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Sun 17th Nov 2013

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pawelranger commented on Review: Batman: Arkham Origins (Wii U):

I personally think City and Asylum are overrated and this underrated, yeah it has their issues, like framedrops in some parts of the game and some glitches that only makes the games look weird (like enemies running against the wall) but none of these are game breakers, and doesn't happen often like many people argue, (comparing with games like Skyrim, this is nothing).

This game is the better in the series in plot, cutscenes and boss battles by far, seriously I don't get why people see City and specially Asylum as good plots, and seriously even I like Kevin Conroy voice acting more, this Batman is a lot more vivid and active than City and Asylum, Joker voice perfomance are equally to Mark Hamill, but the dialogues in this one are much better and interesting.

The combat remains the same but is much more balanced and less repetitive than in the previous ones, in city and asylum I only needed to push the counter button repetitive times, in this one you need to be more accurate with the counter and the enemies will not always attack you, making you to seek the enemy to hit them and not lose your combo, also there is a rank (similar to platinum games) each time you finish a predator or combat encounter you will receive a rank on how good you were.

This is the first review I see the mention that this game graphically is identical and recycling some basic environments, that is totally inaccurate, in fact the city in plot is supposed to be the same city as Arkham city in most parts and still feels like a different city, graphically the game is superior than previous entries and the art direction in this game is impressive and very well detailed (finally Batman suit doesn't have underpants)..

Is not a 9 game, but neither is below to 8, WB Montreal does a very good job, and I feel that if they have a chance to make another entry, they will surpass Rocksteady entries in some time, similar as the reviewer says with Skylanders.