Fates is head and shoulders above the rest of that list personally. That, Bravely Second and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2are the only three I actually want. Of course there's also Dragon Quest VII and VIII, and Yokai Watch at some point.



Peach64 commented on ​Here are Nintendo's Nominees for the Game D...:

@Folkloner Or maybe it's because there are 37 games released in 2015 with a higher metascore than it? And another 8 with the same metascore as it. Not including any remakes, remasters or late ports. Xenoblade was a big deal for Nintendo only gamers this year, but it's nowhere near GOTY when all the other games are available to you. It's a good game, but there's no conspiracy about it not being mentioned in GOTY awards.



Peach64 commented on ​Here are Nintendo's Nominees for the Game D...:

I think Splatoon deserves plenty of awards for innovation, visual design and audio design. It would win those awards hands down from me but oddly isn't anywhere near my top 5 games of the year overall.

For an overall package, it's Witcher III for me, but Bloodbourne and Metal Gear Solid V are damn close.



Peach64 commented on Ninterview: Retro Video Gaming's Heidi stopXwh...:

Interesting interview! Love how she didn't really have games as a kid so doesn't have her tastes defined so much by what she played back then like most of us do. So many on here won't ever touch and Xbox because they'd already become Nintendo fanboys before having the money to try anything else.



Peach64 commented on Editorial: Let's Make 2016 a Year of Nintendo ...:

I feel much better about 2016 than 2015. Yes, I do have a worry the NX is going to target the Wii/mobile crowd and shun longtime Nintendo fans, but I don't necessarily think that WILL happen, it's just a possibility with how things seem to be going at Nintendo. Until we know more, there's always a great chance that NX will be a console for dedicated gamers, with a bunch of multi platform titles at launch along with a 3D Mario, Pikmin 4, the new Retro game and Zelda U.

At the very least it will be a good year for the 3DS. Okay, there's not much really new coming, but they weren't going to start any big new projects this late in it's life, so instead they've done the best they could, bringing over a bunch of stuff that was already completed but just needed translating.

There's nothing wrong with being pessimistic about things we can't change. I'd rather keep expectations low and then be surprised with something great, than to expect something great and then be disappointed in the reality.



Peach64 commented on Japanese Analyst Claims NX Could Launch As Ear...:

@Octane The Wii U was so difficult to port to, they could have had dev kits for 3 years and it wouldn't have made any difference. Porting to Wii U meant games would have needed to sell millions just to break even.

Having been briefed of specs 18 months in advance will be enough to get ports at launch as long as they've not made the hardware drastically different just for the sake of it again. People say Nintendo shouldn't make their machine similar to the others, but what advantage did they get out of with the Wii U? They could have had the Gamepad and all the same first party games with a console where the CPU and GPU function like other machines.

They admitted with the N64 they purposefully made the console awkward because they thought people would make games for it and then struggle to port to other machines. That backfired. After the 100 million sales of the Wii it wouldn't surprise me if they tried the same trick again with the Wii U.



Peach64 commented on Japanese Games Market Falls To Lowest Point In...:

Famitsu Regularly print digital sales and they're a tiny percentage of physical sales over there, so there's not that hope to cling to. Mobile has been killing the traditional market over there for quite some time.



Peach64 commented on Review: Wave Race 64 (Wii U eShop / N64):

Wave Race, 1080 and F-Zero, all great games that we're probably not going to see updated versions of because they don't sell as well as a 2D platformer than can be produced for half the cost and will sell ten times as well.



Peach64 commented on Japanese Analyst Claims NX Could Launch As Ear...:

It was heavily rumoured they shared specs with devs at E3, and got dev kits out before the end of 2015. That's plenty of time for publishers to get NX ports of Q4 PS4 and Xbone games done. They're not going to get many if any 3rd party exclusives at launch no matter how long publishers have had the specs.

They can do what Sony did. They had that early event but didn't show the box off til E3. You can't reveal a console 18 months before launch anymore. It needs to be announced and launched in the same year. No big AAA game has been announced for the Wii U since E3 2014 so I think it's pretty safe to assume all their main teams have been working on NX games for quite a while now.



Peach64 commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016:

An infinitely more promising line-up than the Wii U! Dragon Quest VII and VIII, Fire Emblem: Fates, Zero Escape 3 (probably will pick it up on Vita) Bravely Second and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 are all games I'm eagerly anticipating.