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Sun 19th May 2013

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pazmon commented on Former Nintendo Indie Champion Discusses the C...:

What i think Nintendo should do with the successor of Wii U:

1- Release a home console that pushes the standard for console specs, making a console easy to develop and easy tomake port from Pc and the others, powerful as the competitors, or better.

2- Region Free Console

3- Pursues third-party support from the leading publishers, while maintaining quality over their first party games.

4- Creates a stable online service that adheres to modern tech (cloud based services, connected accounts across devices, etc.)

5- Cross Buy, Cross save & Cross Play Feature

They've always been amazing at games, perhaps the best in quality over the decades, but they really need someone to help them make a modern home console and modernize the way they think.

That doesn't mean they need to do microtransactions or make iphone games, and that doesn't mean they can't be unique with their console and image. I just think a Nintendo console that could play Tekken, CoD, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, GTA, The Witcher and the other third party titles, as well as Super Smash, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid and the rest of the amazing first party titles, with a modern online infrastructure and chat system, could be a force to reckon with. Most people I know would buy a Nintendo console if they could just play good third party games with the same content of the competitors.

As Wii U gamer, i wish that with the successor of the Wii U they will start to listen more to what gamers want and less they're old way of thinking of the japanese senior



pazmon commented on Satoru Iwata Talks Down Wii U Price Cut Prospe...:

ok iwata i agree with you, but let me tell u this : maybe you don’t understand that if you wanna sell the wii u you have to bring more games, and not one in february, the next in may, and then we have to wait other months until we can receive a new game. games sell consoles not words or promises or hopes..